Valley Report A 26 Aug 17 17/17

This is a redacted Annex As supplied by the AHB, our only source at present i.e. 2024. Not only are all personnel details redacted but so are photos showing Troop’s faces.
Any additional information or comments are shown in blue italics.
It was converted to Word by Brian Canfer and then uploaded to the website by Jim Morrison.

Annex A to
Section 2 of
MRS Orders

Mountain Rescue Service
Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3NY



Mountain Rescue Service
Warrant Officer
RAF Valley
Anglesey LL65 3NY

DFTS: 95581 7458
DFTS Fax: 95581 7529 RAF Mail:

See Distribution

Date: 29 Aug 17


Report A Serial No: VAL/17/17 Date of Incident: 26 Aug 17

Referring to Form R: N/A  Incident No: N/A

Military Callouts: 1      Total Military Persons Assisted this Year: 0 Civilian Callouts: 16      Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year: 16 Nature of Incident: Injured Walker.

Incident Area: Scafell Pike

VMRT Times:Alerted: 1420
 Deployed: 1420
 On Scene: 1430
 Off Task: 1515

Personnel on Task: 4    of Current Team Strength: 22 Total Man Hours: 3

Total Vehicle Miles:     C3: – 0

Ops Vehicles: – 0 Load Carrier: – 0

Other SAR Forces Involved: Wasdale Mountain Rescue , Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue, Coastguard 912


On the 26 Aug 17 at 1420L, Val DTL became aware of an on-going incident on the summit of Scafell Pike. Radio traffic indicated that a civilian walker had fallen and sustained a head injury. Wasdale Mountain Rescue was deployed to the scene by coastguard helicopter. Due to the low visibility at the casualty site the coastguard were unable to lift off the casualty.

Val DTL immediately proceeded to the casualty location and offered up his party’s assistance with the evacuation. Due to low numbers of troops on the hill, Wasdale gratefully accepted this assistance. The VMRT party of four assisted with the stretcher carry for approximately 40 minutes over rough broken ground from the summit of Scafell Pike towards Lingmell.

After 40 minutes, the stretcher party arrived on more benign ground over which the stretcher could be slid rather than carried. This in conjunction with the arrival of additional civilian mountain rescue troops from the Duddon and Furness Team resulted in the VMRT troops being stood down from the task.

Points to Note:

Wasdale were extremely grateful for the assistance. This task in conjunction with the recent Leeming assistance to Wasdale continues to build on MRS positive relationships with the Lake District civilian teams.

VMRT and Wasdale negotiating rough terrain with the stretcher.

Stretcher party approaching more benign ground.

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