Kinloss Report A – 31 Dec 65

Transferred from original Valley PDF to the website by Jim Morrison


  1. NATURE OF INCIDENT. Three climbers benighted on Ben Nevis summit.
  2. Duration of Incident: Team called out 0030hrs on 31 Dec 65.
    Team returned to Base 1300 hrs on 31Dec65.
  4. TIME AND DATE TEAM LEFT STATION. 0400 hrs on 31 Dec 65.
  5. TEAM ARRIVED IN SEARCH AREA AT. 0700 hrs on 31 Dec 65.
    By Civilian and Police teams: Coire Leis
    Allt A’Mhullin
    Ben Nevis Summit
    Carn Mor Dearg Arete
    Coire Ciubhsachan
    By KMRT: Lower Allt A’Mhullin, Tourist Path, Lower Coire Eoghainn.
    Missing persons found by KMRT at 1,750’ in Coire Eoghainn – 47/NN/165698
  7. a. Duration of Search (Kinloss only – 4 hours )
    b. Time Persons Found 0920 hrs on 31 Dec 65.
  8. Type of Search Party search
  9. Weather Conditions Mist above 2,500ft. Mild and damp (but freezing at summit)
  10. Composition of Rescue Party (Nos of MR/Civilians etc)
    15 KMRT – 8 Police – 16 Lochaber and Glencoe MRTs – 3 dogs
  11. Equipment used.
    a. MT 2 x 3T trucks, 1 x Landrover RVT.
    b. Radio. Police and civilian lightweight Transceivers.
    c. Stretchers/Medical. Nil
    d. Other Special Equipment. Pyrotechnics used for recall.
  12. Sub-Units Co-operating Fort William and Glencoe Police,
  13. No of Casualties Involved Stretcher Cases – Nil
    Walking – Three (uninjured )
    Dead – Nil
  14. Missing persons evacuated by 1100 hrs on 31 Dec 65 having been taken to Glen
    Nevis Youth Hostel, Fort William.
  15. Brief Narrative. Three men: Field (28), Shaw (23) and Wareham, all of Surrey, at CIC
    Hut at 1400 hrs on 30 Dec 65, decided to climb Ben Nevis summit via the Carn Mor Dearg Arete
    and descend to Youth Hostel in Glen Nevis by 1700 hrs. Their companion, Arnold, turned back
    from CIC Hut and raised the alarm when the three men did not reach the Youth Hostel by
    Three Police and nine Lochaber MRT searched through most of the night, one party of three
    civilians turned back by avalanche conditions on the SE face of the Carn Mor Dearg Arete above
    Coire Guibhsachan.
    A KMRT party, including Kinlochleven policemen, Kenneth MacKenzie and one dog, found the three men slowly descending waterslide of Coire Eoghainn at 0920 on 31 Dec 65.
    The three (equipped with 2 duvets, Ice Axes, no rope, no spare socks, said they had a map and compass ) had reached Nevis summit before dark, tried to descend by Tourist Path but got lost and returned to summit, deciding not to try and retrace route down CMD Arete. They bivouacked in round part of Observatory ruins under the snow as they could not locate “People” shelter. At dawn they again failed to find the way down Tourist Path and went south and then west, descending south again by steep mountainside above Coire Eoghainn. They were uninjured and were taken to Glen Nevis Youth Hostel. All parties were recalled by radio and pyrotechnic signals.
  16. RCC Informed 1100 hrs on 31 Dec 65.

Signed J HINDE Chief Tech
Date: 5 Jan 66

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