Harpur Hill Report A – 23 Dec 58

This Rep A has been ‘created’ from an entry in the Team diary. Digitized by Brian Canfer Feb 2023


Date. 23 DEC 1958                                                                         Team. HARPUR HILL

Nature of Incident           Boy trapped in pothole fissure.
Time MRT Alerted            1735     
Authority Alerting            Water Board
Time Team Left                1800
Time Team arrives in search area              2020
Area searched                   N/A
Duration of Search           N/A
Type of Search   Party      N/A
9.            Weather Conditions        Hill Fog
Composition of Rescue party       1 SNCO and 14 airmen
Equipment used:-
(a) M.T. NK
(b) No. of R/T Sets           0
(c) No. and type of Stretchers      NK
(d) Medical Stores           Nil
(e )         Any other special equipment      
Sub-Units co-operating:
Map Reference of crash located N/A
Time body etc located    N/A
No. of casualties involved             1
No. rescued alive             1
Time by which casualties evacuated         1940
Brief narrative: – 1735 hours phone call from Mr Davenport, Greenfield house, water board official. Request for help in rescuing an injured boy trapped in a natural rock fissure approximately 100 feet down at map reference 102/013053. The police already arriving do not possess the necessary equipment. 1736 hours 18 Group RCC agreed to let team move off at Sgt Steed’s request. Orderly Officer, Flt Lt Mills informed. Team alerted.

 1800 hours Sergeant Steed and 14 team members left HH for base at Greenfield map reference 102/020046 Telephone number Saddleworth 75. Sand Rover.  2020 hours team arrived Greenfield having taken one hour longer than usual due to very thick fog en route. A telephone call from Mottram from police station at 1930 hours to Uppermill police station confirmed the report but the boy was still trapped. Mr Davenport had himself been lowered down the fissure by police on a very ancient hemp rope and brought the boy to the surface of 1940 hours.  2105 hours Team left Greenfield arrived Harpur Hill 2323 hours.
Remarks NCO I/C:
 Two boys one age 14 and the other 15 had been potholing with the proper equipment. One boy had slipped near the bottom of a fissure & was then unable to climb out having twisted his ankle. The other boy ran to the road, stopped a lorry and was driven to Greenfield police station. The police telephoned Mr Davenport asking him if he had any rescue equipment. He had not, so telephoned Harpur Hill knowing that we possess Neil Robertson stretchers and suitable ropes. Anyway, Mr D did very well in doing the job himself (an ex RAF man incidentally!)
Signed Jim Steed

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