Kinloss MRT Callouts 1990 – 1999

This Report was created from Kinloss Report A’s and converted to MS word by Heavy Whalley.


Ser NoDateLocationIncident
472-1/9014/01/90Glencoe 41/125553Missing Hillwalker. Sgor Na h – Ulaidh Found alive in Fionn Ghleanan
473-2/9029/01/90Isle of Skye Old Man Of Storr 23/503539Missing Hill walkers found alive, fast party airlifted by R137
474-3/9026/01/90Ben A Chaorainn 34/396851Missing walker found in coire by Leuchars, he had a broken leg (calliper), very lucky man
475-4/9027/02/90Glen Etive Stob Coir an Albannaich 50/171446Fallen Hillwalker. KMRT & LMRT carried of cas from corrie. Fatal.
476-5/9027/02/90Glencoe Aonach Eagach 41/1635802 crag fast hill walkers. Team assisted Glencoe MRT -Alive.
477-6/9003/03/90Cairngorms 43/0409342 Missing Hill walkers-navigational errors ended 20 miles away from start point. Alive.
478-7/9004/03/90Cairngorms 36/991029Fallen climber in Goat track, broken arm and ankle. Alive.
479-8/9005/03/90Glencoe Stob Coire Nam Beith 41/1365542 missing climbers in North West Gully overnight found in Fionn Ghleann after snow holing. Alive.
480-9/9006/03/90-07/03/90Ben Nevis 41/155717Huge search by Lochaber, LMRT, KMRT, SARDA, Helo for a missing venture scout found after 3 days search at 1000 metres by Leuchars Team leader. Cas had severe frostbite and exposure, lowered 500ft to Rescue helicopter. Conditions extreme.
481-10/9024/03/90Kintail Sgurr Na Ciste Dubh 33/184155Fallen Hillwalker all night search, his companion taken off hill after an all night search. Teams recovered cas next day. 1 alive 1 fatal.
482-11/9012/04/90Isle of Skye Bruach Na Frithe 32/461252Injured Hillwalker, dislocated shoulder, night lower of 800 ft. Alive.
483-11/9022/04/90Ben Nevis 41/1677152 missing climbers. Two RAFMA Climbers overdue on Orion Face walked off SAW Alive.
484-12/9030/04/90 –2/05/90
Harris NF/996914RAF Shackleton crash. 10 fatal. Team fast party deployed by R137, Jet stream, Hercules, road. Team recovered casualties and worked with Board of Enquiry
485-13/9011/05/90Cairngorms 36/001014Injured climber. Climber hit by stones on the Needle Shelter stone Crag Alive.
486-14/9027/05/90Kinloss 27/084622RAF Canberra aircraft crash. 1 fatal and 1 alive. Team carried out First aid to survivor. Spinal extraction splint used -superb
487-15/9029/07/90Slioch Meal Each 19/020674Fallen Hill walker lower leg fracture. Carried out by team to R137 midges terrible.
488-16/9027/12/90Ardarmurchan 47/528703Search for a missing local 70 year old, not found body found on 5 Jan by Police.

1990 Total: 17 – Alive: 17 – Fatal: 13 – Aircraft crashes: 2


Ser NoDateLocationIncident
489-1/9107/01/91Kintail Ben Fhada 33/998179Missing Local MRT walker. Found safe.
490-2/9104/02/91PeterheadMissing 9-year-old boy. Fast party rtb as boy was found.
491-3/9108/02/91Glencoe Ballachulish Horseshoe 41/040555Missing walker. Found safe by SARDA.
492-4/9109/02/91Glencoe Stob Coire Nam Beith 41/1405497 avalanched. 1 shoulder injury, Very lucky.
493-5/9111/02/91Adverikie 42/452458Missing Hillwalker. Found safe and well after team deployed by R137.
494-6/9112/02/91An Teallach 19/064037Missing Hillwalker. Found safe and well after spending night on mountain, in high avalanche conditions.
495-7/9116/02/91Liathach Poachers Falls 25/930581KMRT Team Member fell 40ft on Poachers Fall grade 5 ice climb. Recovered to the summit with an injured ankle. R137 recovered cas to hospital.
496-8/9123-24/02/91Ben Nevis Tourist Path 41/150696The body of a fallen walker was found in Surgeons Gully. No crampons or compass.
497-9/9127-28/02/91Findhorn Valley 27/023622
Search for a missing man. Found safe and well.
498-10/9116-17/03/91Kinlochleven 41/247603Missing walker. Body found in Black water reservoir; team assisted body recovery from Loch.
499-11/9120/05/91Strathfarrar Sgurr a choire Ghlas 25/262426Fallen walker with a broken ankle. Night carry off to 202 Sqn Sea King.
500-12/9120/07/91Ben Nevis Slings by Chimney 41/1707172 fallen female climbers, one with chest injuries. Winched off by 22 Sqn Helicopter.
501-13/9128-29/07/91Loch Ness 26/538286Search for missing tourist lost on high ground above Fort Augustus.
502-14/9106/08/91Loch Ericht Dalwhinnie 42/573783Search for 11 missing children. Found at first light by 202 Sqn Helicopter.
503-15/9112/08/91Loch Ness 34/368095Search for missing female on hills north of Fort Augustus. Found safe by local forester.
504-16/9123/08/91Ben Lawers 53/602388Search for 2 missing boys. Walked off hill safely after a cold night out.
505-17/915/09/91SkyeSearch for missing Hillwalker. Walked off hill safely after a cold night out as fast party arrived by R137.
506-18/919/09/91Ben Nevis 41/151710Search for 1 missing person in 5-finger gully. Walked off hill safely after a cold night out as team arrived at Fort William.
507-19/913/10/91SkyeSearch for 1 missing person as team arrived he was found in a cow shed by Police.
508-20/9111/10/91Carn Bhac 43/052833Search for 1 missing person as team found mountain bike, he was found SAW shortly afterwards after spending night out on summit.
509-21/9128/10/91Strathfarrar 25/219317
Search for 1 missing person as fast party arrived he was found SAW shortly afterwards after spending night out on hill.
510-22/9118/11/91Affric 25/122263KMRT Team member collapsed on Affric hills evacuated by R137.
23/9122/11/91Ben Nevis 41/180713Walker from YH, caught in bad weather, made a navigational mistake fell into Coire, head injury and bruised ribs. Found by LMRT

1991 Total: 22 – Alive: 31 – Fatal: 2 – Aircraft crashes: Nil


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
511-1/9216/1/92Ben Nevis Observatory Gully 41/166716Two missing climbers found dead in Gully by 22 Sqn Wessex. Team deployed whilst on Station Exercise, team stopped on route rtb.
512-2/9219/1/92Glen Doll Broad Cairn 44/25695Night search for missing walkers a Marine and son found safe and well on road to Glen Doll
513-3/922 /3/92Beinn A Bhuird 36/096004Night search for a missing female walker found safe, despite spending night on mountain at Faindouran Lodge with very limited equipment
514-4/929 –11/3/92Glencoe Lost Valley Area Bidian Nam BianMissing walker not found after a massive search for 3 days. Found in Glen Etive area 2 months later. See 11/92 30/5/92
515-5/923- 4/3/92LochnagarMissing civil Grob aircraft, 2 pob found in Loch Muick. Massive search by several teams.
516-6/929-10/4/92Beinn Eighe 19/948614Assist Torridon MRT in a night evacuation of a fallen walker. 202 Sqn lifted CAS to Raigmore.
517-7/9211/5/92Carn Odhar 26/694255Missing civilian helicopter. The 4 crew were evacuated by Sea King helicopter
518-8/9211/5/92Carn More 19/9870692 Missing walkers located at first light, safe and well after being benighted.
519-9/9212/5/92Buckie Area 28/387598Tucano Aircraft 2 crew walked out. Team carried out crash guard.
520-10/9218/5/92Loch Mullardoch 25/140312KMRT Fast party by R137 for 2 walkers located safe after being benighted.
521-11/9230/5/92Buachaille Etive Mor Coire Tullach 41/218543Collapsed walker, suffering heat exhaustion. Evacuated by team To road then Belford Hospital.
522-12/9230/5/92Glen Etive 41/135535Missing walkers body see incident 4/92 found after 2 months.
523-13/926/6/92Loch Ba. Rannoch Moor 50/307407Missing fisherman found safe after a short search.
524-14/9220/6/92Cairngorm – Summit 36/005040Collapsed hill walker heart attack, first aid by team member- evacuated by R137, DOA.

7/7/92Isle of Skye 32/499224Search of main ridge for missing Australian, found in pub.
526-16/9210 /9/92Kinlochourn 33/931089Search for missing 26-year-old Dutch female, found uninjured and cold.
527-17/9218/8/92Pap of Glencoe 41/126576Night Search for missing walker found safe.
528-18/9220 –21/92Maol Chean Dearg 25/920520Assist Torridon for a fallen walker with head injuries and broken arm.
529-19/9222/8/92Skye- Camasunary 32/51518524 missing Belgian walkers. Turned up at Camasury, 1 Stretchered off, 6 wounded
530-20/9223/8/92-25/8/92Isle Of Jura 25/498702Missing civilian aircraft, Blackpool – Mull- 4 fatalities were located. Team recovered ac and carried out mapping and crash guard.
531-21/923/9/92Achnasheen – Bidein A’ Choire Sheasgaich 25/048412
Fast party by R137 to search for a person in remote area reported missing for several days. Found safe and well in Inverness. Team rtb.
532-22/9228/9/92Kintail 5 sister’s area 33/981161Two missing walkers RAF found safe and well after a night on the hills.
533-23/9216/10/92Loch CarronMissing persons team recalled whilst on route
534-24/9225/10/92Beinn A Chabhair 50/352180Missing walker found by 202Sqn
535-25/9227/10/92Ben Nevis 41/708147Missing Brother and sister found safe and well by 202 Sqn in 5 Finger Gully.
536-26/9222/10/92Torridon Beinn Alligin North of Sgurr Mor 19/856167Fatality found below steep ground, he was well equipped wearing crampons
537-27/9220/12/92Tom Buidhe 43/213787Missing walker found safe and well by 202 Sqn
538-28/9225/12/92Ben Nevis 41/152721Assistance given to walker who had fallen and twisted his knee, one of the Saints MRT Troops
539-29/9227/12/92Glen EtiveMissing family of 4 found safe and well. Team recalled as heading to incident.
540-30/9228/12/92Cruach Ardrain 56/409215Fallen walker with Spinal/ lower arm injuries. Casualty carried off long carry out.

Total 30 – Alive 46 – Fatalities 6 – Technical 2 – Aircraft Crashes (3 Civilian 1 Military)


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
541-1/935/1/93Glencoe – Stob Coire Nan Lochan 41/150550Fatality 2 fallen Climbers one killed, Boomerang Gully- other injured. 202 Sqn evacuated one, other recovered by Glencoe.
542-2/935/1/93Glencoe – Stob Coire Nam Beith 41/1335592 Missing climbers located uninjured, very cold after spending night on summit, evacuated by 202Sqn.
543-3/9325/1/93Glencoe – Buachaille Etive Mor 41/184544Fatality – Fallen climber died of injuries. Evacuated by team
544-4/9329/1/93Torridon – Liathach 25/937585Fatality – Walker fell into Corrie 800 ft, Night evacuation by KMRT
545-5/932/2/93Ben Nevis – Tower Ridge 41/166718Fallen Climber – Tower Ridge, team members at CIC Hut, evacuated casualty with suspected broken ankle.
546-6/936/2/93Glencoe – Buachaille Etive Mor Coire Tulaich 41/217544Fallen climber. Search for climber with broken arm. Located by Glencoe.
547-7/9312/2/93Geal Charn – Loch Ericht 42/6057852 Missing persons located safe and well, after being benighted.
548-8/9319 – 21/2/93Cairngorms – Northern Corries3 Fatalities, Family of 3 climbing left – hand branch Y gully. One found on route at belay, others in boulder field in Coire Lochan.
549-9/931/3/93Ben Nevis 41/169717Fallen Climber Hadrians Wall, hanging in inverted position. 22 Sqn Leuchars lowered him to CIC Hut and evac.
550-10/9317/3/93Mull 49/610250Missing walker found safe and well after being found on hill. Team taken to Mull by lifeboat
551-11/9324/2/93Skye Sgurr Na Gillean 32/4752538 Missing walkers found and winched by 202 Sqn from the bad step on the Western Ridge.
552-12/9328/3/93Loch Awe 50/021190Missing person, nothing found.
553-13/936/4/93Kildmorie Forest 26/459810DOE, 11 missing teenagers all turned up safe and well.
554-14/936/4/93Glen Callater Braemar 44/222799 (Crow Craggies)6 missing scouts plus leader evacuated by 202Sqn. Leader had twisted his knee.
555-15/9312/4/93Glen Rosa Arran 69/980430Exhausted walker assisted by KMRT, walked off and taken to hospital
556-16/9316/4/93Knoydart Loch Quioch 33/887009Night search taken by keeper in boat and Tracked wagon for 4 missing DOE walkers found safe and well.
557-17/9319/5/93Glencoe Buachaille Etive More- Curved Ridge area 41/224545Fatality – Missing Walker located on steep ground evacuated by 202 Sqn.
558-18/9327 /5/93Glen Loch 43/988734Aircraft Crash. 9 fatalities. Hercules crash. Team involved with Crash guard and recovery
559-19/9329/5/93Glen Nevis – Secretaries Buttress 41/149687Fallen climber Polldubh over 100 ft, back and head injuries.
560-20/932/6/93Fannichs – Loch Broom 20/178837Missing person located safe and well by DMRT, team rtb.
561-21/934/7/93Skye – Coire A Ghrunda 32/434199Collapsed walker – heart attack – 202Sqn transported to Raigmore Hospital
562-22/9314 –16/7/93Daviot Inverness 27/721395Missing person- extensive search failed to find MIP.
563-23/9322/7/93Carnmore – Letterewe 19/9577593 Elderly walkers were found safe and well on the summit of A Maighdean, airlifted by 202Sqn
564-24/9323/7/93Glen Affric – Altbeith YH 25/079201Overdue walker found safe and well after spending night in tent.
565-25/939/8/93Loch Morar 40/7899142 overdue German walkers – Found safe and well by 202 Sqn.
566-26/9321/8/93Ben Nevis Tourist Path 41/151715Team evacuated an injured walker with ankle injuries
567-27/931/10/93DalwhinnieSuspect missing aircraft – false alarm
568-28/934/12/93Kintail/Glen Affric 33/920217Massive search for a missing walker. She was found several years later murdered in the Kintail area.
569-29/9313/12/93Northern Cairngorms 36/0020431 Fatality, found on Plateau attempts made to resuscitate.
570-30/9314/ – 16/12/93Glencoe – Stob Coire Nam Beith 41/1395522 Fatalities – Pathfinders located in avalanche after several days search. Found by KMRT 18 foot – prob.

Totals: 30 – Alive 48 – Fatal 20 – Technical 3 Aircraft Military: 1


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
571-1/943/1/94Glencoe – Aonach Eag 41/154483Missing persons – located safe and well after being benighted
572-2/949/1/94Glencoe – White Corries Meall A Bhuirdh 41/251504Missing Skier – found safe and well by ski –patroller suffering from mild hypothermia.
573-3/9422-24/1/94Glean Spean – Beinn a’ Chaorainn 34/384855Missing walker – walked over cornice- massive search. The team went back on several occasions to search, located after Hamish Mc Innes brought in a technical piece of search equipment used in the Fred West murder enquiry. The Cas was located by the radar and dug out under several feet of ice in August
574-4/9413/2/94 – 16/2/94Cairngorms – Derry Cairngorm 36/012958Missing walker – found after a 3-day search in appalling weather- KMRT videoed the CAS who had mild hypothermia and frostbite. This proved a PR nightmare as the walker sold her story to a tabloid, upsetting most of Mountain Rescue and blaming the Kinloss team for the video. A big learning point in PR.
575-5/9423/2/94Ben Nevis – 5 Finger Gully 41/151709Fallen walker fatal. Recovery of fatality by joint Lochaber/ KMRT party over 40 troops. Body raised out of gully and taken down ridge very difficult and technical evacuation.
576-6/944/3/94Ben Nevis – Tourist Path 41/146715Missing Belgian walkers – found safe and well by Lochaber.
577-7/948/4/94Wester Ross – Fannichs 20/219659Missing walker turned up safe and well at Fannich Lodge.
578-8/9418/5/94Strathfarrar – Sgurr na Lapaich 25/160351Missing walker – injured ankle mild head injuries, located and carried of by team to 202 Sqn.
579-9/9420/5/94Fort Augustus 34/379093Missing person – found after overnight after search.
580-10/9421/5/94Ballater – Deeside 44/363949Search for missing person aged 73 – not found after major search by several teams. Still Missing.
581-11/942/6/92 – 4/6/94Mull Of Kintyre
Aircraft Crash Chinook – 29 fatalities, aircraft crash and body recovery by KMRT and LMRT, massive incident for team and one of the most difficult in team’s history. Fast party into incident whist aircraft was still on fire, rest of team by road.
582-12/9413/6/94Skye – Sgurr Mc Connich 32/45142105Missing walker located by team, fatality. Long carry –out to Corusik
583-13/942/7/94Reiff, Coigach 15/964144Fallen climber – IEC given by team for extensive injuries, air ambulance evacuated Cas to Raigmore.
584-14/9410/7/94Crianlarich – 50/384254RTA – IEC given to 4 members of a crash. inj serious, head, leg arm crush.
585-15/941/8/94Glencoe – Buachaille Etive Mor Crowberry Gully 41/225546Missing walker – fatality CAS located by civilian walkers.
586-16/9431/8/94Glen Morrison – Fort Augustus 34/379105Search for depressed man turned up next day.
587-17/941/9/94 – 2/9/94Killin – Glen Ogle 51/563275
Aircraft Crash 2 Fatalities – Tornado aircraft crashed on road, fast party recovered CAS mounted crash guard.
588-18/943/9/94Ben Nevis – Tourist Path 41/156714Injured Fell runner – stretchered from 4000 ft to half way Lochan, the evacuated by R137
589-19/9414/9/94Mamores – Sgurr Eilde Mor 41/230168Missing hill walker. Team reached Fort William. Walker had turned up safe and well.
590-20/9429/9/94Skye – Sgurr Na Bannadich 32/444233Missing walker fatality – found by 2 KMRT dog handlers, he had been missing for 2 weeks.
591-21/9410/10/94Torridon – Liathach 25/903959Missing walker – found safe
592-22/941/11/94Assynt – 15/227338Missing walker – navigational error found safe and well at Kylesku 16 k from start point.
593-23/9427/11/94Torridon – Liathach 25/9285742 benighted walkers found safe and well.
594-24/948 – 9/12/94Glencoe – Glen A Hullish 41/077559Helicopter crash – 2 Fatalities – team carried out crash guard.
595-25/9422/12/94Black Isle – Inverness-shire 26/635534Missing person found safe and well.

1994 Total: 25 – Alive: 18 – Fatal: 5 – Technical: 1 – Aircraft crashes (Military: 2 Civilian: 1)


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
596-1/954/1/95Meal A Chrasgaidh 20/184739Party of 7 avalanched and 2 injured. Night search
597-2/958/1/95Beinn Challum – Crainlarich 50/387318Night evacuation of heart attack victim near summit. Fatal
598-3/9521/1/95Liathach – Poachers Fall ice route 24/9295822 avalanched 1 fatality. Long carry out through night with seriously injured casualty, both on pre – Guides assessment
599-4/9527 –28/1/95Ben Nevis – Raeburns Easy Route 41/1637152 missing climber’s crag fast. Found safe and well on 2-nd day.
600-5/9511/2/95Glen Etive – White Corries – Glencoe – Creise 41/238517Fatal – missing hill walker
601-6/9513/2/95Ben Nevis – Orion Face 41/165715Fallen climber fatal
602-7/9518/2/95 –19/2/95Ben Nevis – Brenva Face 41/169713Missing climber Fatal. Found by KMRT several months later
603-8/9519/2/95Ben Nevis – Tourist Path 41/1567152 hypothermic walkers. Benighted, found and evacuated by helicopter.
604-9/9522/2/95Cairngorms -Cairn Toul 43/9629722 missing walkers found walking out safe and well.
605-10/9523/2/95Glencoe – Buachaille Etive Mhor – Coire Tulaich 41/217546Avalanche -3 missing climbers all fatalities found several months later after thaw.
606-11/952/3/95Ben Nevis Observatory Ridge 41/1677142 climbers found safe and well.
607-12/954/3/95Cairngorms – Corrie Laogh Mor 36/0120648 Climbers avalanched. 1 given IEC and stretchered off, evacuated by 202 Sqn.
608-13/956/3/95 – 8 /3/95Northern Cairngorms Cas found in Lochan after thaw. 36/9800282 missing climbers. Found 3 months later fatal, in Coire an Lochan in the Loch, avalanched. Team had epic in helicopter at Etchachan. Conditions so bad team had to walk out to Glen Derry. Avalanche Cat 5. Braemar MRT assisted with transport.
609-14/9522/3/95Tongue – N Highlands 10/590570Search for RTA victim found by 202Sqn
610-15/952/4/95Glencoe – Corrie Tulaich 41/217546Recovery of bodies see 10/95
611-16/9513/4/95Ben Nevis – Coire Leis 41/161717Recovery of body see 7/95
612-17/956/5/95Skye – Sgurr Dubh Mor 32/461206Fallen walker, broken leg technical rescue involving long carry off at night to Coruisk
613-18/957/5/95 – 8Skye – Sgurr Mhic Chonnich 32/4492122-climbers crag fast. Found 48 hrs later. 1 fatality, other very badly exposed, epic rescue. Skye MRT member made a superb effort to reach climbers. Technical VS ground on wet loose rock, with no runners, long run out, a very brave man.
614-19/9525/5/95Ben Nevis – Coire Eoghan 41/164706Missing German walker fatality.
615-20/952/7/95A9 Inverness/ Nairn 27/746489RTA – 2 Injured/ RTA Nairn I fatality 3 injured
616-21/9517/7/95Kintail – 5 Sisters Sgurr Fhuran 33/980169Fallen walker. Fatal.
617-22/9530/7/95A 832 GarveRTA 2 Injured
618-23/9531/7/95Elgol – Isle of Skye 32/523152Missing geology student – fatality
619-24/957 – 9/8/95Glen Etive – Stob Dubh 50/163482Walker missing for 4 days found alive in gully with multiple injuries.
620-25/9527/9/95Blair Athol – Beinn Dearg 43/852878Missing hill walker found safe and well
621-27/9517/10/95Toscaig Applecross NG/706376Marine on exercise suspected back injury
622-28/9515/10/95Inverpolly – CoigachMissing local found safe and well.
623-29/9530/10/95Kintail – Five Sisters 32/961200Missing Walker. Found in crags by helicopter.
624-30/951/11/95Mamores – Ring Of Steall 41/164677Missing Walker – found in safe and well.
625-31/9520/11/95Cairngorms – Sgurr Gaoith 36/911012Missing Walker – found in crags by helicopter.
626-32/9522/11/95Mamores 41/164657Soldier on Exercise – collapsed. Evacuated by helicopter

1995 Total: 32 – Alive: 46 – Fatal: 13 – Aircraft crashes: Nil Military Mountaineering Incidents: 2


Ser NoDateLocationIncident
627-01/961 Jan 96LossiemouthMissing Person depressed (1 Missing). Not found.
628-02/968 Jan 96Creag Meagaidh 34/427866Missing Climbers (2 Alive). Climbers had become lost and snow holed until daylight. Walked into search control safe and well.
629-03/9621 Jan 96Monadhliaths Mountains 35/563988Missing Person (1 Alive). Search postponed due to evidence that the person may have absconded to avoid Hotel Bill.
630-04/9612 Feb 96Aonach Dubh Glencoe 41/148561Avalanched Mountaineer (1 Fatal). Person found half-buried in avalanche debris (Fatal). Well known local Guide
631-05/9624 Feb 96Beinn Eighe (Ruadh-Stac Mor) Torridon 947616Night carry off -Injured Mountaineers (2 Alive). Climbers suffered various non-fatal injuries. Stretcher lower and carry out.
632-06/964 Mar 96CairngormsMissing Persons (2 Alive). One turned up safely and the other who was hypothermic was picked up by R137.
633-07/967 Mar 96Creag Meagaidh 34/435883Fallen Climber (1 Alive). Climber had suffered chest and back injuries and after been carried for a short distance was flown to hospital.
634-08/9616 Mar 96Glas Maol Glenshee 43/160768Avalanched KMRT Member (3 Alive). Only member was caught in the avalanche but sustained no injuries. All 3 returned safe and well.
635-09/9622 Mar 96Cuillins Skye
Missing Climber(s). Hoax call.
636-10/9630 Mar 96Huntly InverurieMissing Child (1 Alive). Child found safe and well.

637-11/964 Apr 96Creag Meagaidh 34/434879Avalanched Climbers (2 Fatal). Assisted Lochaber MRT in carrying casualties.
638-12/9624 Apr 96Ben Nevis 41/176720Missing Person (1 Fatal). Found below a small gully off Carn Mor Dearg.
639-13/968 May 96CairngormsMissing Hill walkers (6 Alive). All 6 turned up safe and well.
640-14/9612 Jun 96Scourie SunderlandMissing Fisherman (1 Alive). Assisted Assynt MRT, Fisherman spent night on the hill and turned up safe and well at control.
641-16/9612 Jul 96GolspieMissing Person (1 Missing). Person had left suicide note, searched surrounding area before being stood down.
642-17/9614 Jul 96Jetty Crag – Grunard Bay 19/961925KMRT Member Fallen Climber (1 Alive). Climber sustained numerous injuries, flown to Raigmore Hospital.
643-18/965 Aug 96Mamores Devils Ridge 41/163633Missing Walker (1 Fatal). Assisted Lochaber MRT in search. Casualty located and recovered by R137 (Fatal).
644-19/9611 Aug 96Ben Klilbreck 16/585299Missing Walker (1 Alive). Searched entire mountain. Person had been caught in a storm and his tent and rucsac had blown away. He had not got around to reporting his losses.
645-20/9615 Aug 96ContinMissing Person (1 Missing). Search for 83yr old women. Search terminated.
646-21/9626 Aug 96Culbin Forest (outside Kinloss)Missing Walkers (2 Alive). Elderly couple overdue, found later by a Police car still walking.
647-22/964 Sep 96Liathach North side Torridon 25/922576
Fallen Hill walker (1 Fatal).
648-23/968 Sep 96Ben Nevis 41/167722Overdue climbers (2 Alive). Missing pair arrived at Charles Inglis Clarke Memorial Hut safe and well shortly after search started.
649-24/9618 Sep 96Lossiemouth BeachCrashed Jaguar Aircraft. Searched coastline for wreckage. Nothing found.
650-25/9625 Sep 96Cuillin of Skye – Coire an Lochan 32/454212Fallen Hillwalker (1 Alive). Assisted Skye MRT in recovery of hillwalker. Carried approx. 1000 feet down the Coire. Flown to hospital.
651-26/969 Oct 96InchnadamphMissing Hillwalkers (6 Alive). All 6 found and returned cold but safe to local hotel.
652-27/9616 Oct 96PerthMissing Aircraft (2 Fatal). Cessna Cherokee reported missing during a flight from Edinburgh to Perth Aerodrome. Team was recalled on route to Perth, the aircraft had been found crashed into a hillside both occupants died.
653-28/9624 Oct 96Cuillin of Skye Bruach Na FritheMissing Walkers (3 Alive). Walkers overdue, shortly after search began all 3 found safe and well by R137.
654-29/9617 Nov 96Bridge of AllanMissing Person (1 Fatal). Search for a man thought to be suicidal. Soon after found dead hanging from a tree.
655-30/9621 Nov 96Fiskavaig Skye 32/332334Missing Person (1 Fatal). Man’s car located at Fiskavaig car park. Suspected missing for several days. Man found at the bottom a 300ft cliff.
656-31/9623 Nov 96Beinn Dearg Ullapool 20/259811Walker in difficulty (1 Alive). Man located around nightfall approx. 3km from his reported position, he had become disorientated in the bad visibility.
657-32/9610 Dec 96Tore, Black Isle InvernessMissing Person (1 Fatal). Casualty appeared to have suffered a fatal heart attack.
658-33/9620 Dec 96Drumbeg Mr LochinverMissing Person (1 Missing). Search for woman thought to be depressed. Search unsuccessful and terminated by Police.
659-34/9626 Dec 96Glen Nevis 41/135701Missing Hillwalker (1 Missing). Assisted Lochaber MRT. Search was unsuccessful and terminated.
660-35/9630 Dec 96CairngormMissing Snowboarders (2 Alive). Shortly after search began both turned up safe and well.

1996 Total: 34 – Fatal: 10 – Alive: 37 – Aircraft crashes: 2


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
661-01/979 Feb 97Creag Meagaidh 34/436880Fallen Climbers (8 Alive). Good weather allowed quick evacuation by R137 and R177.
662-02/972 Mar 97Creag Meagaidh 34/432471
Fallen MRT Party Leader (2 Alive). Fell over cliff but was not seriously injured.
663-03/972 Mar 97Beinn a Chaorainn 34/385855Fallen Mountaineers (2 Fatal). Had fallen over cliffs. Airlifted to hospital, both DOA.
664-04/977 Mar 97Point Five Gully Ben Nevis 41/164715Injured Climber (1 Alive). Had fallen on an ice climb and sustained leg, arm and possible spinal injuries. Lochaber MRT lowered the injured man 1500ft to foot of climb. R137 airlifted him out.
665-05/9724 Mar 97Ben Nevis 41/166722Missing Climbers (2 Alive). The 2 overdue climbers were quickly located safe and well and airlifted by R137.
666-06/9731 Mar 97MonadhliathsLost Hillwalker (1 Alive). 47yr old female separated from her walking partner. Was found by R137, cold but unhurt.
667-07/974 May 97Glen ClovaMissing Hillwalkers (2 Alive). Assist Tayside MRT in search. Both walkers found safe and well by Kinloss MRT. The 2 had become disoriented and spent the night on the mountain.
668-08/978 Jun 97Isle of RhumInjured Birdwatcher Mountaineer (1 Alive). Technical carry out of casualty with head injuries and dislocated shoulder.
669-09/9724 Jun 97AlnessMissing Person (1 Fatal). Search for suicidal female. Search unsuccessful. Person later found dead in the Cromarty Firth.
670-10/9728 Jun 97Lairig Ghru CairngormsRecover Dead Hillwalker (1 Fatal). Heart attack -Carried out from Sinclair Hut to Rothiemurchus Lodge.
671-11/9730 Jul 97Kintail 25/018257Search & Recover Suicidal Female (1 Fatal). Kinloss MRT found personal effects at top of a 50ft waterfall. Search resumed next day and dead woman’s’ body was quickly found 5km downstream.
672-12/971 Aug 97Trotternish Ridge Isle of Skye23/470554Hoax Search.
673-13/976 Sep 97Five Finger Gully Ben Nevis 41/150709Lost Hill walkers (2 Alive). Both persons found cold and frightened but uninjured. With reassurance they could be walked back up to the plateau and down to the halfway Lochan where they were transferred to R137.
674-14/9718 Sep 97KeithMissing Person (1 Fatal). Mans dead body was located by a search dog.
675-15/9729 Sep 97Ullapool 20/188847Missing Climber (1 Fatal). Soon after start of search Dundonnell MRT located the man’s dead body. Kinloss MRT assisted with stretcher lower.
676-16/9726 Oct 97Glen Muick 44/270821Missing Person (1 Missing). Search discovered a bag of clothing. Further searching revealed nothing more.
677-17/973 Nov 97Glencoe Buchaille Etive Mor 41/217546Hillwalker lower leg injury, evacuated to easy ground.
678-18/976 Dec 97Nr ForresRTA Med Rescue (3 Alive). Upon arrival ambulance staff had already provided treatment for the casualties. KMRT selected a HLS for inbound Sea King and assisted in transfer.
679-19/977 – 9 Dec 97Fort William Aonach Beag Aonach Mor 41/193718Missing Mountaineer (1 Missing). Search involved 100 personnel, 12 Dogs and 2 Helicopters. Search was unsuccessful.

1997 Total: 19 – Alive: 22 – Fatal: 7 – Missing: 2 – Military: 2 – Technical: 3


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
680-1/987 Jan 98Ben Macdui 36/989007Missing Walker (1 Alive). Man was found 1km N of Summit. He had spent the night in a survival bag and was able to walk off.
681-2/9825 Jan 98Coire Nam Beith Glencoe 41/136550Fallen Climber (1 Alive). Man had fallen 500ft without a helmet and suffered leg and arm injuries. Casualty was placed in a Stokes Litter and lifted from the gully to R137.
682-3/9829 Jan 98Lochaber- Ben Nevis 41/156412Search (1 Fatal). Fell runner Aviemore – Fortwilliam Casualty had made an error navigating and slipped on ice. His body was located and recovered by the helicopter crew in 5 Finger gully.
683-4/987 Mar 98Cairngorms 36/982021Overdue Climbers (5 Alive). All 5 were found safe and well having made a navigation error and spent a night on the hill.
684-5/9825 Apr 98Loch Carron-Bidean A Choire Sheasgaich 25/049412Overdue Walkers (2 Alive). Shortly after commencement of search, they were located and extracted by Helo MU.
685-6/9830 Apr 98ElginMissing Person (1 Missing). Search in conjunction with Police. KMRT stood down, search continued using local volunteers.
686-7/983 May 98Cairngorm 36/981038Missing Person (1 Alive). Missing person thought to be drunk. Casualty located and uplifted to hospital.
687-8/9814 May 98Fannichs N-Sgurr Mor 20/205719Overdue Hillwalker (1 Fatal). Person failed to meet friends, during an extensive search was found dead below steep ground.
688-9/9820 May 98KintailOverdue Hillwalker (1 Fatal). Despite been an experienced walker he had apparently fallen down steep ground on the Corbett, Sgumain Coinntich.
689-10/983 Sep 98SutherlandMissing Stalker (1 Alive). Had been missing for 20hrs in bad weather. Was found by a fellow stalker 20 km from his start location, cold but otherwise OK.
690-11/9820 Sep 98Assynt 15/312201Missing Mountaineer (1 Fatal). 62-Year-old woman failed to return from a walk. She was found dead as a result of a fall near the summit of Ben More Assynt.
691-12/982 Dec 98Cairngorms 36/018031Missing Walker (1 Alive). Located by R137 walking toward Loch Avon.
692-13/9829 Dec 98Aonach Mor Lochaber 41/192746Avalanched Climbers (4 Fatal, 3 Alive). Team supplied comms at Commando Memorial for teams.

1998 Total: 13 – Alive: 15 – Fatal: 8 – Missing: 1 – Military: 1 – Technical: 1.


Serial NosDateLocationIncident
693-1/993 Jan 99Loch TummelInjured Walker (1 Alive). Casualty was found and had sustained head injuries and was complaining of back pain. With assistance of paramedics and R137 crewman, KMRT splinted and loaded the casualty in a stretcher and moved him to a secure location for evacuation.
694-2/9911 Jan 99DundonnellOverdue Climbers (2 Alive). Soon after search commenced the Police notified R137 that the overdue climbers’ car had gone from the car park.
695-3/9915 Jan 99Glen Shee – Glas Moal plateau 43/166766Overdue Walker (1 Missing). After an arduous 4 days the search proved unfruitful. Search in some of the wildest weather for years. Parties rope up on plateau due to wind. Troops lowered over cornices to search.
696-4/996 Feb 99LochaberOverdue Walker (1 Alive). Early into search person was found safe and well by Lochaber MRT.
697-5/998 Feb 99CairngormMissing Climbers (2 Alive). After days searching the missing climbers contacted the local Police safe and well, they walked out to Fords Of Avon.
698-6/9915 Feb 99Creag MeagaidhMissing Walkers (5 Alive). All 5 were located safe and well having spent the night sleeping in a bog.
699-7/9916 Feb 99CairngormMissing Climbers (4 Alive). 3 of the casualties were found safe and well the 1 remaining was deeply hypothermic and was evacuated by stretcher.
700-8/9917 Feb 99Dalwhinnie 42/628792Missing Walker (1 Fatal). Located by Cairngorm MRT buried under a few inches of snow with no vital signs and later pronounced dead.
701-9/9921 Feb 99GlensheeSAR Trail (2 Alive). Provide SAR trail for R131 that was attempting to reach injured climbers. Casualties uplifted.
702-10/9921 Feb 99Glencoe Buachaille Etive More 41/233545Avalanche Victims (4 Alive). All 4 found safe and well.
703-11/9921 Feb 99HelmsdaleMissing Person (1 Alive). 2 Kinloss parties searched the high ground, whilst R137 searched along the roads. Shortly after the Police were informed that the girl was safe and well in Lancashire.
704-12/992 Mar 99Ben NevisMissing Climbers (3 Alive). Shortly after search commenced R137 located all 3 10 minutes from the car park safe and well.
705-13/993 Mar 99Cairngorms – Goat Track 36/991029Missing Walkers (5 Alive Military TA). Cairngorm MRT located all 5, one of which required stretcher evacuation, remaining 4 walked out.
706-14/9913 Mar 99Ben Nevis Point 5 Two team members had just completed route 30 mins before avalanche. 41/166714Avalanched Climbers (1 Alive, 1 Fatal). The female had sustained multiple injuries and was lowered 500ft to an accessible position for helicopter evacuation. Her male partner suffered fatal injuries.
707-15/9922 Mar 99Rannoch MoorMissing Walker (1 Alive). Shortly after search commenced, the gentleman was reported to have walked off the hill safe and well.
708-16/9921 Apr 99Ben NevisMissing Climbers (2 Alive). Whilst team en route the 2 climbers were located by 202 Lossiemouth and were evacuated to hospital.
709-17/995 May 99Liathach 25/925575 Torridon Am Fasarien PinnaclesR137 Took fast party to a fallen Walker (1 Alive). The casualty had suffered lacerations to scalp and a fractured femur. Casualty was transferred to a Stokes Litter and made safe to await evacuation.
710-18/9919 Jun 99TorridonMissing Walker (1 Alive). Assisted Police, Torridon MRT and R137 in the search for a 40-year-old American woman. Casualty located by R137 cold but uninjured.
711-19/991 Jul 99Ben More Assynt 15/309200Missing Mountaineer (1 Alive). Shortly after start of search a member of the public reported seeing the person on the main road, Police confirmed this as the missing person.
712-20/998 Jul 99Torridon – local area 25/903559Missing Walker (1 Missing). The search was unsuccessful and the person is still missing.
713-21/9917 Jul 99Sligachan SkyeMissing Person (1 Alive). Called out to search for a 12yr old boy shortly after arrival boy was located.
714-22/9919 Jul 99Beinn A Bhuird 36/091087Missing Walker (1 Alive). Whilst enroute the lady was located safe and well.
715-23/9926 Jul 99Conival Inchnadamph 15/302199Missing Walker (1 Alive). Woman located by R137 20 minutes after arrival.
716-24/9912 Aug 99Lairig Ghru 36/958037Missing Walkers (2 Alive, 1 military). Soldier and his father found safe and well.
717-25/9915 Aug 99Ben Vrackie 43/950632Injured Walker (1 Alive). R177 winched casualty aboard and evacuated to hospital.
718-26/9927 –30 Aug 99Five Sisters Kintail 33/974177Missing Walker (1 Missing). Extensive search nothing found. Cas found several years later in gully on Causeway side of hills.
719-27/996 Sep 99Liathach Torridon 25/916575Injured Walker (1 Alive military). Casualty located and stabilised until a first light evacuation could be organised.
720-28/996 Sep 99Ben NevisMissing Climbers (3 Alive). Shortly after departure, the climbers were located safe and well by Lochaber MRT.
721-29/9925 Sep 99Liathach 25/903959Missing Walkers (2 Alive). Shortly after departure, the coastguard helicopter and located the 2 men.
722-30/9928 Sep 99Five Sisters Kintail Sgurr nan Coire DubhMissing Walker (1 Fatal). Located after a local crofter reported seeing a possible casualty. The casualty was winched and evacuated to Kintail.
723-31/9930 Sep 99Western CairngormsMissing Walker (1 Alive). Found 10 minutes into search, casualty had suffered a broken ankle.
724-32/9930 Sep 993 kms from StirlingMissing Walker (1 Missing). An extensive search recovered nothing.
725-33/9911-12 Oct 99Kintail – South ClunnieMissing Walker (1 Alive). Casualty located by Lima 2. Casualty was comfortable inside a sleeping bag, conscious with facial and lower leg injuries. R138 uplifted casualty to hospital. Cas was missing since 7 Oct
726-34/995 Nov 99CairngormsNight search Missing Walkers (2 Alive). Both were located and evacuated by stretcher to below cloud base to allow rescue helicopter to transport them to hospital.
727-35/996 Dec 99Trotternish Ridge SkyeMissing Person (1 Alive). After an extensive search, the family of the person phoned to say that he had woken up in his loft having taken a large number of tablets the previous day.
728-36/9920 Dec 99Cullen Nr KinlossMissing Person (1 Alive). Search for a missing male with learning difficulties. Shortly after departure he was located safe and well.
729-37/9922 Dec 99Cairngorms- Braeriach 36/959001Missing Walkers (2 Alive). Located safe and well then escorted to a safe location of helicopter evacuation. Gave the wrong grid ref MacDui, very lucky weather wild.
730-38/9928 Dec 99Creag Meagaidh 34/449878Injured Skier (1 Alive). R137 evacuated casualty to hospital.
731-39/9929 Dec 99Northern Corries Fiachuill Ridge 36/987031Fallen Climber (1 Alive). Casualty had sustained a broken ankle. Casualty was lowered 600ft for R137 to winch.

1999 Total: 39 – Alive: 59 – Fatal: 3 – Missing: 4 – Military: 7 – Tech: 5

Total Callouts 1990 -1999 = 260

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