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Application for Website Access

This website is sponsored by the RAF Mountain Rescue Association and full access is granted to all serving and ex-serving members of the RAFMRS.

If you have served with the MRS please send us details of your service as follows:-

Service Number,



Dates you served on each team,

Name of Team Leader(s)


However there is a membership category for ‘Friends of the RAFMRS’ who will have limited access.

This category is for friends or relations of serving or ex-serving Troops. It is also potentially open to those who have had strong links with the RAFMRS and wish to maintain a contact with and foster an interest in its history and achievements

If you fall into the latter category please outline your interest in our history and achievements.

Once we receive this information you will be granted access to the appropriate category providing your information meets the requirements for membership.

Please forward your information to :

Thank you