Leuchars Diary 1987

This document resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021.
It was then converted to MS Word by Neil Collier

Date 10 Jan 87Clova
AttendingShanks, Pinder, Timms, Pirie, MacLeod, Rodgerson, Wood, Whalley,
East, Curly, Craig, Carter, McLuskey, Campbell, Brookes (visitor),
Bean (visitor)
AllSnow and ice techniques. Ice axe arrest, placement of deadman,
belaying. A 400´snow lower was completed, casualty Brookes,
guide Campbell, using a variety of belays. A practice PIEPS
avalanche search was also carried out.
WeatherSnow showers
11 Jan 87Clova
AllNavex around Loch Brandy and due to heavy accumulation of
snow (20ins) an early return to the unit was planned. Arrived
Leuchars 1700
WeatherSnow showers
CommentsA good introductory training weekend in winter safety skills.
FS Brookes (22Sqn Winchman) last weekend prior to posting to Cyprus

Date 17 Jan 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Shanks, Mathewman, Curry, Carter
 Orienteering in Queens Forest – Glenmore
Lima 2Sharpe, Frew, Campbell, Tonkin, McKay
 Oui Oui, 300´ II
Lima 3Rintoul, Pinder, Lamont, Wood, Craig
 As Lima 1
Lima 4Tomkins, Beresford, McLeod, East, Pirie
Weather60 kts wind, drifting snow.
Date 18 Jan 87Newtonmore
Prior to deployment by air a training session with 202 Sqn Sea King
AC D Flt was held. Full safety brief by FS Rayne was given to all team
members, Single stop winch in and double stop out.
Lima 1Shanks, Craig, Pirie, Beresford, Pinder
 D/off 42/648810 – SH 902 – A9
Lima 2Smith, Carr
 Oui Oui 300´ II
Lima 3Sharpe, McLeod, East, Craig, Wood
 D/Off 35/575983 Glen Markie, Laggan
Lima 4Tomkins, Lamont, Curry, Mathewman, Carter
 As Lima 3
Lima 5Frew, McKay, Tonkin, Campbell, Whitcombe
 D/off 42/620790, Geal Charn, Balnasporran Cottage
N/ABeresford, Campbell, Mathewman, Curry, East, Pinder
 Neil Robertson Stretcher preparation and winch-in. Casualty –
Stokes Litter preparation and winch-in.
Casualty – Tonkin
WeatherStrong winds, low cloud
CommentSevere winds at altitude restricted mountain training on
Saturday but good navigational value was gained from the
orienteering exercise using the Glenmore Lodge Course.
The helicopter exercise on Sunday was good value especially
for the newer members

Date 24 Jan 87Fort William
Lima 1Smith, Mathewman, Whalley, Rodgerson
 Castle Ridge
Lima 2Rintoul, Tonkin, Tomkins, MacKay
 Northeast Buttress
Lima 3Carr, Campbell, Craig, Pinder, Pirie
 Carn Mor Dearg, Ben Nevis
Lima 4Whitcombe, East, Beresford, MacLeod
 Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor, Carn Mor Dearg, Carn Dearg Meadhonach,
Carn Beag
Date 25 Jan 87Fort William
Lima 1Smith, East, Pinder, MacKay
 Stob Choire, Chno Dearg
Lima 2Whalley, Tonkin, Tomkins, Campbell, Whitcombe, Rodgerson
Lima 3Rintoul, Wood, MacLeod, Beresford
 Carn Mor Dearg, Ben Nevis
Lima 4Carr, Mathewman, Craig
 Sgurr a´Mhaim, Devil´s Ridge, Stob Ban
WeatherGood on Saturday with a superb inversion and sunset about 1800.
Sunday, cold with hill fog and occasional Showers

Date 31 Jan 87Bridge of Orchy
Lima 1Carr, Shanks, Pinder, Taylor, Rintoul
 Cononish, Beinn Dubhcraig, Ben Oss, Ben Lui, Ben a´Chleibh
Lima 2Smith, Aitken, Carter
 Ben Starav
Lima 3White, Whalley, Whitcombe
S Gully of Black Wall 400´ IV
 Frew, MacKay
Quartsuein Scratch 300´ IV
Lima 4Sharpe, Tonkin
West Gully 600´ III,
Green Eyes/Black Wall 400´IV
 Jones, Lamont
Taxus (Direct Finish) IV
Lima 5Craig, Pirie, East
 Vic Bridge, Stob a´ Choire Odhair, Stob Ghabhar, Meall na Aighean,
Victoria Bridge
CooksPhillips, Beresford
Date 1 Feb 87Bridge of Orchy
Lima 1Shanks, Smith
 Taxus IV
Lima 2Whalley, MacKay, Whitcombe, Rintoul
 Coire Udlaidh
Lima 3Sharpe, Lamont, East, Beresford
 Ben Lui, Ben oss, Beinn Dubhchraig
Lima 4Frew, Phillips, Carr, Tonkin
 Central Gully Ben Lui 1,500´ I
Lima 5Craig, Aitken, Pirie, Taylor, Carter
 Beinn an Dothaidh
Lima 6Jones, White
 Haar III
CommentsA good winter climbing weekend overshadowed by the Wessex
crash on Sunday evening. All team members involved in rescue
of injured occupants. Followed by recovery of Sgt Harry Laurie´s
body and the body of a fallen walker

Date 14 Feb 87Roybridge
Lima 1Amphlett, Pinder, Hignet, Batt
 Beinn a´Chaorainn, Creag Meagaidh, Stob Poite Coire Ardair, Carn Liath
Lima 2Sharpe, Frew
 Ben Nevis – Indicator Wall V, Tower Gully (Descent), Tower Scoop
Lima 3Craig, Carter, Pirie, Aitkins, MacLeod
 Stob a´ Choire Mheadoin, Stob Coire Easain
Lima 4Whitcombe, Rintoul, Wood, Curry
 Carn Liath, Stob Point Coire Ardair, Creag Meagaidh
Lima 5Cameron, MacKay
 Creag Meagaidh
WeatherCold, clear, bright blue skies
Date 15 Feb 87Roybridge
Lima 1Smith, Cameron, Hignett, Batt
 Stob Ban, Mullach nan Coirean
Lima 2  Frew, Amphlett
Ben Nevis – Italian Climb IV
 Sharpe, Rodgerson
Ben Nevis – Central Gully III
Lima 3Craig, Wood, Curry, MacLeod, Pinder
 Stob Coire Sgriodain, Chno Dearg
Lima 4MacKay, Carter, Rintoul, Pirie, Aitkins
 Stob Coire Sgriodain, Chno Dearg
WeatherAs per Sat, clouding late afternoon
CommentsAn excellent weekend´s training with superb weather conditions

Date 21 Feb 87Cairndow
Lima 1Smith, Phillips, Batt, Leonard, Taylor
 Ben Vane, Beinn Ime, Beinn Narnain, Ben Arthur
Lima 2Chapman, Aitken, Pinder, Wood
 Ben Vane, Beinn Vorlich
Lima 3Frew, Carter, East, Beresford
 Ben Arthur, Beinn Narnain, Creag Tharsuin, A´Chrois
Lima 4Carr, Whitcombe, Pirie, Hignett
 Beinn Narnain, Beinn Ime
Date 22 Feb 87Cairndow
Lima 1Smith, Frew
 Dunleachan Crag – First pitch of Devil´s Elbow HVS 5a,
2nd pitch of Mutation S
Lima 2Carr, Carter, Taylor, Leonard, Aitken
 Ben Vane
Lima 3Whitcombe, Phillips, Pirie, Pinder, East
 Ben Vorlich
Lima 4MacKay, Batt, Beresford, Wood, Hignett
 Ben Vorlich
WeatherGood all Weekend

Date 28 Feb 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Smith
 Cairngorm area
Lima 2Chapman, Leonard, Pirie, Aitken, Arnott
 Aonach Beag, SH1132, Carn Dearg
Lima 3Whitcombe, Beresford, MacKay, Wood
Date 1 Mar 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Smith, Aitken, Leonard, Arnott
 Huntley´s Cave Rock climbing
 Assistance in Instruction from Tomkins
WeatherMild, rain all weekend

Date 7 Mar 87Killin
Lima 1Shanks, Foster, Leonard
 Ben More
Lima 2Smith, Beresford, Stone, Atkins
 Ben Vorlich – aborted at 800m
Lima 3Timms, Pirie, Pinder, Clay
Lima 4Chapman, Wood, MacLeod, Phillips
Lima 5Sharpe, Tonkin
Lima 6Whitcombe, MacKay, Campbell, Carter
Lima 7Carr, Taylor, Curry
 Carn Liath
WeatherHigh winds 10´´snow
Date 8 MarKillin
Team RTU 10:30 due to bad weather and possible road closure. Alerted at 13:00 three climbers missing in Campsie Fells, no deployment. Alerted 21:00 one skier (12 years old) missing on Cairnwell, no deployment

Date 28 Mar 87Newtonmore
Training curtailed due to exceptionally severe weather, 80 – 100 knots wind
Date 29 Mar 87Newtonmore
Marginal improvement in weather allowed some training
Lima 1Shanks, MacKay, Taylor D
 Coire Laogh Mor, N ridge, Cairngorm, Coire Cas
Lima 2Timms, Chapman, Atkins, Craig, Pirie, Lamont
 Dalnaspidal Hills
Lima 3Sharpe, Whitcombe
 Doctor´s Choice IV

Date 4 April 87Clova
 Crag Rescue Techniques in Clova Quarry, Horizontal Lowers,
GuidesMacKay, McLeod, Craig, Shanks, Beresford, Pirie, Campbell,
Whitcombe, Pinder
First AidersMcKay, Whitcombe, Campbell
CasualtiesAtkins, Phillips, Pirie
AbseilingEast, Pinder, Phillips, Beresford
Date 5 Apr 87Clova
Lima 1Shanks, Atkins, Beresford
 Corrie Fee, Mayar, Dreish
Lima 2Whalley, Pirie, East
Lima 3Craig, MacKay, McLeod
 Scorrie, Driesh, Drumfollow path
Lima 4Sharpe, Campbell – Whitcombe, Phillips
 Climbing Red Craig
WeatherWhite-out on tops minus 14 deg C

Date 17 Apr 87Kintail 
Lima 1Smith, Tonkin 
 Skye, Cioch Direct 450´ S,
Cioch West 600´ VD,
Arrow Route 200`VD
Lima 2Whalley, McNamara, Curry, Lamont 
 Creag a´Mhaim, Druim Shionnach, Aonach Air Chrith, Sgurr
Coire na Feinne, Sgurr an Doire Leathain, Sgurr Beag, Creag
nan Damh
Lima 3Chapman, MacKay, Rodgerson
North Clunie Ridge, Ciste Dhubh
Pinder, Beresford
Ciste Dhubh
Lima 4Frew, Whitcombe
Sgurr na Sgine to Creag a´ Mhaim
Craig, Rintoul
 Creag na Damh
Date 18 Apr 87Kintail 
Lima 1Smith, Lamont, Tonkin 
 North Shiel Ridge 
Lima 2Whalley, Rodgerson, Chapman, MacKay 
 Boc Beag – Rock climbing 
Lima 3Frew, Whitcombe 
 Carn Ghluasaid, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, Tigh Mor na Seilge 
Lima 4Craig, Beresford, Atkins 
 Ciste Dhubh, Aonach Meadhoin, Sgurr a´ Bhealach Dheirg, Saileag 
BaseAnderson, Pinder, Rintoul, McNamara 
WeatherWind and showers 
Date 19 Apr 87Kintail
Lima 1Smith, Curry, Pinder, Atkins
 Ben Sgritheall, then (Smith only) Ciste Dhubh
Lima 2Whalley, Frew
 Ciste Dhubh
Lima 3Chapman, MacKay, Beresford, Rodgerson, Lamont
 Forcan Ridge, The Saddle, Sgurr na Sgine
Lima 4Whitcombe Tonkin – Nothing!
BaseAnderson, Rintoul, McNamara
WeatherStrong winds, snow and rain showers
Date 20 Apr 87Kintail
Lima 1Smith, Tonkin, Whalley, Beresford
 A´ Ghlas-bheinn
Lima 2Chapman, MacKay, Craig, Rintoul, Rodgerson, Pinder, Lamont
 A´ Chralaig
Lima 3Whitcombe, Atkins
 Boc Beag
BaseAnderson, Curry, McNamara
WeatherCold, snow and hail
CommentA good four day´s training, most of the team making the best of
the variable weather on the hills and crags of wild Kintail.
DETAILS OF BOC BEAG. Read Western Highlands Guide (SMC Publication).
Follow Carbrae Road to highest point (picnic table), walk along sheep track, past
sheep fold, and up to small bealach. Walk east half KM. Crag is 2 tiered. Top crag
is best. Plenty of routes VD – Severe. Watch looseness, good scope for beginners. Easy Descent.

Date 25 Apr 87Tarbet
Lima 1Shanks, Atkins, McDowall
 68/655149 – The Slate 385 – CNOC May SH 299 – SH 369 – Beinn na Lice
Lima 2Rodgerson, Turner, Goodwin
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Rintoul, Carr, McLeod, Pirie
 Area Familiarisation Mull of Kintyre
Date 26 Apr 87Tarbet
All troops embarked on the CALMAR ferry MV Iona as part of “FERRYVAC 87” an exercise designed to test the SAR force’s reaction to a ferry disaster. Over 200 personnel were “rescued” from the ferry by air or sea. 202 Lossie, Boulmer and 22 Sqn Leuchars, 72Sqn NI, 819 Sqn Prestwick were used. LMRT came off via the Islay Lifeboat.
CommentsBase contact Mrs. J. Johnston, No 1 Croft Park
Tel 08802 435.  Police Tarbet 200

Date 1 May 87Dundonell
Lima 1Whalley, MacLeod, East, Turner
 Ruadh Stac Mor, A´ Mhaighdean, Bivvi in Shenevall
Lima 2Chapman, Lamont, Wood
 An Teallach
Lima 3Fisk, MacKay, Tonkin
 An Teallach
Lima 4Craig, Pirie, McDonald, Johns
 Meall a´ Chrasgaidh, Sgurr nan Clach Geala, Sgurr nan Each,
Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich, Sgurr Mor
WeatherCold and dry
Date 2 May 87Dundonell
Lima 1Whalley, MacLeod, East, Turner
 Walking out of Shenevall
Lima 2Chapman, Lamont, McDonald, Fisk
 Beinn Dearg – aborted due to weather
Lima 3Cameron, Tonkin
Lima 4Carr, Pirie, Craig, Wood
 Beinn Dearg – aborted due to weather
Date 3 May 87Dundonell
Lima 1Whalley, McLeod, Pirie, Turner
 An Teallach
Lima 2Chapman, East, Fisk
 Beinn Dearg, Meall nan Ceapraichean, Eididh nan Clach Geala
Lima 3Carr, Craig, Cameron
Lima 4Tonkin, MacKay, Lamont, McDowell
 Beinn Dearg Mhor, Bivvi Shenevall
Date 4 May 87Dundonell
Lima 4Tonkin, MacKay, Lamont, McDowell
 Walk out from Shenevall
 All return to base
WeatherBad again

9 May 87Fort William
Lima 1Smith, MacKay, Noble, Taylor D
 Sgurr a´Bhuic, Grey Corries, Stob Ban
Lima 2Whalley, Tomkins, Craig, MacLeod
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Chapman, Wood, Beresford
 An Garbhanach, SH 983, Am Bodach, 1001, Stob Ban, Sgurr a´Mhaim
Lima 4Frew, Cameron, Rodgerson, Tonkin
 Aonach Mor, Aonach Beag
Lima 5Fisk, Rintoul, Atkins, Pirie
 Sgurr a´Bhuic, Aonach Beag, Aonach Mor
WeatherWindy, showers
Date 10 May 87Fort William – Climbing Polldubh
Smith, NobleThe Gutter Diff 150´
Tykes Slab V Diff 45´
Three Pines Mild S 95´
Frew, Fisk, WhalleyStaircase S 150´
Tonkin, WhalleyRepton Right Wall V Diff 100´
Three Pines Mild S 95´
Sharpe, WhalleyFlying Dutchman Mild S 200´
Sharpe, FrewSavage Cabbage E4 5c 150´
Risque Grapefruit E3 5c. 150´
Frew, FiskRight Wall V Diff 145´
Tonkin, MacLeodRed Wall HS 40´
Heatwave MS 300´
Three Pines Variation S 100´
Bullet S 40´
Cameron, TaylorDundee Red Wall Diff 80´
Ween´s Delight Diff 80´
Tykes Slab V Diff 45´
Three Pines Mild S 95´
MacKay, BeresfordThree Pines Mild S 95´
Rodgerson, AtkinsRepton Slab V Diff 45´
Three Pines Mild S 95´
Staircase S 45´
Lima 3Chapman, Rintoul, Wood, Pirie
WeatherFine, showers

Date 16 May 87Port Appin
Lima 1Shanks, Carr, Lamont, Wood, Curry, Fisk, McDowall
 Ben More (Mull)
Lima 2Chapman, Pirie, MacLeod, Turner
 Beinn Sgulaird, Beinn Fhinnolaidh
Lima 3Tomkins, Atkins, East, Beresford
 As per Lima 2
Lima 4Rintoul, MacKay, Noble
 Reciprocal of Lima 2. Helo lift from Beinn Fhionnlaidh
BaseTaylor, Whitcombe
Date 17 Mar 87Port Appin
Lima 1Shanks, Curry, Atkins, Turner, MacLeod
 Beinn a´Chochuill
Lima 2Carr, Lamont, McDowall, Beresford, Taylor
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Fisk, Whitcombe, McKay, Pirie, Wood
 Sgurr na h-Ulaidh (Glencoe)
Lima 4Tomkins, Chapman, Noble
 Caving Salachan Glen
WeatherDrizzle, cloud base 1000´

Date 23 May 87Arran
Caisteal Abhail
Slapstick Wall Variation 400´ S
Hode on 400´ VS
Caisteal Abhail
Polode 400´ S
Herpol Polode 400´ VS
Chapman, CameronA´Chir
Pagoda Ridge 470´ S
Hartree, Whitcombe
Chir Mor
Vanishing Point 330´ E3 6A, 5a, 5c
Stirrup 300´ E3 5c
Lima 2Fisk, Wood, MacLeod, Noble
 Goatfell, Mullach Buidhe, Cir Mor, Caisteal Abhail, A´Chir Ridge,
Beinn a´ Chliabhain
Lima 3Craig, Lamont, Pirie, Beresford
 Cioch na H-Oigh, Goatfell, Caisteal Abhail, Suidhe Fhearghas
WeatherSunshine, blue sky, windy
Date 24 May 87Arran
Smith, WhitcombeChir Mor
South Ridge Direct 1100´ VS
Chir Mor
South Ridge Direct 1100´ VS
Chir Mor
South Wester Slabs 340´ VD
Sharpe, HartreeCioch Na H-Oighe
Klept Direct E2, 5c, 5c
Abraxas E4, 6a, 6a, 5b
Lima 2Chapman, Lamont, Noble
 Suidhe Fhearghas, Ceum na Caillich, Caisteal Abhail, A´Chir,
Beinn Tarsuinn, Beinn Nuis
Lima 3Craig, Pirie, Beresford, Taylor
 Meall Nan Damh, Beinn Bhreac, Beinn Bharrain
BaseWood (Unwell)
WeatherFine, dry, strong winds on the tops
Date 25 May 87Arran
SmithTorr Nead an Eoin (Photography)
Cameron, HartreeTorr Nead an Eoin
First Footing 300´ VS
Sharpe, MooreTorr Nead an Eoin
Lima 2Wood, MacLeod, Beresford, Taylor
Lima 3Fisk, Chapman, Lamont
 Cycle tour of island
Lima 4Craig, Pirie, Noble
 King´s Cave
NotesCaisteal Abhail, lower slabs. Very good climbing but of a serious
nature for the grade (mostly severe/very severe). Protection is scarce and the in-situ pegs do not exist anymore! Take care.

Date 30 May 87Bridge of Orchy
Lima 1Shanks, Richardson, Turner, MacKay
 Cononish, Ben Lui, Ben Oss, Ben Dubhcraig, Cononish
Lima 2Carr, Johnstone, Campbell
 Beinn Mhanach, Beinn Achaladair, Beinn Dorain
Lima 3Fisk, Beresford, Craig, Neal
 Reciprocal of Lima 2
Lima 4Whitcombe, Tonkin
 West Route 1000´ Diff
Date 31 May 87Bridge of Orchy
Lima 1Shanks, Neal, Richardson
 Zig zags to Gear Aonach, Stob Coire nan Lochan
Lima 2Carr, Johnstone, Campbell
 Coire Odhair
Lima 3Craig, Beresford
 Beinn Mhanach
Lima 4Whitcombe, Johnstone, Rogerson, Tonkin, Turner
 Curved Ridge 1500´ Mod

Date 5 Jun 87Pitlochry
Lima 1Shanks, Beresford, Craig, Pirie, D/O Blair (Old)
 SH 565 Carn Dearg Mhor. Bivouac at Glen Bruar MBA Bothy.
2230 – 0200
Date 6 Jun 87Pitlochry
Lima 1Shanks, Beresford, Craig, Pirie, D/O Blair (Old)
 Continued to Beinn Dearg, Beinn Bhreac, Carn an Fhidhleir,
An Sgarsoch, Forest Lodge
Lima 2Whalley, Lamont, Atkins, Arnott
 Clach Glas, Carn Liath, Bhalgain,
Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain, Beinn a´ Ghlo, Forest Lodge
Lima 3Sharpe, Frew – Summer Days E2 5b
MacKay, Sharpe – Crutch. S
Frew, TonkinDeath´s Head E1 5b
Lima 4Rintoul, Taylor, MacKay, Wood, MacLeod
 Reciprocal of Lima 2
Date 7 Jun 87Pitlochry
Lima 1Shanks, Craig, Pirie, Beresford
Lima 2Smith, Atkins, Tomkins
 Caving Scheihallion, all The Foss Series
Lima 3Whalley, Taylor, Wood, Rintoul, MacLeod
Lima 4  Sharpe, MacKay, Frew, Tonkin
 Climbing Dunkeld

Date 13 Jun 87Ballater
Lima 1Smith, Lamont, Holton, Atkins
 Creag Leathad, Lochnagar
Lima 2Whalley, Arnott, Beresford, East
 Beinn a´ Bhuird
Lima 3Rintoul, MacLeod, Curry, Taylor, Turner
 Beinn a´ Bhuird, Ben Avon, Beinn Bhreac, Beinn a´ Chaorainn,
Bivvi at Hutchinson´s Hut
Lima 4Chapman, MacKay
 Beinn a’ Bhuird – Back Bay Gully GD II
WeatherWhiteout on tops
Date 14 Jun 87Ballater
Lima 1Whalley, Smith
 Creag an Dubh Loch
Lima 2Chapman, MacKay, Holton
Lima 3Rintoul, MacLeod, Curry, Taylor, Turner
 Ex Bivvi, Sron Riach, Linn of Dee
Lima 4Carr, East
 White Mounth, Cairn Bannoch, Broad Cairn, Glen Muick
Lima 5Lamont, Atkins, Arnott

Date 20 Jun 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Shanks, Turner, MacDonald
 Ski car park, windy ridge on to Cairngorm, Ben Macdui,
March Burn, Pools of Dee. Assisted CMRT with Lairig Ghru
Charity Walk,
940 entrants
Lima 2Chapman, East, Leonard, MacKay
 Culra Ridge, Ben Alder, Beinn a´ Chumhainn, Meall a´ Bhealaich,
Sgor Choinnich, Carn Dearg, Bivvi Loch Essian
Lima 3Fisk, Wood, Taylor
 Braeriach, Angel´s Peak, Cairntoul, Devil´s Point, Ben Macdui,
Cairngorm (10hrs 45 mins)
Lima 4Tomkins, Cameron
 Creag Dhu climbing 130´HVS 5a, 240´HVS 5a
Lima 5Rintoul, Arnott
 Cairngorm, Bynack More, Fiachaille
Date 21 Jun 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Shanks, Taylor
 Ben Alder Lodge Gatehouse, SH 911, The Fara, SH 901, SH 897,
Helo lift-off
Lima 2Chapman, East, Leonard, MacKay
 Ex Bivvi, Aonach Beag, Helo lift-off
Lima 3Fisk, Wood
Lima 4Tomkins, Phillips
 Hayripi 60´. S
Lima 5Rintoul, MacDonald
 A´ Chailleach, Monadhliaths
CooksArnott, Turner
RemarksGood effort by Lima 2 on Saturday. Good co-op with B Flt
Wessex on Sunday. Crew: Pierce, Muir, Palgrave. RTU 1930

Date 27 Jun 87Ballachulish
Lima 1Shanks, Wood
 NE Buttress, Ben Nevis
Lima 2MacKay, Turner
 Castle Ridge, Ben Nevis
Lima 3Tonkin, Fisk
 Observatory Ridge, Ben Nevis
Lima 4Chapman, East
 Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis
Lima 5Whitcombe, Leonard
 Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis
Lima 6Rintoul, Rodgerson, Arnott
 Mullach nan Coirean, Stob Ban
Date 28 Jun 87Ballachulish
Lima 1Shanks, Turner, Fisk, Wood
 Aonach Eagach. E-W
Lima 2Chapman, Rodgerson, Arnott, Rintoul, Sleeman (III Sqn),
4 Belgian Airmen 349 Sqn
 Ballachulish Horseshoe
Lima 3Whitcombe + 1 349 Sqn
 Climbing Polldubh
Lima 4MacKay, East, Leonard, Curry
 Zig Zags, Stob Coire nan Lochan, Bidean, Lost Valley
WeatherFair, sunny
RemarksA good training weekend on Ben Nevis and Glencoe.
Lima 2 & 3 had airlift by Wessex CIC, Fort William, Torlundy

Date 4 Jul 87Cairndow
Lima 1Shanks, Taylor, Arnott
 Butterbridge, Beinn Ime, SH 855, Ben Vane, Inveruglas
Lima 2Chapman, Wood, MacDonald
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Tonkin, Curry, Whitcombe, Beresford
 Cobbler (aborted climbing day) Beinn Ime
WeatherCloud and drizzle above 2,000´
CommentsA good day for navigational training. 18:10 SWB 135 landed for night stop with 2 GC and reporter doing feature for Contact.
Date 5 Jul 87Cairndow
The first hour was taken up with photographic work in connection with magazine article. Winching exercise with Wessex then crag rescue techniques involving team only. Abseiling, Italian Hitch, F of 8, Classic, Duffler, Prussiking, Bachman, Jumars, Cloggers
 Stretcher Lowering
HorizontalBeresford, MacKay, Taylor, Shanks, Curry, Whitcombe, Arnott, Chapman
VerticalMacKay, MacDonald

Date 11 Jul 87Clova
Lima 1Shanks, Rintoul, Rodgerson
 Arbroath RNLI Show.  P.M. Dreish, Scorrie
Lima 2Smith, Frew, Tonkin
Lima 3Chapman, Craig, Taylor, Beresford
 Broad Cairn, Carn an t-Sagairt Mor etc.
Lima 4Fisk, Whitcombe, Wood, Leonard
 Dreish, Mayar, Tom Buidhe, Faferne, Cairn Bannoch, Gowal,
Broad Cairn, Mouzie
CookAtkins, Phillips
Date 12 Jul 87Clova
Lima 1Shanks
 Cairn o´Grouse
Lima 2Smith, Tonkin
Lima 3Chapman, Rintoul, Rodgerson
 Loch Brandy
Lima 4Fisk, Wood, Frew, Whitcombe, Phillips, Beresford, Leonard, Taylor,
 Quarry, Abseiling and Prussiking

Date 25 Jul 87Port Appin
Lima 1Whalley, Leonard, Evans
 Stob Dubh, Stob Coire Sgreamhach, Bidean nam Bian
Lima 2Smith, Cameron
Buachaille Etive Mor – North Face Route
Phillips, McKeey
Buachaille Etive Mor – West Route 1000´Mod
Lima 3Frew, Atkins
 West Route 1000´Mod, Descent – Curved Ridge 800` Easy
Lima 4Craig, Beresford, Arnott, East
 Stob Daimh, Ben Cruachan, Beinn a´Chochuill, Beinn Eunaich
Lima 5Fisk, MacLeod, Rodgerson
 Ben Starav, Beinn nan Aighenan, Glas Bheinn Mhor,
Stob Coir´ an Albannaich, Meall Tarsuinn, Meall nan Eun
Lima 6Anderson
 Glen Creran to Ballachulish via the Cairn
WeatherGood, fair
Date 26 Jul 87Port Appin
Lima 1Whalley, Atkins, Evans, Arnott
 Am Bodach
Lima 2Smith, Cameron, Frew, MacLeod
 The Pap of Glencoe
Lima 3MacKay, Rodgerson, East, Turner
 Am Bodach
Lima 4Fisk, Phillips
 Buachaille Etive Beag
Lima 5Craig, Leonard
 Ballachulish Horseshoe
WeatherUgh, very wet, windy

Date 5 Aug 87Trialist Diary
PartyMcLeod, Roberts, Williams
RouteSpittal Glen Muick, Cac Carn Mor, Cac Carn Beag, The Stuic,
White Mounth, Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, Cairn Bannoch, Cairn of
Gowal, Broad Cairn, Spittal of Gen Muick
WeatherSunny periods, steady breeze
CommentsBoth Dave and Julian did well, Dave had a bit of a struggle, but he
kept going, he was in a good state for getting hypothermia
Date 11 Aug 87Trialist Diary – Bivvi
PartyMcLeod, Roberts, Williams
Depart 11 Aug 18:00 Drive to Dalwhinnie
Drive to Culra Bothy – All gates open from now on according to
estate owner, all the way to Culra Bothy
Walk to bealach, 42/482732. Bivvi on bealach, eat food and have
Route12 Aug 87 Breakfast, beans and bread. Walk to Aonach Beag, return
to bealach 42/482732
Walk up to Ben Alder 1148, walk to ridge 42/500733
Descend Ridge, walk to Culra Bothy
Drive to Dalwhinnie 16:00
Arrive Leuchars 18:30
Final AssessmentGood Bivvi despite heavy rain Tuesday night. Both Roberts and
Williams enjoyed Bivvi, had enough to eat and enough brew kit
(ate everything). Good day on hill doing Aonach Beag and Ben
Both lads happy and keen no problems at all.
Date 13 Aug 87Trialist Diary
PartyMcLeod, Roberts, Williams
RouteDunkeld – Polney Crag
Cuticle Crack 80´ VD
Recess Route 100´ VD
Holly Tree Groove 100´ VD
3 Abseils down Hairy Gully
CommentsBoth had a bit of a struggle. Dave had to be lowered off Holly
tree Groove
Date 8 Aug 87Not given (Newtonmore?)
Lima 1MacLeod, Whalley, Roberts, Dilling, Williams
 Cairn Lochan, Ben Macdui, Derry Cairngorm, Loch Avon,
Coire Domhain, Cairngorm, Car Park.
1630 m Ascent, 23 km
Lima 2Cameron, MacLeod
 Inbred HVS 5a, 4b, 4a 350´
Lima 3Craig, Arnott
 Cairngorm, The Saddle, Fords of Avon, Bothy, Beinn Mheadhoin, ~
Ben Macdui, Coire an Lochain, Car Park
Lima 4MacKay, Wood, Phillips, Evans
 Fiaciall a Coire Cas, Coire an t-Sneachda, Lochan Buidhe, Ben Macdui,
Derry Cairngorm, Loch Avon, Coire Raibert, Car Park
Lima 5Webster, Whitcombe, Atkins
 Dunfermline Hospital, Static MRT Display
WOPArnott, Roberts, Dilling
WeatherVery good, summer at last, clear blue skies, hot sun
Date 9 Aug 87Not given (Newtonmore?)
Lima 1Whalley, Whitcombe, Atkins
Creag Dubh – Rib Direct 300´ VD + 30´ VS variation
Lima 2MacLeod A, MacLeod J
Creag Dubh – Rib Direct 300´ VD,
Mirador 120´ S
 MacKay, Phillips
Creag Dubh – Tree Mee 270´ S
Creag Dubh – Rib Direct 300´VD
 Cameron, Tomkins
Creag Dubh – Attempted
Oddli HVS 4c, 5a,
Featherlight HVS 5a, 5b
Fiurella VS. 4c
Mirador S
Tongue Twister HVS 5a, retreated in rain
Lima 3Craig, Dilling, Roberts
 Glenmore Lodge, Bynack More, a´ Choinich
Lima 4Webster, Arnott, Wood, Evans
 Cairngorm, a´ Choinich, Bynack More
WopRoberts, Craig
WeatherGood, summer weather well until 3pm then autumn

Date 15 Aug 87Roybridge
Lima 1Whalley, Rodgerson, Taylor, Arnott, Horsburgh
 Carn Liath, Stob Poite Coire Ardair, Creag Meagaidh
Lima 2Tomkins, Holding
 Castle Ridge 700´ Mod
Lima 3MacKay, Beresford
 Castle Ridge 700´ Mod
Lima 4MacLeod A, Roberts, Pilling, Williams
 Ben Nevis, Carn Mor Dearg, Aonach Mor, Aonach Beag
WOPRoberts, Beresford
WeatherRain all day, low cloud
Date 16 Aug 87Roybridge
Lima 1Whalley, Tomkins, MacKay, Rodgerson, Pilling, Arnott, Beresford, Taylor
Lower 1Vertical Stretcher Lower at Polldubh
 Little Buttress, in line with Spike Direct 190´ S
BelayerBeresford (Belay was 3 trees, 3 slings + 250´rope)
Edge manMacKay
Date 16 Aug 87Roybridge – continued
Lower 2Horizontal Stretcher Lower at Polldubh
 Pandoras Buttress, In line with Flying Dutchman 200´ Sev
GuidesRodgerson, Arnott
BelayerTaylor (Belay 3 chocks + 3 slings)
AbseilMacKay, Whalley
Lima 2MacLeod, Holding
Meall na Teanga, Sron a´ Choire Ghairbh
Lima 3Carr, Williams, Horsburgh
Creag Pitridh, Geal Charn, Beinn a´ Chlachair
WeatherRain again but clear by evening

Date 19 Aug 87Trialist diary
PartyMacLeod, Horsburgh
RouteCarn Aosda, An Socach, Carn a´ Gheoidh, Cairnwell
WeatherSunny, 10 knot winds
CommentsThe new lad went well. Legs got a little tired on the broken
ground between hills. There will be more of that.

Date 22 Aug 87Cairndow
Lima 1Smith, Rodgerson, Pilling, Horsburgh, Deegan
 Traverse of Ben Arthur, Ben Narnain and
Jam Block Chimney 150´ VD on Spearhead Buttress
Lima 2Cameron, MacLeod
Recess Route 250´ VD
Punster´s Crack 160´ S
Incubator 250´ S
Telepathy Crack 80´ S
 Whitcombe, MacKay
Recess Route 250´ VD
Punster´s Crack 160´ S
Lima 3Webster, Wood, Noble
 Ben Narnain, Beinn Ime, Ben Vane
Lima 4Carr, Beresford, Taylor
 Ben Vorlich, Ben Vane, Beinn Ime
Lima 5Anderson
 Rest And Be Thankful, Lochgoilhead and back plus The Brack
Date 23 Aug 87Cairndow
Lima 1Smith, Webster, Carr, Whitcombe, MacKay, Rodgerson, Taylor, Wood,
Noble, Pilling, Beresford, Horsburgh
 Horizontal Stretcher lower down crags above RABT Beinn an
Lochain, followed by stretcher evac.
Webster IC Lower
Carr IC Evac
Lima 2Frew, MacLeod
 The Brack
Lima 3Anderson, Deegan

Date 24 Aug 87Trialist Diary
PartyMacLeod, Horsburgh, Deegan
RouteRock climb Aberdour Crag. Ganja 20m MS.  Abseil in
CommentsJust a quick introduction to basic rock climbing. Wullie Horsburgh needs
to get rid of some of his civvy techniques, did well though!
Date 25 Aug 87Trialist Diary
PartyWhalley, Horsburgh, Deegan
RouteDep Leuchars 14:30 to Dalwhinnie, Culra Lodge Ben Alder Area. Left
bothy 17:00 for 1034m Carn Dearg. Bivvied at 42/482749 1000m
Contour. Retreated to bothy at 10:30. RTU Leuchars 14:30
WeatherWind 25-30 knots, heavy rain from 02:03 onwards.
CommentsThey did well. Deegan up at 06:30 with tea! Chased him back to bed
till 09:00. Wullie´s navigation not bad. Mr. Deegan, well he´s going to
be an officer and enjoyed the whole day. Teallach never slept all night!
He did next day

Date 29 Aug 87Braemore
Lima 1Whalley, MacKay, Noble, Atkins, Arnott, Deegan
 Fain Bothy, Beinn a´ Chlaidheimh, Sgurr Ban, Mullach Coire
Mhic Fhearchair, Loch a´ Bhraoin to 20/163 Wagon
Lima 2Smith, Whitcombe
 Beinn Tarsuinn, Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair, Beinn a´ Chlaidheimh,
Fain Bothy
Lima 3Cameron, MacLeod A
 20/163761 Loch Toll an Lochain, A` Chailleach, Sgurr Breac,
Sgurr nan Each, Sgurr nan Clach Geala, Meall a´ Chrasgaidh,
Carn na Criche, Sgurr Mor, Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich,
Dirrie More. Hitched a lift back to base.
Total height 2,623m. 25,125 km. 9 hard hours
Lima 4Craig, Rodgerson, Daniels
 Drop off Glen Sguaib, Beinn Dearg, Cona´ Mheall, Meall nan
Ceapraichean, Eididh nan Clach Geala
WOPMacKay, Daniels
Date 30 Aug 87Braemore
Lima 1Whalley, MacKay, Rodgerson, Atkins, Arnott, Horsburgh
 Left wagon at 19/101852 Shenevall track to 19/081813, Sail Liath,
Beinn Gobhlach, Bidean a´ Ghlas Thuill, Glas Mheall Liath
19/101852 to wagon via jungle training at 19/112858
Lima 2Smith, MacLeod A
 Navex then Seana Bhraigh
Lima 3Cameron, Whitcombe
 Climbing Strone Nea 20/188847
Shaft Arete 420´ VD, 120´ S, 120´ VS
Lima 4Craig, Daniels
 Drop off Culnacraig, Sgurr an Fhidhleir, Ben More, Coigach, Garbh Choireachan
CookNoble, Deegan
WOPMacKay, Horsburgh
Date 31 Aug 87Braemore
Lima 1Climbing Gruinard Bay
MacLeod, HorsburghPinky and Perky.  HS 150´
Anthra Flage.  VS 15+´
Crab Crack Direct. HVS 150´
Whalley Folley. HVS 150´
MacKay, DanielsRoute No.1. VD 130´
Route No 7. VD 150´
Doddle Var Start.  VD 150´ Abseil off tree
Whitcombe, ArnottRoute No.1. VD 130´
Route No 7. VD 150´
Doddle Var Start.  VD 150´ Abseil off tree
Route No 10.  VS 110´
Cameron, AtkinsRoute Major. VS 80´
Route No 7. VD 150´ + var finish VS
Crab Crack + Var Finish.  VS 110´
WhalleyPinky and Perky.  HS 150´
Route No 7. VD 150´
Smith, NobleRoute No.1. VD 130´
Route No 7. VD 150´
Doddle Var Start.  VD 150´ Abseil off tree
Lima 2Craig, Deegan
 Stac Pollaidh
WOPMacKay, Craig

Date 4 Sep 87Killin
Lima 1Whalley, Phillips, Pilling, Pierce, Turner
 Meall Greigh (1000m) Meall Garbh (1116m), An Stuc, Ben Lawers,
Meall a’ Choire Leith (Not Whalley, Pierce) Car park
Lima 2MacLeod A, Whitcombe, MacKay, Wood
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Craig, Arnott, Beresford
 Stob Garbh, Cruach Ardrain, Beinn Tulaichean
CookSmith – Excellent
WOPMacKay, Turner
WeatherConstant rain for 4 hours. Introduced OC 22 Sqn to the MRT
It cleared up later on. Sleet fell on the tops of Ben Lawers.
Winter is near.
“It´s a lot further walking than by helicopter”.
Date 5 Sep 87Killin
Lima 1Smith, Whalley, Pierce, Beresford, Killin MRT TL + friend
 Meall nan Tarmachan Ridge, 22 Sqn lift off for all at 100´.
Excellent day after rain for first 3 hours.
Lima 2MacKay, Whitcombe, Arnott, Phillips
 Ben More, Stob Binnein
Lima 3Wood, Craig, Turner
 Ben Vorlich, Stuc a´ Chroin, Heli lift off to wagon
CookFisk, Pilling
WeatherRain, rain, rain, then the sun came out! OC 22 Sqn did well and
good PR with the Killin Team. 22 Sqn came out with the sun to
work with Britain´s only all-weather SAR unit

Date 12 Sep 87Newtonmore – Joint Cliff Exercise with Kinloss
Lima controlWhalley
Lima 1Wall to right of Oui Oui 300´.
Horizontal lower, fairly serious situation
Smith. IC
Frew. Belays
Chapman Safety
Tomkins. Guide/Abseil
Phillips. Guide/Abseil
Webster. Lower
Fisk. Patient (for once)
Wood. De-kink
Carr. Link Safety
Lima 2Craig, Noble, Beresford, Pilling, Turner, Smith S
 Assist equipment to top of crag
Lima 3Sharpe, Rintoul, Lamont
 Late due to 43 Sqn night shift
CookMacLeod A
CommentsIt had been decreed by the powers that be that Kinloss and Leuchars
carried out a cliff demonstration for VIPs at Creag Dubh, near
Kinloss carried out a vertical lower down the left wall of Oui Oui and Leuchars down the right wall.
A Sea King completed the scenario with a winch off the steep grass
of the main cliff. The exercise ended at 14:00 hrs.
The following then went on the hill
Lima 1Sharpe, Cameron
 Colder Than a Hookers Heart E5, 5c 120´
Lima 2Carr, Fisk, Pilling, Smith
WeatherWet, wind 25 – 30 knots. Smattering of snow on Ben Macdui
Date 13 Sep 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Whalley, Anderson
 Coire an t-Sneachda with Papa Kilo 1. Abort Fingers Ridge Red Gully D/II/III
Lima 2Smith, Phillips
 Cairngorm, Ben Mheadhoin; Shelter Stone, Coire Raibert, Fiachaill of Coire Cas, Car park
Lima 3Creag Dubh
Sharpe, CameronMigraine 180´ HVS 5a/4a
The Hill. 210´ E2 5b, 5a,4c
Probe. 80´ HVS 5a
Frew, TurnerMirador  120´S
Cunnilingtus. 220´VS 4c, 5a
King Bee. 150´VS 4c, 5a
Lima 4Webster, Beresford, Fisk, Wood
 Rothiemurcus, Sinclair Hut, Braeriach, Rothiemurcus
Lima 5Carr, Rintoul, MacLeod, Smith
 Geal Charn, a´ Mharconaich, Ben Vlamain
Lima 6Craig, Pilling, Noble, Lamont
 Ben Alder
CookChapman (Breakfast only) Smith S
WopRintoul, Pilling
WeatherStrong winds 40-50 knots, rain, sleet

Date 19 Sep 87RAF Leuchars Open Day
The team had a climbing wall and static display in the hangar, also MRT HQ manned in case of callout or Station Disaster Plan implemented. All the team worked “especially” hard as usual.
I/C WallFrew, Chapman, Sharpe, Cameron
ControlWhalley, Smith, Arnott, Noble
The Team managed to get away at 20:00 on Sat 19 Sep 87
Date 20 Sep 87Pitlochry
Lima 1Frew, Pilling, Wood
 Basic techniques, abseiling, fig of 8, Sticht, sit sling
Lima 2Sharpe, Atkins
 Holly Tree Groove  120´ S
Atkins. 20´ peel
Lima 3Cameron, Lamont
 Cuticle Crack 90´ VD
Terminal Buttress 50´ S
Abseil Sticht plate
Lima 4Craig, Taylor, Fisk, MacLeod J
 Self-rescue techniques and basic belaying
Lima 5Anderson
 Low level around area
IncidentInjured climber on ledge
 I/C Carr/Fisk. Taylor, pilling, Craig, Atkins, Lamont, Smith S, Arnott, MacLeod J
 Vertical lower + carry off to vehicle, lots learned. Fisky – freefall abseil
Many thanks to all troops for all your efforts during a busy weekend

Date 26 Sep 87Crianlarich
Lima 1

Big Boots Excellent Day
Rock Climbing Buachaille Etive Mor
Rodgerson, Pilling
East Face M Buttress 150´Diff
Shackle 165´ VD
Cameron, Turner
Shackle 165´ VD
Slanting Route 150´VD
Zigzag 150´Difff
Lima 2Smith, Rintoul, Cox, Smith B
 Glencoe, Lairig Eilde, Sron na Lairig, Stob Coire Sgreamhach, Bidean Nam Bian. Assist fainting civilian hillwalker. Nil Report
Lima 3Webster, Atkins, Arnott
 Beinn Dubhchraig, Ben Oss, Ben Lui, Beinn a’Chleibh, 50/229271
Lima 4Fisk, MacLeod, Williams, Noble
 Beinn Dubhchraig, Ben Oss, Ben Lui, Beinn a’Chleibh, 50/229271
Lima 5Anderson
 Lairig Eilde, Glen Etive
CookTaylor, + Assistant Cos Webster, Pilling
WeatherCold but good
Date 27 Sep 87Crianlarich
Lima 1Rodgerson, Cameron, Pilling, Noble
 Aonach Eagach E-W
Lima 2Smith, Cox, Smith S
 Ben More, Stob Binnein
Lima 3Unknown
 Reah, Lima 1
Lima 4Fisk, Taylor, Turner, Williams
 Ben More, Stob Binnein, Stob Coire an Lochain, Meall na Dige, Stob Coire an Lochain, Stob Binnein, Ben More Farm
Lima 5Anderson
 Tiered (RE)
WOPPilling, Fisk
CookRintoul (Cox Assist)
WeatherCold but good

Date 2 Oct 87Portnalong Skye 
Lima 1Whalley, MacKay, Taylor, Williams 
 Pinnacle Ridge, Sgurr nan Gillean, 120´Abseil (Diff) down tourist route 
Lima 2Smith J, MacLeod A, Cameron, Tonkin 
 Prow 380´ VS Bla Bheinn (Blaven) 
Lima 3Carr, Noble, Cox, Atkins 
 Glen Brittle, Sgurr Alasdair, Sgurr Mhic Choinnich, Glen Brittle 
Lima 4Craig, Smith A, Moran 
 Sgurr nan Eag, Sgurr Dubh Mor, TD Gap, Glen Brittle 
CookSharpe /Cox help breakfast only 
WOPTonkin, Smith S 
Date 3 Oct 87Portnalong Skye 
Lima 1Whalley, Cameron, Smith, Atkins 
 Coire Ghrunnda
White Slab 600´VD, White Slab Direct S
Lima 2MacLeod, Sharpe 
 Kilt Rock
Grey Panther 150´E1 5d
Intennationale E2 5d
Lima 3Cann, Moran 
 Coire Lagan
Cioch nose 45m VD
Cioch West 180m VD
Lima 4Craig, Cox, Noble 
 Sgurr a´ Mhadaidh, Sgurr a´ Ghreadaidh 
Lima 5Tonkin, Taylor, MacKay, Smith 
 Coire Laggan
Cioch Direct 150m S
Slab Connez 60m Diff
CookWilliams, Cox 
Date 4 Oct 87Portnalong Skye
Lima 1Whalley, MacKay, Cox, Smith, Moran, Craig
 Inaccessible Pinnacle, Sgurr Dearg. 300´ Mod
Lima 2Sharpe, MacLeod
 West Point Superchanger 380´ E3, 5b, 5a, 5c, 5a
Lima 3Cameron, Noble, Tonkin, Williams
 Cioch Direct 150m S
Cioch West 45m VD
30m Abseil, Techniques
Lima 4Carr, Atkins, Taylor
 Bla Bheinn (Blaven)
Brilliant grant Thanks CO + AOC. A brilliant decision by the Station Commander to send us to Skye for a long weekend. Well worth the 5-hour drive.

Date 10 Oct 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Chapman, Pilling, MacLeod, MacKay
 Cairn Lochan, Ben Macdui, Beinn Mheadhoin, Cairngorm
Lima 2Rintoul, Smith S, Williams
 Reciprocal of Lima 1
Lima 3Whitcombe, Rodgerson, Arnott
 Cairngorm, Loch Avon, Etchachan, Ben Macdui, Lochan Buidhe,
SH 1083, West ridge of Coire an Lochan
Lima 4Craig, Atkins, Tonkin
 Cairngorm Plateau, Navex, Ben Macdui
Lima 5Whalley + 17
 Advanced MR course. Huntly´s Cave
Vertical Lower
Horizontal Lower
Aerial Tension Lower
Gorge Lift
Lima 6Anderson
CookWood, Cox
WeatherSnow showers, cold
Date 11 Oct 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Chapman, Smith S, Arnott, MacLeod
 Heli drop Devil´s Point, Cairntoul, Angel´s Peak, Braeriach
Lima 2Smith, Wood, cox
 Heli drop Derry Cairngorm, Ben Macdui, Cairn Lochan, Cairngorm
Lima 3Rodgerson, MacKay, Whitcombe, Williams
 Geal Charn, A´Mharconaich, Ben Udlamain, Sgairneach Mhor
Lima 4Craig, Pilling, Rintoul
 Reciprocal of Lima 3
Lima 5Anderson
 Rothiemurcus road end, Cairngorm Club Footbridge, Loch an Eilein
Lima 6Whalley + 17
 Creag Dubh /Kingussie Crag
Advanced MR Techniques
Vertical Lower
Horizontal Lower
CookTonkin, Atkins

Date 17 Oct 87Ballachulish
Lima 1Whalley, Tonkin, Pilling, Williams
 Ballachulish Horseshoe, pick up by 22Sqn Heli from bealach
Lima 2Smith, MacLeod
 Aonach Eagach
Lima 3Chapman, MacKay, MacLeod A, Taylor D
 Zig zags. Gearr Aonach
Lima 4Rintoul, Webster
 Curved Ridge, Buachaille Etive Mor
Lima 5Cameron, Whitcombe, Wood, Arnott, Atkins, Pinder
 Nevisport Direct, Economy Drub??
CookLamont, terrible
WeatherMonsoon, Sleet, Wind 30 – 40 knots. Typical October
Date 18 Oct 87Ballachulish
Lima 1Whalley, Whitcombe, Smith J, MacLeod, Cameron, Atkins
 Repton Right Wall 120´ VD
Lima 2Chapman, Arnott, Tonkin, MacKay
 Aonach Eagach
Lima 3Webster, Pinder, Taylor, Rintoul
 Aonach Eagach
Lima 4Wood, Williams, Pilling, Lamont
Alt Coire Gabhail, Bidean Nam Bian, Coire Nan Lochan
WeatherMonsoon morning, clear afternoon

Date 23 Oct 87Roybridge
Lima 1Whalley, Rintoul, Pilling
 Polldubh, Pinnacle Ridge 150´VD
Repton Right Hand 60´VD
Date 24 Oct 87Roybridge
Lima 1MacLeod, Smith, Cox, Spiller, Horsburgh
 Torlundy, Ben Nevis, Carn Mor Dearg, Torlundy
Lima 2Carr, Lamont, Taylor, Arnott
 Carn Liath, Stob Poite Coire Ardair, Creag Meagaidh, Aberarder
Lima 3Sharpe, Beresford, Chapman, MacKay
 Tower Ridge 2000´III. First winter route of the year, well done boys!!
Lima 4Rintoul, Wood, Williams, Whitcombe
 Polldubh, Sgurr Choinnich Beag, Sgurr Choinnich Mor
CookPilling…  Enough said
WOPSmith (new)
WeatherSnow 2000´, freezing level 2,500´, Wind 30 – 40 knots
WhalleyMRC meeting Glenmore
Date 25 Oct 87Roybridge
Lima 1Whalley, Wood, Cox, Pilling, Taylor, Arnott, Williams, Smith
 Glen Nevis, Steall 1750´ An Garbhanach,
leave 01:00 RTU 07:15
Lima 2Rintoul, Spiller, Whitcombe, MacLeod
 Creag Meagaidh
Lima 3Carr, Lamont, Beresford
 ¾ way up Sgurr a´Bhuic – Beresford ill
Lima 4Chapman, MacKay, Tonkin, Sharpe, Smith J
 Leacach Bothy
CookHorsburgh – As bad as Pilling
WeatherWet, Wet, Wet

Date 31 Oct 87Glen Clova
Lima 1Rock climbing at Red Craig Crag
Smith, MacLeodAt Slab 60´Mod
20 Min Route 150´Mod
JJ Chimney 40´Diff
Cameron, WoodAs above, (Wood led through on 20 Min Route)
Whitcombe, CraigAs above, (Craig led through on 20 Min Route)
Sharpe, HorsburghMonster Crack 80´HS (Horsburgh led)
Gander 110´VS 4c
Red Wall 150´E1 5b
Lima 2Rintoul, Beresford, Pilling, Hodge
 Tolmount, Tom Buidhe, Mayar, Dreish
Lima 3Chapman, Atkins, Williams, Cox, Moran
 Broad Cairn, Cairn Bannoch, Carn an t-Sagairt Mhor, The Stuic, White Mounth, Cac Carn Mor, Creag an Dubh Loch
Lima 4Anderson, Teallach
 Scorrie, Mayar, Dreish. **Well done Mick**
WOPMacLeod, Cox
Date 1 Nov 87Glen Clova
Lima 1Climbing Red Craig Crag
Smith, Cameron??!?!  ½ Monster Crack!
Sharpe, WhitcombeZig Zag Direct 60´HVS 5a
Wander 110´HVS 5a
Unknown 60´HVS 5a
Whitcombe, SharpeWanderer 110´HVS 5a
Witches Tooth 60´E1 5b
Phillips, AtkinsKO Flach Corner 65´MS
Unknown 100´VD
Atkins, Phillips65´Mod
Rintoul, Williams30 Min Route 110´VD
3 J Corner 40´S
Chapman, Beresford30 min Route 110´VD
Lima 2Wood, Cox, MacLeod
 Dreish, Mayar
Lima 3Craig, Moran, Lodge
 Dreish, Mayar
Lima 4Anderson
 Recovering from Saturday´s hill day
CookHorsburgh, Pilling
WopMacLeod, Williams

Date 7 Nov 87Tweed Valley MRT Shell Training Weekend
 Whalley, Smith J, MacLeod, MacKay, Fisk, Wood, Noble, Beresford,
Atkins, Taylor, Arnott, Pilling, Williams, Cox, Clay
09:00Welcome by Jim Cochrane, Tweed Valley MRT, TL
09:10Aircraft crash search procedures (Part 1)
by Dave Whalley RAF Leuchars MRT TL
10:00Talk by Stan Yates,
Borders Regional Council Emergency Planning officer
11:00Ejector seat demonstration by Mr. R. Ewing
12:00Aircraft crash search procedures (Part 2)
by Dave Mitchell, RAF Linton-on-Ouse MRT
14:00Talk on weather for climbers and mountaineers
by Marjory Roy, Met Officer Edinburgh
15:00Talk on severe crash injuries
by Mr. Dennyson, Peel Hospital
18:30Talk on search planning
by George Bruce
19:15Talk on rescue co-ordination
by Sqn Ldr Alec Sneddon, RAF Pitreavie
20:00Briefing for team members for Sunday Exercise
Date 8 Nov 87Megget Valley
Combine Search and Rescue Exercise 1:50,000 Sheet 72 and 73.
Missing aircraft with Tweed Valley, Linton, Moffat, Borders tec.

Date 14 Nov 87Kinlochewe
Lima 1Whalley, Lodge, Beresford, MacLeod J, Williams
 Alligin car park, Mullach an Rathain, Am Fasarinen, Mullach
an Rathain.
Loads of snow, Grade I/II
Lima 2Smith, Carr, Moran, Rodgerson
 Beinn Eighe
Lima 3Chapman, Hopkins, Taylor
 Liathach E-W Grade II
Lima 4MacLeod A, MacKay, Fisk, Hartree
 Triple Buttress Beinn Eighe
Lima 5Craig, Noble, Daniels, Horsburgh
 Beinn Liath Mor, Sgurr Ruadh
WOPMacLeod J
WeatherGood, snow at 2,000, deep in places, 20 knot wind
Snow showers
 Hopkins RTU for work on Sunday
Date 15 Nov 87Kinlochewe
Called out 02:30 Sunday to Cairngorms
Lima 1Smith, Rodgerson, Atkins, Hartree
 Lochan, Cairngorm Plateau, Ben Macdui, Lairig Ghru
Lima 2Chapman, MacKay, Fisk, Williams
 Coire an Lochan, Cairngorm Plateau, March Burn,
Lairig Ghru
Lima 3Carr, Taylor, Daniels, Lodge
 Sweep search Coire an Lochan
Lima 4Craig, Horsburgh, Beresford, Moran
 Sweep search Coire an Lochan
Lima 5Cameron, Smith, Noble, Cox
 Coire na Ciste
ControlWhalley, MacLeod A
Driver/ControlMacLeod J
WeatherWind 60 knots, snow, poor conditions at beginning of day,
improving in afternoon.
CommentsAn excellent callout. Impressive turn up by the 4 troops on base,
Well done troops

Date 22 Nov 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Whalley, MacLeod, Noble, Pilling, Horsburgh, Hopkins
 Coire Car Park, Cairngorm, Fiachaille Ridge,
Coire an t-Sneachda. Basic techniques
Lima 2Smith, Wood, Cox, Atkins, Beresford, Williams
 Car Park, Cairngorm Ben Macdui, Car Park
Lima 3Sharpe, Cameron, Hartree, Rodgerson
 Coire an Lochan
Savage Slit 300´HVD
Right Hand Branch Y Gully 400´II
Lima 4Anderson, Arnott
 Glen Feshie, Carn Ban Mor, Mullach Clach a´ Bhlair
Shell SeminarFrew, MacKay
WOPMacLeod, Horsburgh
WeatherWindy, cold, winter. Wind 25 – 30 mph
Date 23 Nov 87Newtonmore
Lima 1Whalley, Smith, Piling, Horsburgh, Sefton (Visitor)
 Glen Einich, Sgurr Gaoith, Sgoran Dubh Mor
Lima 2Sharpe, Atkins, Hartree, MacLeod J
 Coire an t-Sneachda, Pygmy Ridge 300´Mod / I
Lima 3Cameron, Williams, Rodgerson, Beresford
 Coire an Lochan 190´I, Fiachaill Ridge with crampons
Lima 4Craig, Noble, Turner, wood
 Glenmore Lodge, Bynack More
Shell SeminarFrew, MacKay
CookCox, Arnott
WOPMacLeod, Hartree
WeatherWind 30-40 mph, whiteout at 3,000´, snow. Typical for November
CommentsGood weekend with some snow and ice. Work for all troops!!

Date 27 Nov 87Kingshouse –  Reunion Weekend
Lima 1Whalley, Richardson, Whittaker, Taylor
 Buachaille Etive Beag
Lima 2Frew, Atkins
 Am Bodach, Aonach Eagach
Lima 3Sharpe, Williams, Cameron, Horsburgh
 Glen Nevis, Heatwave 350´VD/S
Lima 4Hartree, Smith
 Crowberry Ridge 750´VD
Lima 5Rintoul, MacKay, Chapman, Arnott, Daniels, Pilling
 Stob Coire Nan Lochan, Bidean nam Bian
Lima 6Carr, Fisk, Cox, Lamont
 Meall nan Eun, Stob Coire nan Albannaich
CookMoran, Turner
Date 28 Nov 87Kingshouse – Reunion Weekend
Lima 1Frew, Richardson, Smith A, MacKay
 Aonach Eagach
Lima 2Fisk, Lamont, Cox, Whittaker, Billy Stick (Killin TL), Turner
 Meall a´ Bhuiridh, Lairig Gartain

Date 5 Dec 87Braemar
Lima 1Frew, Williams. MacLeod, Horsburgh
Shadow Buttress A 1000´III
Lima 2Chapman, Wood, Noble
 An Socach, Beinn Lutharn Bheag
Lima 3Fisk, Smith, Hartree, MacLeod
Raeburn´s Gully II
Lima 4Rintoul, MacKay, Taylor, Cox
 Carn Greannach, An Sgarsoch
WeatherWet and warm
Date 6 Dec 87Braemar
Lima 1Frew, Taylor, Turner, Rintoul
 Creag Leacach, Glas Maol, Meall Odhar
Lima 2Chapman, Wood, MacKay, Horsburgh
 Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Glas Maol, Creag Leacach
Lima 3MacLeod, Smith, Rodgerson
 Carn Bhac
Lima 4Webster, Noble, Cox, Williams, MacLeod
 Lochnagar, White Mounth
Lima 5Anderson
 Cairnwell, Carn Aosda
WeatherHigh winds

Date 12 Dec 87Crianlarich
Lima 1Frew, Smith A, Rodgerson, Noble
 Central Gully Ben Lui, Ice axe breaking, deadman and snow bollard,
Step cutting. Ben Oss, Ben Dubhcraig
Lima 2MacLeod, Cameron
 Beinn an Dothaidh NE Corrie
XXX Taxus Icefall Direct 800´III/IV
Lima 3Smith J, Horsburgh, Wood, Cox
 Beinn an Dothaidh, Beinn Achaladair, Beinn Mhanach,
Beinn a´ Chreachain. Crampons on ice except Horsburgh 
Lima 4Fisk, Moran, Arnott, Daniels
 Cruach Ardrain, Beinn Tulaichean, Beinn a´ Chroin, An Caisteal. Moran
aborted, swollen ankle
Date 13 Dec 87Crianlarich
Lima 1Frew, Hartree
 Summit Else ice fall 300´IV, Beinn an Dothaidh, Beinn Dorain
Lima 2Carr, Turner, Cox
 An Caisteal, Beinn a´ Chroin
Lima 3Smith J, Fisk, Cameron, Arnott
 Coire Achaladair
West Route I/II
Lima 4MacLeod, Smith A, Rodgerson, Noble
 Ben Cruachan
CookHorsburgh. Assistant I´ve got no crampons. Moron

Date 20 Dec 87Roybridge
Lima 1Whalley, Frew, MacKay, MacLeod, Williams, Atkins, Beresford, Hartree, Pilling, Smith S, Horsburgh
 Stretcher lowering Polldubh, Horizontal and Vertical. Abseil descents by all. Much practice required!!
Lima 2Smith J, Carr, Cameron, Craig
Beinn a´ Chaorainn

Date 24 Dec 87Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Whalley, Williams, MacLeod, Atkins, Smith, Turner
 Ciste Meredith, Cairngorm, Fiachaille a’ Coire Cas
Lima 2Smith J, Richford, Wood
 Meall Chuaich
Lima 3Tonkin, MacKay
 Northern Corries
Lima 4Craig, Cox, Arnott, Beresford
 Carn Ban Mor
Lima 5Cameron, Hartree, Horsburgh
 Geal Charn, a´ Mharconaich, Ben Vlamain, Sgairneach Mhor
Date 25 Dec 87Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1MacKay, Rintoul, Smith, Atkins, Wood, Pilling, Cox, Turner, MacLeod
 Canoeing Loch Morlich
Lima 2Hartree, Richford, Arnott
 Geal Charn
Lima 3Amphlett, Beresford, Williams
 Sgairneach Mhor, Beinn Udlamain
Lima 4Cameron, Horsburgh
Lima 5Craig
CookWhalley, Smith
Date 26 Dec 87Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Whalley, MacLeod, Williams, Smith, Turner, Horsburgh, Hartree,
Pilling, Cox, Atkins, Beresford, Arnott
 Rothiemurcus, Braeriach, Garbh Choire, Sinclair Hut, Rothiemurcus
Lima 2Richford, Smith, MacLeod
 Bynack Mor
Lima 3Rintoul, Wood
 Coire an t-Sneachda, Aladdin’s Couloir, Jacob´s Ladder
Lima 4Cameron, MacKay
 Repair wagon
Lima 5Craig
 Cycling (again)
Date 27 Dec 87Christmas Grant – Bothy not given
Lima 1Rintoul, Smith, Atkins, Pilling, Arnott, Turner, Hartree, Craig
 Aviemore Direct
Date 28 Dec 87  Called out at 00:30 to Ben Lui
Team departed for Crianlarich 01:45 arrived 03:45 base set up;
team slept. Depart for search area 07:30 missing walker found
safe and well.
Duty TeamWhalley, MacLeod, Beresford, Sharpe, Smith, Hartree, Rintoul, Richford,
Wood, Craig, Lamont, Cox, Tonkin, MacKay, Turner, Rodgerson, Williams, Atkins

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