Leuchars Report A – 21 Mar 90 07/90

This report resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021. It was then converted to MS Word by Brian Canfer


Reference: Form R No.. 204                                                                                  
Date:                    21 Mar 90                                                        Area:  Beinn An Lochan, Arrochar 36/224087
Nature of Incident:          Fallen walker                   
Alerted: 0255     Deployed: 0350                On scene: 0605  Stood down: 1545
Total manhours: 200
Total Mileage: 1316 miles
No of personnel on task: 15         Current Team Strength: 28
Narrative:           FS Kirkpatrick + 14, undertook an early morning search for Mrs Helen Bruce who the day previously had strayed from her companion  on Beinn An Lochan the  Arrochar Alps, and had been missing since 1800 hours on the 20th, despite a night search by the Arrochar MRT.
On our arrival and acting on information concerning the break point of the pair, Cpl Frew within the first hour of the search spotted the casualty, who was discovered at the foot of a 200 ft crag, and had sustained fatal injuries.
At this time a naval Sea King was in attendance, but unable to assist because of high winds and turbulence.
The casualty was lowered and carried the 1,500 feet descent and 2K distance to the roadhead by Leuchars personnel, with final assistance from Arrochar & Dumbarton MRT on the river crossing.  Casualty finally transported to the Mortuary by the Undertaker.
Remarks:            An unusual incident for Scotland with a speedy find and quick evacuation, however unfortunately it reversed the recent trend for “live” casualties.

Signed Pete Kirkpatrick FS  TL
21 Mar 90

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