Valley Report A 12 Aug 17 16/17

This is a redacted Annex As supplied by the AHB, our only source at present i.e. 2024. Not only are all personnel details redacted but so are photos showing Troop’s faces.
Any additional information or comments are shown in blue italics.
It was converted to Word by Brian Canfer and then uploaded to the website by Jim Morrison.

Annex A to
Section 2 of
MRS Orders

Mountain Rescue Service
Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3NY



Mountain Rescue Service
Warrant Officer
RAF Valley
Anglesey LL65 3NY

DFTS: 95581 7458
DFTS Fax: 95581 7529 RAF Mail:

See Distribution

Our Reference: MRTVAL/OPS Date: 15 Aug 17


Report A Serial No: VAL/16/17 Date of Incident: 12 Aug 17

Referring to Form R: N/A  Incident No: N/A

Military Callouts: 1      Total Military Persons Assisted this Year: 0 Civilian Callouts: 14      Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year: 15 Nature of Incident: Crag fast walkers.

Incident Area: Crib Goch

VMRT Times:Alerted: 1900
 Deployed: 1910
 On Scene: 2015
 Off Task: 2300

Personnel on Task: 5    of Current Team Strength: 22 Total Man Hours: 20

Total Vehicle Miles:     C3: –

Ops Vehicles: 10 Load Carrier: –

Other SAR Forces Involved: Llanberis Mountain Rescue


At 1900hrs on Sat 12th Aug 2017, Val TL received a call from duty WO MRS Phone that Llanberis MRT required assistance with 3 crag fast walkers on the ridge of Crib Goch. They had transitioned themselves part way over the ridge but then became uneasy on the steep terrain and could not continue. Info received was that the individuals were uninjured but quickly becoming cold.

Llanberis MRT had 5 team members currently on scene with the casualties but required further assistance setting up anchors for potential lowering of the individuals. Val TL plus 4 other team members deployed to the scene carrying ropes and rigging kit to set up anchors where required.

At approx. 2100hrs, the casualties had been short roped down to the position where Valley team members were and lowering of the individuals began. The whole process was smooth and quick and the casualties were back in Llanberis base for a debrief by 2245hrs.

Val team members then returned back to the weekend FOB for R&R.

(Original signed)
Chf Tech VMRTL

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