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Badges, Ties Etc Les Jones, “Tryfan” 1 Morton Villas, Station Road, Whittington, SY11 4BH. 01691 680662.

MRS Ex-Officio Member  SAC Gaz McGarvie BA (Hons)

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13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Mouse who? I hear you say.
    Being a member of RAF El Adem DRT during 1968-70 I doubled as Storeman/driver and some whizz decided to christen our Commer box van written with greasechalk which burnt straight through the paintwork “THE DESERT MOUSE STRIKES AGAIN” After a service career spaning 32 years returned to Scotland in retirement having survived Sepsis the result was a paralyzed right leg ‘No monro’s for me’ but stay in North Berwick always happy to meet and share a coffee with any troops who knew me.
    John Laws
    131a High Street
    North Berwick

  2. Speedy Gonzales AKA Eddie Andrews is searching for Slim Hemmings ,it is believed that he does not have a computer but if anyone knows where he is you know what to do, Thanks all.
    Scouse Hopper.

  3. Hi john is it as long ago as that its all been sorted now but thanks for the offer
    The powers that be were frightened of setting a president so yanto made other
    Arrangements he is being taken by his daughter but is leaving early as she has to goto
    Work the next day.
    Hope to see you there.
    Len (rab) mcnab

  4. Hi Rab . Glad to hear of you after 50 plus years. Ihope you are in good fettle As I find myself. Thanks for the update on Yanto sorry to learn he not doing too well. please allow me to pick up the tab for Yantos nurse.please advise where to send the money.John

  5. Good Morning to you all,
    We all know that Yanto Jones has done a lot of work for us in days gone by and now is not very well..
    I have found out that he wants to attend the reunion in May at Charnock Richard but there is no one to look after him for the I have put it to one or troops that WE hir a nurse for the night to accompany him and look after him at night.
    We would have to pay them and pay for there dinner bed and breakfast at a cost of About £100 plus there wage for the night. Which I’m sure some one will know.
    This would be a one off time as a thank you to Yanto.

  6. Just looked at the website great work – the first page sorry is awful a lot of writing like an AGM minute any chance of making it a bit more dynamic
    I am sure you would get more hits!

    May be worth looking at !

  7. I do not know how to post this in the article section so forgive me for posting it here, m


    by Stan Sheehan (Notes) on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 12:04pm

    In the bad winter of 1962/63 a Canberra crashed on High Pike, this was near the village of Caldbeck in Cumbria, I was seving at the RAF Regiment Depot at RAF Catterick at the time. A Section of us Rocks were sent there to guard the wreck from looters, the weather was so bad we ended up snowed in at the village pub, the The Oddfellows Arms. This however did not stop us from climbing up to the plane in Blizzards and Deep Snow on quite a few occassions. On one such occasion we were sheltering behind the Tailplane out of the blizzard and wind when our Officer, Jake (no ranks on hill even then) said noboddy in their right minds would venture up on a day like this? Around the Tail stepped two people who it turned out were lost and asked us the way down, never have I heard civilians bawled out in the way Jake did it, they both stood to attention. After being shown the errors of their ways we gave them a hot drink and pointed them the way down. Is there any Ex Leeming Troops out there who remember this crash as they will have been to it first? Also any Ex Rocks who were Stationed in The Oddfellows Arms?

    This was my first taste of the Hills and what lead me to join The MRT
    aybe you can transfer it.

  8. No photos afterclicking on Gallery then on Valley, I just get something about a Valley A report Help ?!

  9. Hi Les,

    Click on Howdy,(your username)
    Click on Edit my Profile
    Scroll down to find Change Password
    Enter new Password
    Repeat in the next field
    Press Save
    Remember your password, or start all over again next time!!!
    Your done

    Any problems get back to me.

    Jim Morrison
    Website Manager

  10. Hi Mike,
    If you look under the Menu heading Teams, then select Llandwrog, Llanbedr and Valley, then select Valley Diaries you will see that we already have diaries from Valley MRT for July 1951 to July 53, 30 Mar 1961-30 Dec 1961, 1962-1964, 1964-1967, 1986-1988.
    As you will see they are transcripts from the originals. If you have copies of the originals and have the ability to scan them and send them to me at that would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively you could send them to me by post and I will scan them and return the originals to you. If you would like me to do the scanning post them to Jim Morrison ‘Little Mill Cottage’ 257 Tonbridge Rd, East Peckham Tonbridge, Kent TN12 5LA. Anything else that you have which may be of historical interest would be greatly appreciated.

    Jim Morrison
    Website Manager

  11. I gather your looking for teams diary’s, you can find Valley’s for 1962 to 1964 if i knew how to transfer it to your website i would, hope this helps Mike Wilks ex Valley
    1961 to 1966

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