Valley Report A – 20 Mar 18 10/18

Transferred from original Valley PDF to the website by Jim Morrison

 Date:27 Mar 18
Report Serial NoVAL/10/18Date of Incident:20 Mar 18
Nature of Incident:Aircraft Crash Red Arrows Hawk
Area of IncidentRAF Valley
Times: in DTG
Alerted:20 Mar 18 1330Deployed:20 Mar 18 1430On Scene:20 Mar 18 1430
Off Task23 Mar 18 1800RTB or FOB   
Other Military / Civilian agencies involved:Air Ambulance, N. Wales Ambulance, N. Wales Fire and Rescue, Station Fire Section, Station Medical Centre, JARTS, AAIB, RAF CAM.
Personnel on Task:12of Current Team Strength:25Total Man Hours:178
Military Callouts:3Total Military Persons Assisted this Year2
Civilian Callouts:7Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:29
Total Vehicle Miles
Ops Vehicles:10Load Carrier:0C3: 20
Cross refer to Medical Report Serial No: N/A
TRiM Considerations: N/A
Narrative 20 Mar 18:   At approximately 1330 hrs members of VMRT observed an aircraft crash by the side of the runway at RAF Valley. The VMRT TL immediately prepared the team for assisting with the incident and informed RAF Valley Station Ops that the MRT was available to assist. At 1357 hrs WO MRS received official tasking from DCDSDO for VMRT to assist,   By 1430 hrs VMRT where on scene at the crash site providing an outer cordon/control of entry until relieved at 1800 hrs the Stn Guard Force. VMRT continued to support the incident by providing a manned C3 vehicle which operated as the ICP and enhanced Comms suite.   21 Mar 18:   Following EOD making the remaining ejection seat safe, VMRT were requested to provide additional personnelto assist the Police DVI team with the recovery of a deceased crew member from the wreckage. SAC Jones and SAC Rimmer volunteered for this task. The AAIB were now on site and undertaking their initial investigation. 22Mar 18: The PCMIO made the decision that there was no need for the ICP to be manned during the hours of darkness, VMRT stood down overnight and returned to the ICP at 0700hrs on the 23 Mar 18.   23 Mar 18:   AAIB and JAFITS completed their work at the crash site; at 1800hrs the PCMIO stood down the Stn Guard Force and VMRT
Points To Note   The MRS C3 ICP setup proved to be a valuable asset to the initial and subsequent APCM effort. lt was used throughout the incident by a number of agencies as the lCP, a briefing facility, comms suite and as a vital welfare facility.

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