Grossglockner 1981 – John Thompson

We (Myself, Jimmy Cummings, Lofty, Mick Appleyard) camped in a small village called Heiligenblut and due to very poor weather only managed to go out for two days, going to Franz-Josefs-Hoehe. A few clicks away we were met by local Police ski rescue team members who advised us to return to the village as seven climbers, all British, had been killed in the past two days on the Grossglockner, and six Germans on the ice field. We did return to the village, but only after being avalanched a few times and many narrow escapes from huge falling rocks. We then spent the rest of our time in our tents drinking wine and having to move our tents due to purple snow and grass!! Jimmy Cummings had a J4 van which we drove from Leuchars direct which took almost 22 hours. Lofty wanted to take on the French Police when they did a “Hard stop” on us with guns and a Helicopter, they asked who we were and what we were doing, Lofty’s reply from under his sleeping bag was “**ss off were SAS”, and promptly threw up. We showed our Passports had the vehicle searched with the exception of Lofty and were allowed to proceed. We returned via Luxembourg eating and drinking our way home.

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  1. Wow, you got lucky, purple snow indicates the correct treatment medication. I believe Ian Jones got Avd on DAL’4 but not sure of the post event medication…….greetings, Ian! Richard.

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