Cenotaph Remembrance Parade 2019

Chris  Shoorocks is currently waiting to hear if we can stay at RAF Halton again, hopefully, we will know next week, however, he needs to know if you intend to participate in the Cenotaph Remembrance Parade this year, as the RBL deadline for accreditation is MID-August so an early reply, regrets or otherwise would be appreciated.

The accreditation check this year now requires the following additional information:

  1. Your Service number.
  2. Details of your service.
  3. Approximate dates of Service.

Please forward your  details directly to Chris at chrisshorrocks@btinternet.com

Car details for RAF Halton passes will be requested later assuming we are granted permission to stay, if not the alternative would be to assemble on Horse Guards Parade as the other Associations do. I look forward to hearing from you asap.

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