Leuchars Diary 2000

Digitised from the scanned handwritten document Sep 23- Jan 24 by Neil Collier (Hugo T)
NB The numerous callouts referred to in the diary are available on the MRA website BJC

RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team Diary

Year 2000

Team Members 01 Jan 2000

TL                    FS        “Biffa” Wilcox
DTL                 Cpl      Jim Groark
Supplier         Cpl      Neil Baillie
WOP               JT        Simon Brill
IEC                  SAC     Sean Richardson
Driver             SAC     Kenny Walker

MRTLO           Wg Cdr          Ross Paterson
DMRTLO        Flt Lt   Ivor Smith
                        Flt Lt   Liz Hyde

                        Sgt      Paddy Hannon                     Sgt      Andy Elliott
                        Cpl      Johnny Macleod                 Cpl      Ray Shafron
                        Sgt      “Abbie” Crombie                 Capt   Tarquin Shipley
                        SAC     “CJ” Jarrett                           PO      Dave King
                        Cpl      Steve Knight                         SAC     Bruce Cregan
                        CPL     Ian Ramsay                           Flt Lt   Kate Shea
                        Cpl      Nev Smith                             Flt Lt   “Rodders” Squires
                        Cpl      Connor Cairns                     

January 2000

Date 08 Jan 00Aviemore
Lima 1Wilcox, Smith, King, Ramsey
 Coire Laogh Mhor, Snowholes
Lima 2Elliott, Cregan
 The Haston Line 120m I, Snow profile + PIEPS searching
Lima 3Baillie , Walker
 Aladin’s Couloir 180m I, Belays Cramponing + navigation
Lima 4Richardson, Shipley
 Coire an Lochain, Milky Way 120m III
Lima 5Hannon, Jarrett, Raynor, McClaren (both Stafford)
 Coire an t-Sneachda – techniques – 1141- Coire Cas Car park
WxShowers, Strong winds, Cold, -20 wind chill
Date 09 Jan 00Aviemore
Lima 1Wilcox, Smith, Shea
 Coire an t-Sneachda, cramponing on ice falls, Coire Cas, Ice axe braking (aborted poor snow), CAS ridge to CP
Lima 2Hannon, Ramsey
 Jacob’s Ladder 105m I
Lima 3Elliot, Walker
 Forty Thieves 120m I
Lima 3Brill, King
 Jacob’s Ladder 105m I
Lima 4Richardson, Jarrett, Cregan
 Bynack Mor, Bynack Beg
Lima 5Shipley, Inkster (Guest for Sun)
 Jacob’s Ladder 105m I
WxCold, clear, good neve
Date  15 Jan 00Ballachulish
Lima 1Groark, Walker, Short, King, Sprawson
 Winter techniques, safety steep ground, ice axe arrest, snow belays, Aonach Eagach ridge (not complete)
Lima 2Atkins, Knight
 Stob Coire nan Lochan, SC Gully
Lima 3Shafren, Cregan
 Stob Coire nan Lochan, Twisting Gully 150m II/III
Lima 4Shipley, Baillie
 Stob Coire nan Lochan, Ordinary Route, Central Buttress – finished on NC Gully I
WxMisty patches, light winds, too mild
Date 16 Jan 00Ballachulish
Lima 1Groark, Cregan, Shafren, Squires
 Sron na Lairig 300m II
Lima 2Atkins, Shipley
 Arch Gully, Stob Coire nam Beith
Lima 3Brill, Short, Knight, Walker
 Ben Starav
Lima 4Baillie, King, Sprawson, Randall (Guest)
 Criese, Meal a´Bhuiridh
WxExcellent, inversions and sunshine on tops

Date 22 Jan 00Ballater
Lima 1Wilcox, Squires, Dos Santos, McGing
 Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise, Carn an Tuirc
Lima 2Baillie, Baillie, Gowan
Lima 3Richardson, Cregan, Daniel
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 4Turner, Payne
 Lochnagar, Parallel Gully A III (First 2 pitches)
Date 23 Jan 00Ballater
Lima 1Wilcox, Cregan, Payne
Lima 2Baillie, Daniel, McGing, Dos Santos
 An Socach
WxStrong winds with variable visibility on Sat, glorious on Sunday
 An excellent weekend with a good social joint-ex with Leeming. A callout on Saturday and fantastic weather on Sunday

Date  29 Jan 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Groark, King, Dos Santos, McGing
 Bridge of Orchy Beinn an Dothaidh. King injured leg on own ice axe on return to Bridge of Orchy
Lima 2Brill, Baillie
 Cruach Ardrain
Lima 3Hannon, Knight, Stoddard
 Ben Lui (aborted)
WeatherStrong winds gusting 80 kts, rain hail showers higher up
Date 30 Jan 00Crianlarich
 Due to the continued foul wx, and numbers depleted due to King’s injured left leg and Hannon compassionate, Team decided to RTU early (7 operational left)

February 2000

Date 5 Feb 00Inverary
Lima 1Groark, Paterson, Dos Santos, McGing
 56/288039 The Cobbler, Ben Ime, Ben Narnain
Lima 2Shafren, Richardson, Baillie
 Reciprocal of above
WeatherCloudy with high winds
 Paterson + Shafren RTB Sat night for work on Sunday
Date 6 Feb 00Inverary
Lima 1Groark, Baillie, Richardson, Sprawson, Dos Santos, McGing
 Mass ascent of Ben Vane
CookTrialists breakfast, Group effort for tea
WeatherWet and windy
Date 12 Feb 00Roybridge
Lima 1Wilcox, King, Daniel, Atkins
 Film making with TDSU
Lima 2Groark, Sprawson, Lewis
 East ridge of Beinn a’Choarainn I/II 400m
Lima 3Shafren, Hyde, Williams
 As Lima 2
WeatherBlustery, snow showers
Date 13 Feb 00Roybridge
Lima 1Wilcox, Groark, Sprawson, Wills, Lewis, Ramsey, Hyde
 Film making with TDSU and 202 Sqn
Lima 2Shafren, King
 Stob Coire Sgriodain and Chno Dearg
18 – 20 Feb 00Op on base: on call
 Groark, Walker, Hyde, Shafren, Elliott, Shipley, Cregan, Ramsay, King, Sprawson
Date 26 Feb 00Badaguish
Lima 1Groark, Shipley
 Haston’s Line, Slant E IV/V, Mess of Pottage, Coire Sneachda
Lima 2Elliot, Sprawson
 The Vent 100m III, Top roped Hidden Chimney 50m III
Lima 3Daniel, Ramsey
 Fiacaill Ridge, Cairngorm
Lima 4Richardson, Crombie, McGing, Stoddart
 Rothiemurcus, Sron na Lairig. Braeriach
Lima 5Brill, King
 Skiing Feshies, Carn Ban Mor, Sgor Gaoith, Coire Ruadh, Achlean 13.5 km 900m Ascent
WeatherWindy with occasional snow showers
Date 27 Feb 00Badaguish
Lima 1Groark, Elliott, Atkins, Shipley, Crombie, Ramsay, Sprawson, McGing
 Coire Sneachda winter techniques for a film crew, Atkins, Shipley, Elliott filmed Hidden Chimney and Jacob’s Ladder
WeatherWindy with snow showers, better than expected

March 2000

3 – 5 Mar 00Base – on call
 Elliott, Groark, Brill, Richardson, Walker, Hyde, Shafren, Crombie, Shipley, Cregan, Sprawson, McGing, Dos Santos
Date 11 Mar 00Ballater
Lima 1Wilcox, Paterson, Daniel, Stoddart
 Glenshee, Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise, Tom Buidhe, Tolmount, Fafernie, Cairn Bannoch, Broad Cairn, Spittal of Glen Muick. 28kn 890 ascent. (Daniel, Stoddart, Broad Cairn
Lima 2Richardson, Sprawson, McGing
 Glas Tulaichan, Carn an Righ
Lma 3Elliott, King, Mathews, Dos Santos
 Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Tolmount, Tom Buidhe, Glas Maol, Creag Leacach, Glas Maol. 25km 1200m ascent
Lima 4Shipley, Walker
 Invercauld Bridge- The Stuic
Lima 5Daniel, Stoddart
 Loch Muick, Broad Cairn 19km 600m ascent
Lima 6Cregan
 Cycling Loch Muick
WeatherMild and fine, Spring has sprung
Date12 Mar 00Ballater
All involved with Techniques at Pass of Ballater: – Abseiling with Sticht, Fig 8, Prussiks Horizontal Stretcher lower
Vertical Stretcher lower
Back-roping with Belays Stretcher carrying
Lima 2Daniel, Stoddart
 Spittal car park, wreckage site Grid 351806
WeatherMild and fine
Date 18 Mar 00Op on Base
On callWilcox, Groark, Elliott, Walker, Atkins, Paterson, Hyde, Daniel, Crombie, Shea, Cregan, King, McGing, Dos Santos, Sprawson
To Aviemore with KMRTGroark, Atkins, Moyes, Johnson (Trialists)
 Runnel II (RH Finish) Cairngorm
WeatherFantastic, warm sunshine, no wind
Date 19 Mar 00 
With KMRTGroark, Moyes, Johnson
 Involved with SAR ex with KMRT in Corrie ??? IEC, Vertical lower, Carry off
 Atkins, Moore
 Parts of Crab Crawl, Creag Meagaidh
WeatherCloudy and dry
Date 24 Mar 00Kendal, Joint Ex with Leeming
Lima 1Wilcox, Cregan, Ramsay, Hyde
 Orienteering course at Grisedale Forest
Lima 2Groark, Squires, Sprawson, Dos Santos, Johnson, Tait (Leeming)
 Rydal Fell, Fairfield, Dollywagon Pike, Helvellyn, Raise, Stybarrow Dadd, Legburthwaite YH 18km 1470 Ascent
Lima 3Elliott, Atkins, Smith N, Cregan, McGing, Booth
 Legburthwaite YH, Spot 883, Spot 863, Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Dollywagon Pike, Fairfield, Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Rydal 15km 1315 Ascent
WeatherLight winds, warm, sunny spells
CooksKnight, Walker
Date 25 Mar 00Kendal joint ex with Leeming
 All involved with techniques at Longsleddale, Gorge lift outs
WeatherWarm and sunny, light winds

April 2000

Date 1 Apr 00Team op on base, on call
 Brill, Walker, Smith I, Hyde, Hannon, Daniel, Crombie, Ramsay, Cregan, Knight, Sprawson
With KMRTGroark, McGing, Dos Santos, Johnson, King
 Affric Lodge, Mam Sodhail
Date 2 Apr 00Groark, McGing, Dos Santos, Johnson, King
 Navex around Eskdale Moors, Cannich
WeatherBlizzards, Strong winds, heavy snow
Date 8 Apr 00Killin
Lima 1Elliott, Walker, McGing, Smith N, Maxwell (trialist)
 Beinn Heasgarnich, Creag Mhor
Lima 2Shafren, Knight, Squires, Devaal (guest)
 An Caisteal, Beinn a’ Chroin, Ben a’ Ghabair
Lima 3Brill, Ramsay, Cregan, King
 Lawers Hotel, Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, An Stuc, Ben Lawers, Beinn Ghlas 15.5km 1,500m Ascent
Lima 4Crombie, Daniel, Sprawson, Stoddart
 Reciprocal of Lima 3
WeatherMild, light winds, clear
Date 9 Apr 00Killin
Lima 1Wilcox, Daniel, Squires, King, Walker, Cregan, Smith, Sprawson, Elliott
 Techniques, Abseiling: – Fig 8, Sticht Plate, Italian Hitch, By-pass the knot, Two man counterbalance. Ascending the rope
Lima 2Shafren, Knight, Maxwell, Devaal
Lima 3Brill, Richardson, McGing
 Cruach Ardrain, Ben Tulaichean
WeatherMild, Clear, Light winds
14 – 16 Apr 00Operational on Base
Date 21 Apr 00Easter Grant – Carbost Skye
Lima 1Wilcox, Hyde, Knight, Sprawson, Mulholland
 Car Park (Quirang) Broda Buidhe, Beinn Edra, Groba nan Each, Flasvein, Sgurr a Mhadaidh, Baca Ruadh, Hartaval, The Old Man of Storr, Loch Leathan. (Trotternish Ridge) 20km 1,680 Ascent
Lima 2Elliot, Squires, Ramsay, Smith, Johnson, Rogosinski
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
WeatherHill fog, rain SW winds
Date 22 Apr 00Easter Grant – Carbost Skye
Lima 1Wilcox, Squires, Daniel, Johnson, Mulholland, Rogosinski
 Glamaig, Beinn Dearg Mhor, Beinn Dearg Mheadhonach
Lima 2Elliot, Sprawson
 Climbing Flodgarry (Nr Staffin), Committed Now (New route) 40m S, Head in the clouds 40m VS 4c
Lima 3Atkins, King
 Pinnacle Ridge, Sgurr nan Gillean D
Lima 4Crombie, Hyde, Ramsay, Knight
 Sligachan, Ciche na Beinne Deirge, Beinn Dearg Mheadhonach, Beinn Dearg Mhor, Sgurr Mhairi, An Coileach, Sconser
CookSmith N
WeatherHill Fog patches, S-SE winds, Showers
Date 23 Apr 00Easter Grant – Carbost Skye
Lima 1Wilcox, Ramsay, Daniel
 Flodigary, Tunnel Buttress area, Swingometer 40m MVS 4b (top roped)
Lima 2Elliott, Smith N
 Flodigary, Tunnel Buttress area, Swingometer 40m MVS 4b Rock Island Line (Indirect Start) 40m S
Lima 3Atkins, Sprawson, Knight
 Bealach nan Lice, Sgurr nan Gillean, Am Bastair
Lima 4Crombie, Hyde, Mulholland, Rogosinski
WeatherOcc showers, Coudy ENE wind
Date 29 Apr 00Team on call at base
 Elliott, Ferguson, Hannon, Smith I, Hyde, Crombie, Ramsay, Knight, Johnson
With KinlossGlen Clova – Groark, Sprawson, Stoddart
 Dreish, Mayar, Tom Buidhe, Tolmount, Jock’s Rd, Glen Doll
WeatherHot and sunny
Date 30 Apr 00Base
 Stoddart, Dinger Bell, Purvis
 Sarda Techniques Loch Sandy Area
WeatherHot and sunny
Date 1 May 00 
 Groark, Coupe
 Ben Tirran, ???, Whitley crash-site 44/381760, Muckle Cairn, White Hill, Green Hill, Boustie Ley, Ben Reid, Clova. 15km 940m Ascent
WeatherHot and sunny

May 2000

Date 6 May 00Newtonmore
Lima 1Wilcox, Paterson, Dos Santos
 Culra, Geal Charn, Aonach Beag, Beinn Eibhinn, Carn Dearg
 22km 1,350m Ascent
Lima 2N. Smith, Knight
 Sgairneach Mhor, Beinn Udlamein, Geal Charn, Cregan Mor. 21km 1,200m Ascent
Lima 3I. Smith, Ferguson
 A’ Bhuidheanach Bheag, Carn na Caim. 18km 700m Ascent
WeatherSunny, light breeze, hot
Date: 7 May 00Newtonmore
All membersStretcher tying on for vertical, lower, raise, horizontal and harness
CookDos Santos
WeatherAs yesterday, excellent
Date 12 May 00Roybridge AFI Weekend
 Wilcox, Groark, Elliott, Ferguson, Walker, Sprawson, Atkins, Paterson, Hyde, Ramsay, Knight, Squires, King, Smith N. McGing, Dos Santos, Kelman, Rogozinski, Payne, Batson, Taylor
Date 13 May 00Polldubh for techniques. Assisted/unassisted hoist, Abseiling, Crag Snatch, Vertical/horizontal Stretcher lowers, Tension Lower
EveningExercise near top of Castle Ridge, Ben Nevis. 2 x Ex Ejectees to be evacuated from steep, loose crag. Assisted hoists followed by IEC on one.
Date 14 May 00Long lie followed by callout to Glencoe for missing male. See Incident Report LEU/06/00. RTU 15 May 00
WeatherHot and sunny throughout
Date 20 May 00Operational from base
With LeemingStoddart, Ritchie
 Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, Ben Lawers, An Stuc, Meall Corranich
With LeemingRogozinski
 Meall Greigh, Meall Garbh, Ben Lawers, An Stuc
Date 21 May 00Operational from base
With LeemingStoddart
 Stuchd an Lochain, Search Dog Training
With LeemingRogozinski
 Walk with helo training
Date 27 May 00Joint Kinloss May Grant Dundonnel
Lima 1Groark, Sprawson, Shafren, McGing, Dos Santos, Daniel, Healey (Trialist) + 9 Kinloss troops
 Corrie Hallie, An Tealach, Dundonnel
Lima 2Elliott, Daniel
 Fionn Bhein
Kilo KevHewkin, Hodnett, McGing, Simon (Trialist)
 Seana Braigh, Eididh nan Clach Geala
WeatherCold, windy, showers
Date 28 May 00Joint Kinloss May Grant Dundonnel
Lima 1Groark, Hodnett
 Fannichs, Sgurr Breac, Sgurr nan Each, Sgurr na Clach Geala, Meall a´Chrasgaidh, Sgurr Mor, Beinn Liath Mor Fannaich. 24 km 2,120m ascent
Lima 2Elliott, Dos Santos, McGing, Healey
 Coire Hallie, An Teallach, Dundonnel
CookLittle K
WeatherCold and Wintry showers
Date 29 May 00Joint Kinloss May Grant Dundonnel
 Teams called out to Bridge of Orchy. Leuchars team departure delayed due to Lima 2 having to walk out of a bivvi on a very remote Munro. Report LEU/07/00

June 2000

Date 1 Jun 00Roof of Britain Walk
 Groark, McGing
 50/217417, Loch Dochard, Beinn nan Aighenan, Ben Starav, Glas Bheinn Mhor, Stob Coir an Albannaich, Meall Tarsuinn, Meall nan Eun 50/217417 28km, 2,350m Ascent
WeatherWet Windy, poor vis
Date 2 Jun 00Roof of Britain Walk
 Groark, McGing, Hewkin
 Forest Lodge, Stob Ghabhar, Stob a´Choire Odhair, Forest Lodge
WeatherHot and sunny
Date 3 Jun 00Killin Joint ex with Kinloss
Lima 1Groark, Hewkin, McGing, Gibson, Thorn (Trialist)
 Glen Etive, Sron na Criese GIII, Criese, Meall a´Bhuirdh, Glen Etive (Roof of Britain Route)
Lima 2Elliott, Smith N, Sprawson, Healey (Trialist)
 Altnabeagh, Buachille Etive Mor via Curved Ridge, Stob na Doire, Stob na Broige. 12 km, 1084m Ascent
Lima 3Crombie, Smith I, Kelman (Trialist)
 Sgiath Chuil, Meall Glass, Ben Challum
Kilo TaitTait, Ferguson, Liddle, Noble
 Stuchd an Lochain, Meall Buidhe
WeatherDry, sunny
Date 4 Jun 00Killin Joint ex with Kinloss
Lima 1Groak, Crombie, Thorn, Healey
 SNT Centre, Meall nan Tarmachan, Beinn nan Eachan, SNT Centre
Lima 2Elliott, Sprawson, Smith N, Mc Ging
 Meall Ghaordaidh
Lima 3Shafren, Smith I, Kelman
 Beinn Heasgarnich
Lima 4Stoddart, Bell, Purvis
 Ben Mor SARDA training
WeatherWindy, low cloud, snow!
Date 7 Jun 00Roof of Britain Walk
 Jim Groark (Billy no Mates!)
 Glen Etive (Invercharnan), Beinn Fhionnlaidh, Beinn Trilleachan, Bonawe.
32 km, 1,760m Ascent. 7hr 30 min!!!
Date 8 Jun 00Roof of Britain Walk
 Jim Groark (Billy no Mates!) Solo
 South of Appin, Creach Bheinn, .863, Beinn Sgulaird, Elleric.
24km 1,430m Ascent 7 hrs
WeatherWet, windy, poor vis
Date 10 Jun 00Op from Base
On CallGroark, Elliott, Ferguson, Sprawson, Smith I, Shafren, Smith N, McGing, Johnson, Daniel, Healey, Thorn, Kelman, Rogozinski
Date 11 Jun 00Op from Base
 Groark, Johnson, Rogozinski
 Static display Montrose Air Museum
 Shafren, King, climbing Dunkeld
 Holly Tree Groove, 30m VD, Cuticle Crack 25m S, Twisted Rib (2 Pitches) 45m VD, Anon 20m D
Date 17 Jun 00Cannich V/H
Lima 1Wilcox, Paterson, King, Sprawson, Jones
 Maoile Lunndaidh For a bivvi, but aborted due to a job in Kintail 20km, 1,200 m Ascent (LEU/08/00)
Lima 2Atkins, Johnson, Rogozinski, Thorne
 Loch Mullardoch, An Socach, An Riabachan, Sgur na Lapaich, Carn na Gobhar
Lima 3MacLeod, Daniel, Concarr, Kelman, Davies
 Mam Sodhail, Carn Eige, Tom a´Choinich Beag, Tom Creagach
WeatherFine and sunny
Date 18 Jun 00Cannich V/H
Lima 1Wilcox, Davies
 Carn a´Choire Gharbh, Aonach Shasuinn
Lima 2MacLeod, Daniel, Jones
 Sgurr na Fearstaig
Lima 3Atkins, Sprawson, Johnson, Concar
 Eskdale Moor navigating. Re-section, pacing, Back bearings, contouring, aspect of slope, time and distance, aiming off, handrails, flora and fauna
Lima 4Elliott, Thorne
 Sgurr na Ruadhe, Carn nan Gobhar, Sgurr a¨Choire Ghlais, Creag Chorm a Bealaich, Sgurr Fhuar Thuill, Sgurr na Fearstaig. 22km 1520 Ascent
CooksKelman, Rogozinski

July 2000

Date 1 Jul 00Kintail
Lima 1Wilcox, Elliott, Field, Lloyd, Smith N, Sprawson
 Meallan Odhar, Forcan Ridge, The Saddle (1010m), Sgurr na Sgine (946), 12km, 1230m Ascent
Lima 2Smith Ivor, Jones, Kelman, Dos Santos, Concar, Thorne
 The Five Sisters, Bealach an Lapain, Sgur na Ciste Duibhe, Sgur na Carnach, Sgur Fhuaran, Sgurr nan Saighead
WeatherFine, Light winds, broken cloud base, sunshine later
Date 2 Jul 00Kintail
Lima 1Wilcox, Elliott, Smith N, Jones, Thorne, Kelman, Lloyd, Sprawson, Dos Santos, Field, Walker
 Crag Ex, Boc Beag (near Dornie) 33/909245. Abseiling (Novice and trained) Ascending (Trained)
IEC OpevalWalker, Jones
 Missing walker, benighted, heat exhaustion, dislocated shoulder. Both passed.
CookSmith I
WeatherAnother fine day with spectacular views along Loch Duich
Date 9 Jul 00Families Weekend
WeatherOvercast, showers, windy to start becoming drier later with occasional sunshine
VenueBBQ @ section, Bouncy Castle, Sea King from Prestwick
 A well-attended function, marred only by the initial weather. The bouncy castle was put in the briefing room and proved a great success. Helo 177, from Prestwick, managed to get in despite the weather. This proved very popular with the wives, girlfriends and kids,
CooksEmma Lloyd and Steve Davies (Both Trialists)
 Cooked well, Top Nosh
Date 15 Jul 00Not stated, possibly Pitlochry
Lima 1Wilcox, Walker, Daniel, Squires, Lloyd
 Beinn na Lap. 28km, 937m Ascent
Lima 2MacLeod, Ferguson, Dos Santos, Knight, Rogozinski
 Beinn a´Ghlo (Carn Liath, Braigh Coire Chruinn- Bhalgain, Carn nan Ghabhar
Lima 3Jones, Stoddart, Concarr, McGing
 Geal Charn, A´Mharconaich, Beinn Udlamain, Sgairneach Mhor
WeatherOvercast, dry, light northerly wind
Date 16 Jul 00Not stated, possibly Pitlochry
Lima 1Wilcox, Field, Lloyd, Daniel, Dos Santos
 Beinn Dearg
Lima 2MacLeod, Stoddart, Rogozinski, McGing, Walker
 Dunkeld, Craig a´Barns, Techniques, Abseiling, Rock Placements, Hairy Gully 25m M
WeatherFine, sunny, light winds
29 Jul 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Wilcox, Paterson, Sprawson, McGing, Rogozinski
 Aonach Eagach Ridge W-E
Lima 2Ferguson, Knight, Field, Smith, Dos Santos
 Aonach Eagach Ridge E-W
Lima 3Daniel, Caves
 Cruach Ardrain, Beinn Tulachean
WOPDos Santos
WeatherWarm and thundery (dry)
30 Jul 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Wilcox, Paterson, Field, Dos Santos
 Beinn Chuirn, Beinn Mhanach
Lima 2Ferguson, Sprawson, Thorne, Coves, McGing
 Lost Valley, Techniques, Navigation
Lima 3Smith, Knight
 Agag´s Groove VD 175m
WeatherWarm, thundery showers

August 2000

Date 5 Aug 00Newtonmore
Lima 1Wilcox, Thorne
 Sgor Chonnich, Sgor Gaibhre, Carn Dearg from Culra.
34km, 1300m Ascent
Lima 2Buchan, McGing
 Carn Dearg, Aonach Beag, Beinn Eibhinn, Geal Charn
19km, 1150m Ascent
Lima 3Ferguson, Jones
 Braerich, Cairn Toul from Rothiemurcus.
23km, 1000m Ascent
WeatherWet, showery, clear later
Date 6 Aug 00Newtonmore
Lima 1Buchan, Thorne, McGing
 Coire na Ciste, short roping, confidence on steep ground, classic abseiling, belays
Lima 2Wilcox, Ferguson
 Dog training
CookWilcox, Ferguson
WeatherWet, clear and bright later
Date 12 Aug 00Badaguish
Lima 1Elliott, Thorne
 Coire an t´Sneachda, Fingers Ridge 140m Diff, 1141 Cairngorm
Lima 2Groark, Stoddart
 Big 6, Cairngorm, Ben MacDui, Carn a´Mhaim, Devil´s Point, Cairntoul, Braereach, Rothiemurcus.
42km, 2170m Ascent 12 hours 30 min
Lima 3MacLeod, McGing
 Coire an t´Sneachda, Fingers Ridge 140m Diff,
Lima 4Daniel, Field
 Rothiemurcus, Braeriach, A/C crash site
WeatherFresh winds increasing throughout the day, isolated rain
Date 13 Aug 00Badaguish
Lima 1Elliott, Thorne, McGing
 Savage Slit 70m S ***
Lima 2Groark, Field
 Fingers Ridge 140m Diff
Lima 3Daniel, Caves
 Ben MacDui
WeatherFresh winds Isolated showers, heavy at times
Date 25 Aug 00Ballinluig
 Buchan, Elliott, Crombie, Ferguson
 Rock Leader consolidation techniques
 Walker, Gamage, Thorne, Winstanly, Lloyd
 Radio skills
 Buchan, Walker, Thorne
 Climbing techniques, Hairy Gully Mod, Cuticle Crack 25m VD
 Elliott, Winstanly, Stoddart
 Bollard Buttress 30m Diff, Cuticle Crack 25m VD
 Crombie, Ferguson, Gamage
 Cuticle Crack 25m VD, Twisted Rib 25m VD, Recess Route/Holly Tree 40m VD
Date 26 Aug 00Ballinluig
Lima 1Buchan, Walker, Stoddart
 Schiehallion 15km, 1000m Ascent, Dog Training, Navex
Lima 2Elliott, McGing, Winstanly, Gamage
 Sow of Athol, Sgairneach Mhor, Beinn Udlamain, a´Mharconaich, Geal Charn, Balsporran Cottage. 18km, 1100m Ascent
Lima 3Shafren, Squires, Thorne
 Consolation Corner VD, Cuticle Crack, 25m VD
Lima 4Crombie, Caves, Kelman, Rogozinski
 Reciprocal of Lima 2
WeatherRain, poor vis
Date 27 Aug 00Ballinluig
 Joint ex with Tayside MRT
Date 28 Aug 00Ballinluig
Lima 1Buchan, Winstanly, Rogozinski
 Hogs Hindquarters 110´ VD
 Consolation Corner 100` VD
 Holly Tree Groove 100´ VD
 Bollard Buttress 100´Diff
 Hairy Gully 80´Mod
Lima 2Gamage, Thorne
 Holly Tree Groove 100´ VD
 Kestrel Crack 120´ S
WeatherWarm and Sunny

September 2000

Date 2 Sep 00Spean Bridge
Lima 1Wilcox, Rogozinski, Sheppard, Winstanly, McGing
 Carn Liath, Stob Poite Coire Ardair, Creag Meadaidh
18km, 1270m Ascent
Lima 2Elliott, Ferguson, Sprawson, Thorne
 Ascend Five Finger Gully, Ben Nevis, navigation from gullies and routes.
11km, 1270m Ascent
WeatherShowers Poor vis at 900m
Date 3 Sep 00Spean Bridge
Lima 1Wilcox, Ferguson, McGing, Rogozinski
15km, 760m Ascent
Lima 2Elliott, Thorne, Smith, Winstanly, Sheppard
 Sgùrr a’ Mhaoraich.
11.2 km 980m Ascent
WeatherVery good
Date 9 Sep 00Cannich V/H
Lima 1Wilcox, Hyde
 Dog Training
Lima 2Buchan, Cregan, Sprawson, Daniel
 Beinn a´Mhaedhoin car park, Doire Tana, Toll Creagan, Tom å´Choinich, Coire Mhic Fhearchair, Affric Lodge.
21km, 1250m Ascent
Lima 3Groark, Gammage, Knight
 Glen Cannich, Carn nan Gobhair, Sgurr na Lappich, An Riabachen, An Socach, Beinn Fhionnlaidh, Carn Eighe, Tom a´Choinich, Affric Lodge.
38km 3390m Ascent 14 Hours
Lima 4Shafren, Winstanly, Thorne, McGing
 Tom a´Choinich, Carn Eighe, Beinn Fhionnlaidh, An Socach, Bivvi at head of Mullardoch
Date 10 Sep 00Cannich V/H
Lima 1Wilcox, Buchan, Sprawson, Smith I, Cregan
 Techniques at Dog Falls. Belays, wrapping and slings, Ascending, Ass/unassisted hoist, Imp harness, Multi-pitch abseil knots etc
Lima 2Groark, Gammage
 Loch Mullardoch, Toll Creagach Return.
9km, 940m Ascent
Date 15 SepOperational on Base
Date 16 SepCrash cover for Airshow
Date 17 Sep 
 Wilcox, Smith I, Thorne, Elloitt, Hyde, McGing, Buchan, Smith N, Dos Santos, Groark, Kelman, Knight, Walker, Rogozinski, Ferguson, MacLeod, Cregan, Sprawson, Crombie, King, Daniel, Stoddart
Date 22 Sep 00Dunkeld, Hairy Gully area, Crag-fast climber Ex, Duration 2 hours 30 min, Tension lower with crag snatch
Friday EveningDunkeld, Hairy Gully area, Crag-fast climber Ex, Duration 2hour 30 min, Tension lower with crag snatch
Date 23 Sep 00Newtonmore
 Wilcox, Buchan, Elliott, Ferguson, Sprawson, Walker, Atkins, Gammage, Smith I, Daniel, King, Smith, McGing, Rogozinski, Thorne, Stoddart. + St Athan Troops Roberts, Cairns
 Evacuated Newtonmore Village Hall due to fire in kitchen
Cleaning PartyBuchan, Elliott, Rogozinski, Smith N, Sprawson, McGing
Lima 1Daniel, Stoddart, Knight, Cairns, Roberts
 Balsporran Cottages, Geal Charn, A Mharconaich
Lima 2Atkins, Gammage
 Coire an Lochan
29Sep 1 Oct 00 MRT Section RAF Leuchars
IEC CourseWilcox, Squires, Elliott, Kelman, Stoddart, Rogozinski, Green, Knight, Thorne, Crombie, Smith, Shafren, McGing, Groark, Ferguson, Sprawson, Walker, MacLeod

October 2000

Date 7 Oct 00Aviemore
Lima 1Buchan, King, Knight, Thorne
 Coire an t-Sneachda, Fiachaill Ridge 1141, car park. Steep groundwork.
Lima 2MacLeod, Cregan, Adam, McGing
 Loch Dubh
Lima 3Wilcox, Stoddart
 Training with SARDA
WeatherDrizzle, Wind, Cold
Date 8 Oct 00Aviemore
Lima 1Buchan, MacLeod, King, Knight, Thorne, Cregan, Adam, McGing, Walker
 Kingussie Crags – Techniques
Lima 2Wilcox, Stoddart
 SARDA training in Cairngorms
Date 14 Oct 00Ballachulish Village Hall
Lima 1Buchan, Thorne
 Clachaig Inn, Aonach Eagach, Sron Garbh, 901, Stob Mhic Martuin, Devil´s Staircase.
14 km, 1150m Ascent
Lima 2McLeod, Sprawson, Smith I
 Curved Ridge
Lima 3Crombie, Ferguson, Rogozinski
 Dalness, Stob Coire Sgreamhach, Bidean nam Bian, Stob Coire Nam Beith, Visitors Centre
Lima 4Elliott, McGing
 Stob Coire an Albannaich, Meall nan Eun.
15km, 1300m Ascent
Date 21 Oct 00Killin Village Hall
Lima 1Buchan, Elliott, Gammage, Green
 Rigging for rescue techniques. Tension lower and English Reeve
GroarkTook Kinloss Troop to hospital with minor cut to head.
Lima 2Sprawson, Cregan, McGing, Stoddart
 With Film Crew from Grampian.
Date 22 Oct 00Killin Village Hall
Lima 1Buchan, Stoddart, Thorne, Gammage, Green, Sprawson, Cregan
 Helo Training Glen Lochay, Climb at Allt na Ceardaich
Lima 2Groark, Atkins, McGing
 Carn Gorm Area – RTB, Creag Mhor, Meall a Bharr, Meall Garbh, Carn Gorm Invervar.
17km 2000m Ascent
Date 28 Oct 00Dumfries ATC Hut
AttendingWilcox, Buchan, Elliott, Groark, Ferguson, Sprawson, Walker, Smith, Crombie, Cregan, Knight, Squires, Smith N, McGing, Kelman, Thorne
 Issued individual crag kits and covered rigging for rescue techniques
Date 29 Oct 00Dumfries ATC Hut
 Rigging for rescue techniques at Powillimount Sea Cliff. Vertical Lowers, Tandem Prusiks

November 2000

Date 4 Nov 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Wilcox, Walker, Crombie (Trialist)
 Beinn Tulaichean, Cruach Ardrain.
12km, 1060m Ascent
Lima 2Buchan, Cregan, Thorne
 Ben More, Stob Binnean.
13km 1329m Ascent
Lima 3Groark, Sprawson, King
 Beinn a´ Chleibh, Ben Lui, Ben Oss, Beinn Dubhcraig, Cononish Farm.
17km, 1650m Ascent
WeatherCloud patches, Occ Snow showers, light winds
Date 5 Nov 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Wilcox, Cregan, Walker, Crombie
 Beinn Challum
Lima 2Groark, Atkins, Thorne, Sprawson, Rogozinski
 Glen Kinglass, Beinn a´chuirn, Beinn Mhanach, Beinn a´ Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair
WeatherBlue Skies, sunshine, inversions, vis for miles
Date 11 Nov 00Ballater (Joint Ex with Kinloss)
Lima 1Groark, Price, Streatham, Baile (Trialist)
 Lochnagar, basic winter techniques
Lima 2Barnard, Cregan
 Baddoch, An Socach, Sgor Mor, Baddoch
Lima 3Daniel, Ferguson
 Meall Odhar, Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise, Carn an Tuirc
Lima 4Morris, Marshall, Thorne, Sprawson
 Dolmonzie, Glas Tulachean, Carn an Righ
Weather20km winds, clear spells -7 on tops
Date 12 Nov 00Ballater (Joint Ex with Kinloss)
Lima 1Marshall, Thorne
 Lochnagar, Black Spout II, The Slant II/III
Lima 2Price, Ferguson, Rogozinski
 Glas Maol, basic winter techniques
Lima 3Streatham, Burns, Cregan
 Mount Keen
WeatherCold, clear, light winds
Date 18 Nov 00Glencoe Village Hall
AttendingBuchan, Smith, Elliott, Gallagher, Sprawson, Rogozinski, Shafren, Knight, King, Thorne
 In Glen Coe, Stob Coire nan Lochan. The use and search of transceivers, axe belays, Bucket seats, Dead Man, Avalanche assessment. Thorne with Elliott, Protection.
 Shafren, Gallagher
 Dorsal Arete
 Saturday Night
 Nav Ex on Rannoch Moor Finding check points set by Elliott and Thorne
Date 19 Nov 00Glencoe Village Hall
 Rigging for rescue, Coire na Tulaich. Vertical Raise/Lower, Pulley Systems, Horizontal Lower and Raise
Date 25 Nov 00Ballater
Lima 1Buchan, Crombie, Knight, McGing
 Lochnagar, Black Spout Gully 250m I, Cac Carn Mor
Lima 2Gallagher, Smith, Rogozinski
 Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Gals Maol
Lima 3Gammage, Thorne, Sprawson
 Black Spout Buttress 220m III
Lima 4Walker, Stoddart, Cregan
 Carn an Tuirc, Tolmount, Tom Bhuidhe, Cairn of Claise.
23km 1119m Ascent
WeatherWhite-out, showers
Date 26 Nov 00Ballater
All attendingPass of Ballater, Abseiling and Ascending

December 2000

Date 2 Dec 00Crianlarich
Lima 1Wilcox, Elliott, Sprawson, Crombie, Kelman
 SAREX Opeval, Ben More Area
Lima 2Groark, Cregan
 Meall a´Choire Leith, Meall Corranaich.
11km, 970m Ascent
Lima 3Atkins, Gallagher, Thorne
 Stuc a´Chroin, Ben Vorlich
WeatherVery wet, strong winds
Date 3 DecCrianlarich
 RTU after Call-out LEU/21/00
Date 9 Dec 00Ballachulish
Lima 1Wilcox, Gammage, Walker, Tyrens
 Beinn Sgulaird. 14km, 1110m Ascent
Lima 2Buchan, Elliott, Thorne, Sprawson
 Ben Nevis, CIC hut, winter course area knowledge
Lima 3Groark, Cregan, Knight
 North Buttress Buachaille Etive Mor Grade IV Scramble 450m
Lima 4Shafren, Jones, McGing
 Buachaille Etive Mor, Curved Ridge
Weather60knts wind, wet, very wet
Date 10 Dec 00Ballachulish
Lima 1Groark, Tyrens, Cregan, Knight, Gammage, Crombie, McGing, Jones
 Techniques Ballachulish Quarry
Lima 2Buchan, Elliott, Thorne, Sprawson
 CIC hut
WeatherWet at first, drying later
Date 16 Dec 00Not given
Lima 1Buchan
 Glen Strathfarrar, Sgurr na Fearstaig, Sgurr a´Choire Ghlais,
20km, 1700m Ascent
Lima 2Gallagher
 Sgurr a´Choire Ghlais.
14km 1000m Ascent
Lima 3Groark, Hartley
 Mullardoch, Sgurr na Lapaigh, Carn nan Gobhar
Lima 4Jones, Thorne, Sprawson
 Mullach Fraoch-choire
Date 17 Dec 00Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan, Thorne, Jones, Sprawson
 Glen Affric
Lima 2Groark, Hartly, Jones, Kelman
 Nav Ex Eskdale
Date 23 Dec 00Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan, Thorne
 Creag ab Dubh Loch, East Gully (Top Pitch)
22km, 500m
Lima 2Groark, Knight, King, Rogozinski
 Cycling to bealach between Lochnagar and Meikle Pap
Lima 3Gallagher, Kelman
 Lochnagar, Black Spout Left hand finish (Chockstone finish)
Date 24 Dec 00Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan, King
 Auchavan, Caenlochan, Glen Druim Mor, Sron na Gaoithe
18km, 800m
Lima 2Groark, Rogozinski, Gallagher, Cregan, Knight
 Glas Maol, Creag Leacach, Carn Alt, Mallrenheskein, Black Hill, Monamenach.
17km, 960m Ascent
Lima 3Kelman
 Cycling to Pass of Ballater and surrounding forest
Date 25 Dec 00Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan, Gallagher
 Coire an t-Sneachda, Mirror Direct IV, down climb bad ice
Lima 2Groark, Rogozinski, Thorne
 Lochnagar, Pinnacle Gully II, abseil off Pitch 3 – poor ice
Lima 3Knight, Cregan, Kelman
 Glen Muick, Coire na Ciche, Balmoral, Cycling
WeatherSnow, cold and sunny
Date 26 Dec 00Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan
 Cycling, Lochnagar, Spittal Car Park, Glas Allt Shiel, Lochnagar, Cuidhe Crom, Little Pap
18km, 800m
Lima 2Groark, Thorne, Cregan
 Braemar G/C, Morrone, Carn na Drochaid
12.5km, 610m
Lima 3Kelman, Knight
 Cycling, Tombrae, Black Moss, Glen Tanar, Glen Tanar House.
40km, 350m
WeatherCold, clear, sunny
Date 27 Dec 00 Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Buchan, Gallagher, Cregan, Thorne
 Cairnwell, Carn nan Sac, Carn a´Gheoidh.
9km, 480m
Lima 2Rogozinski
 Cycling, Loch Kinord
Lima 3Smith N, King
 Mount Keen.
22km 6km skiing, 900m
RTB a.m.Groark, Kelman
WeatherCold, clear, sunny
Call-OutBuchan, Gallagher, Cregan, Smith I, Thorne
 Airlifted by R137 to Glen Doll for MisPer search.
Date 28 Dec 00New Year Grant – Ballater Barracks
Lima 1Wilcox, Cregan, Jones D
 Glen Muick, Broad Cairn (aborted)
Lima 2Elliott, Thorne, Sprawson
 Eagles Rocks, Spectrum 50m III
Lima 3Daniel, Smith N, Smith I
 X Country Skiing Loch Muick
CookJones E
WOPJones D
WeatherSnow showers, fresh snow laying on icy surfaces
Date 29 Dec 00New Year Grant – Ballater Barracks
Lima 1Wilcox, Jones, Daniel, Cregan, Smith N
 Glenshee, visit Braemar MRT Post
Lima 2Elliott, Thorne, Sprawson
 Climbing wall, Braemar MRT HQ
WeatherPoor snow, windy and cold
Date 30 Dec 00New Year Grant – Ballater Barracks
Lima 1Elliott, Thorne, Sprawson
 Climbing Cnapan Nathraichean 75m II/III
Lima 2Gammage, Jones E, Cregan
 Skiing Loch Muick to Lochnagar
Team LeaderRecovering from Glayva overdose
WeatherClear, cold
Date 31 Dec 00New Year Grant – Ballater Barracks
Lima 1Wilcox, Elliott, Jones E, Cregan, Gammage
 Glenshee, Carn nan Sac, Carn a´Gheoidh
Lima 2Daniel, Thorne, Sprawson
 X. Country skiing, Glenshee
Lima 3Gammage, Burchill (Leeming)
 Climbing, Craigie Doubs, Glas Maol
WeatherCloudy, cold. Storms and snow showers late pm

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