Geoff Abbot, Valley, Leeming – RIP

Geoff Abbott

It is with great sadness we have to announce the passing of another Troop, Geoff Abbott. Geoff’s passed away on the 14th of June after a long illness. Geoff served with the Leeming and Valley teams, unfortunately, we have no record of the years he served.

The following is an extract from a FaceBook posting by Mick Womersley: –

July 6 at 9:21 PM  · Troops, it looks as though ex-Valley and Leeming troop Geoff Abbott has died. One of his pals has posted this to his FB wall. This is expected, because he was on palliative care for leukemia and bone marrow cancer. On June 14th he told a bunch of us through FB message that he was being sent home on pallaitive care. He had been very ill for a long time, but also very brave about facing it. I’ll try to find out what I can about funeral and other arrangements.

Mick Womersley Author
OK. More details. Geoff died on Father’s Day. He didn’t want any announcement on FB, which is why a lot of us didn’t hear until another mate posted on his wall today. His funeral, a celebration of life rather than a religious commemoration, is this Friday (9/7/2021) at St Asaphs, Denbighshire, in the late morning. I’ll confirm the exact time later. Address is the Glascoed Rd, Saint Asaph LL17 0LG, United Kingdom. There’s a wake at Meliden Golf Club after the funeral (at 1pm).

Mick Womersley Author
OK. The service is at 1pm UK time and the wake after the service. There will be a video link that I’ll send out, if everything works, just before.

Our condolences go out to his Family.


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