Leeming Report A – 07 Oct 17 11/17

This Rep A was created in Word by Brian Canfer from an original pdf.


Report A Serial No:LEE 11/17
Date of Incident:07 Oct 17
Military Callouts: 0Total Military Persons Assisted this Year: 0
Civilian Callouts: 11Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year: 24
Nature of Incident:Injured Walker
Incident Area:OS Sheet 98, Grid 801771
Times (local):Alerted:      071130OCT17 
 Deployed:  071130OCT17 
 On Scene: 071130OCT17 
 Off Task:    071430OCT17 
Personnel on Task: 5of Current Team Strength: 22
Total Man Hours:15 
Total Vehicle Miles:C3:                  0
 Ops Vehicles:  0
 Load Carrier:   0
Other SAR Forces Involved: CRO, North Yorkshire Police


Leeming Mountain Rescue Team (LMRT) Deployed to Broadrake, North Yorkshire Dales. The team broke down in to small parties of 3 and 4 to conduct routine weekend training on Saturday 07 OCT 17. All parties aimed to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks at various speeds. Weather was extremely poor, with low visibility and persistent rain throughout the day.

One group was attempting a fast circuit of the 38km route. When transiting from Pen Y Gent to Whernside, the party came across a female on the ground and the remainder of her group of 5 males stood around her.

The female, 32 year old was lying on the ground, with a suspected broken ankle. Mechanism of injury was not established at this point and the LMRT were carrying minimal kitting due to fast nature of the day.

The injured female (CAS) had previously phoned Lancaster Police who assured the group that North Yorkshire Police would be in contact asap. After 30 minutes, the LMRT party on scene took the decision to phone and initiate the callout process with the local team, CRO. The LMRT Team Leader was also made aware and despatched another party to their location to assist with the extraction.

LMRT treated CAS, protected her from the harsh environment and eventually extracted her via stretcher to the roadside with the extra LMRT party and CRO where they were met by an Ambulance.

Of note:

The initial LMRT fast party response consisted of 3 SAC(T)s. This includes the high pressure and accountable risk held by the Party Leader. The higher level of leadership, decision making and dynamic risk assessment these young men performed, is a credit to their trade and the MRS, gaining praise from the injured group over media sources.

T Harvey

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