NEAF Report A – 14 Mar 70

This form was kindly provided to the MRA by Fiona Wild, daughter of John Hinde, from John’s MRS archive.



Nature of Incident Missing parties of Scouts and Guides undertaking training for Golden Horseshoe hikeTeam Alerted 14MAR702210B
Authority Alerting NEOCCalled Out 142240B
Area Searched Zoopiyi, Kellaki, PrastioLeft Base/Station 142255B
Location of Incident Scouts Gp 1 between Pelendria 3910 I9 710617 and Zoopiyi 4010 IV 015580. Scouts Gp 2 between Dhierona 102544 and Prastio 131524 Guides between Ayios Elias 077538 and Prastio 131524Arrived in Search Area/at Incident* 150330B
Located by See narrativeDuration of Search 15 ½ hours
Type of Search Vehicle search of roads. Hillside search for campfires by Scoutmaster. Helicopter searchIncident Located See narrative
Weather Conditions GoodCasualty Evacuated to N/A
No. of Casualties NIL Total Stretcher Walking DeadComposition of Party 8 in main MRT party + 6 from Akrotiri + 6 LOP [1] alerted from Limassol
Vehicle Mileages 5 x 110 miles, 1 x 60 milesSub Units Involved NIL

Return to Base 151330

RCC Informed 151930B

Comments on Equipment

Narrative:- Main team alerted at Milikouri 3910 IV 8769661 at 142210B. Left base at 2255B and drove via Troodos to Zoopiyi. Arrived 150330B. No further action taken until 150700B when contact was made with Flt Lt Jobling who said he would look for Scouts between Pelendria and Zoopiyi. Meanwhile team proceeded to Kellaki to check on missing Guides. Arrived Kellaki Police station at 1000B and learnt that local police had located Guides. Made contact with main Guide party near Prastio and other Guides at Dhierona. Returned to Zoopiyi at 151045B and were stood down when Scouts were safe. MRT returned to Akrotiri at 1330B. MRT were again alerted at 1625 and put on Readiness State1 for a cliff fall incident (see separate incident report) and for another party of seven Scouts from the same troop who were missing in the gorge between Dhierona and Prastio. At 1840B NEOC stood down MRT as the 7 Scouts had been picked up from the gorge by helicopter and taken to passenger lounge at Akrotiri

Date 16 Mar 70

[1] Probably Living Out Personnel

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