Leeming Report A – 15 Jun 20 05/20


 Report Serial No:LEE 05/20Date of Incident:15 Jun 20 
Nature of Incident:High Risk Missing Person 
 Times: in DTG 
 Alerted:N/ADeployed:N/AOn Scene:151130JUN20 
Off Task:151630JUN20RTB or FOBN/A 

During our normal working day in the office, Leeming MRT were contacted by Swaledale MRT requesting assistance to search for a high-risk missing person in the local area of Bedale. Swaledale MRT were initially tasked by NYP (North Yorkshire Police) on 14 June 20 at 1920hrs and immediate searches were conducted with the help of Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. Searches were called off at 2230hrs due to the lack of daylight. Now missing for 36hrs, Swaledale MRT requested assistance from Leeming MRT at 1100hrs on 15 June 20 to cover a 1.7km radius search area.  Without the assistance of Leeming MRT, it would have taken Swaledale MRT up to 2 days to search the area.  
 Other Military / Civilian agencies involved: Swaledale MRT. 
Personnel on Task:16of Current Team Strength:32Total Man Hours:5 
Military Callouts:0Total Military Persons Assisted this Year:0 
Civilian Callouts:5Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:9 
Total Vehicle Miles:60 miles 
Ops Vehicles:5Load Carrier:0C3:1 
Cross refer to Medical Report Serial No: N/A 

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