Valley Report A – 19 Nov 16 17/16

This document resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021. It was then converted to MS Word by Val Tenanty

Mountain Rescue Service

Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3LY
DFTS:      95581 7567
DFTS: Fax 95581 7529
RAF Mail:
Our Reference:                              MRTVAL/3/1/OPS
Date:                                       21 Nov 2016
Report A Serial No:                         VAL/17/16
Date of Incident:                      19 Nov 2016
Referring to Form R:                         N/A
           Incident No.                     N/A
Military Callouts:                          2
Total Military Persons Assisted this Year:    6
Civilian Callouts:                          14
Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:    8
Nature of incident:                          Crag-fast walker
Area:                                       Crib Goch, Snowdonia
Alerted:                                    N/A
Deployed:                                   N/A
On Scene:                                   191300NOV16
Off Task:                                   191400NOV16
Personnel on Task:                          4 of Current Team Strength: 18
Total Man Hours:                       4
Total Vehicle Miles:                         0
           C3:                     0
           Ops Vehicles: 1         0
           Load Carrier:           0
Other SAR Forces involved:                   NONE
Cross refer to IEC Report:                   N/A
Whilst carrying out routine training in North Wales, a VMRT party of 4 had made their way along Crib Goch in winter conditions. At the end of the ridge the party reached a section of technically difficult terrain with a series of pinnacles. At this section the party was stopped by another climber and asked if they had ropes, to deal with a male who was unable to continue. The walker was part of a 4 man group, who were ill equipped for the winter conditions. Due to the steep nature and exposure of the terrain, the walker was too scared to continue. SAC Mikey Rimmer assisted 3 members of the group over the technical section to a safe location. Cpl Daz Luke, Sgt Jake Salter and Flt Lt Dave Leckie assisted the crag fast walker. Cpl Luke made an improvised harness and the walker was guided over the technical section using short roping techniques, with Sgt Salter and FIt Lt Leckie assisting with route finding and guidance, to a safe location. With more steep technical terrain still to come on the ridge, VMRT advised the party not to continue on the ridge and make their way down to the Pyg track which offers a safer route to Snowdon. 2 group members wanted to continue on the ridge, and VMRT escorted the remaining 2 group members down a steep snow covered slope to the Pyg track and advised of the route to the summit of Snowdon, where they would meet with the second pair. The 4 group members were seen later in the day making their way off the summit.

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