“Overexposed” – B-29 Crash 3 November 1948

Seventy years ago on the 3 November 1948 all 13 US airmen were killed when a B-29 crashed on Higher Shelf Stones.

The aircraft was en-route from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to the American depot at Burtonwood, carrying the wages for the base. The men on board were due to return home within days of arriving there. The troops from Harpur Hill attended the incident and recovered their bodies.

On the 70th anniversary of the crash the following video was created as a personal tribute by Philip Formby and Lee Harrison-Mellor. (They can be contacted at overexposed1948@gmail.com)

The tribute which is a 3D video of the crash site is accompanied by an audio account from a transcription by an airman stationed at Harpur Hill, named Allsopp, who volunteered to assist the MRT in clearing the site of human remains and personal effects the day after the crash.

To access the Video, click here.

Unfortunately, this link no longer works, however, there is another site “Atlas Obscura” which contains photographs of the crash site. HERE

This B-29 bomber was a photo-recon version and was named “Overexposed!” after it flew too close to the flash during the nuclear bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in 1946.

The documents and cuttings below are from our own records of the event which can be viewed elsewhere on this site./

The crew of the aircraft were: –

Pilot – Captain Landon P. Tanner

Co-pilot – Captain Harry Stroud;

Engineer –  Technical Sergeant Ralph Fields;

Navigator – Sergeant Charles Wilbanks;

Radio operator – Staff Sergeant Gene A. Gartner;

Radar operator – David D. Moore;

Camera crew

Technical Sergeant Saul R. Banks,

Sergeant Donald R. Abrogast,

Sergeant Robert I. Doyle and

Private First Class William M. Burrows.

Two other crew members were

Corporal M. Franssen and

Corporal George Ingram.

Acting as photographic adviser was Captain Howard Keel of the 4201st.