Kinloss Report A 17 Nov 96 30/96


Report A Serial No : KIN/30/96
Date of Incident : 17 Nov 96
Referring to Form R:
Persons assisted:              Mil – Nil               Civ – 1
Total this year:                  Mil – Nil               Civ – NK
Nature of Incident:          Missing Swiss  climber
Incident Area:    Skye
Personnel on Task:          22 of Current Team Strength
Total Man Hours:             NK
Total vehicle Miles          
Other SAR Forces Involved:          ‘D’ Flt 202 Sqn, Skye MRT, SARDA, Coastguard helo
Narrative:  During an inspection by AOCinC STC FS Carroll plus 21 were tasked to travel to Skye for a first light search for a 23 year old Swiss man who had been reported missing. His car had been located at Fiskavaig and it was suspected that he had been missing for several days. Coastguard helicopter MU had carried out a FLIR search the previous night. Skye MRT and SARDA were searching a large area and had requested KMRT and Helo assistance for the next day.

 KMRT parties deployed to the north of the search area by foot whilst the Skye and Sarda parties were waiting to be deployed by Lossiemouth’s Sea King. 45 minutes into the search SAC Slater of Lossiemouth ATC found some alcoholic beverage which belonged to the missing man and, soon after, he spotted the man’s body at the bottom of a 300 foot cliff.

 4 KMRT were winch to the area with the Skye MRT leader to record the scene for the police and to prepare the body for helicopter recovery.

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