CAS Hong Kong, Refresher Course – 1992 – Al Sylvester

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Ref. : CAS F55/92/K
Civil Aid Services
Mountain Rescue Unit (l4RU) Refresher Course
No. F55/92lK 9-14 November 1992 (6 days)
Course information

To provide CAS Mountain Rescue Unit (HRU) officers and members with :-
(a) updated knowledge and techniques in mountain craft, rescue, navigation and mountain first aid
(b) a range of practical skills in rock climbing (advanced level)
(c) knowledge in mountain SaR operation organisation, co-ordination, command and control
(d) helicopter ‘single lift’ winching and roping skills
(e) practical application of TROLT equipment for cliff rescue
(f) route setting (advanced level) for Sport Climbing (artificial climbing wall)

CAS MRU serving officers and members.

As per Appendices enclosed.

Chinese (Cantonese) to be supplemented by technical terms in English. English sessions are to be translated into Chinese to facilitate thorough understanding of the instructions.

Lectures/discussions, group practices and exercises will be conducted throughout the Course


6 Days            Part 1 : 4 consecutive days of 8 – 10 hours each
                       Part 2 : 2 consecutive days of 8 – 10 hours each

7 Class 30-40 trainees

                     (a) CAS Kowloon Training Centre
                     (b) CAS Tai Tan Camp, Sai Kung
                     (c) CAS MRU Sub–unit HQ, Lantao Island

October 1992

Appendix ‘A’

Civil Aid Services
Mountain Rescue Unit (MRU) Refresher Course
No. F55/92/K    9-14 November 1992 (6 Days)

Course Contents

1. Mountain Navigation

(a) Estimating time
(b) Estimating paces
(c) Navigation in bad weather and at niqht.

2. Mountain First Aid

(a) Common mountain injuries in Hong Kong

          – — Heat stroke
              – Shock
              – Fracture cases (usually fracture of limbs)

(b) First aid treatment rendered over rock face/steep slopes
                 – Bandaging for wounds and fracture cases

3. Rock Climbing

(a) various belaying methods including direct, indirect belaying and chockcraft

(b) Self rescue method

4. Mountain Search and Rescue Operation

(a) Organization./co-ordination

(b) Field command and control

(c) Search techniques

5. Cliff Rescue

(a) Lowering and lifting ‘TROLL’ Stretcher

(b) Application of ‘TROLL’ Rescue Sling

(c) Application of ‘ALLP’ Descender

7. Sport Climbing

(a) Route Setting for training/competition

Appendix ‘B

Civil Aid Services
Mountain Rescue Unit (MRU) Refresher Course
No. F55/92/K    9-14 November 1992 (6 Days)


Date and SessionSubjectAction
Day 1 (Mon 9.11.92) 
a.m. (I)Assembly of Course Members at CAS Kowloon Training Centre (KTC)SMRO1
0pening AddressPTO(A) /MRUC
Course AdministrationSMRO2
Course Photo Taking
Collection of Stores
a.m. (II) & p.m.Group Traininq (1)
Group 1
Rock Climbing Practice at Pak Tarn Cragr, Sai Kung, New TerritoriesRAF MR Instructors
Demonstration of Rock Climbing Techniques
Rock Climbing Practice
 Group 2 
 Advanced Sport Climbing Training (Route Setting) at KTC Sport Climbing WallRAF MR Instructors
EveningTrek Camp at CAS Tai Tan Campsite, Sai KungMRO1
 Day 2 (Tue 10.11.92) 
a.m. (I)Morning ExerciseMRO2
a.m. (II) & p.m.Group Traininq (II) 
 (1) Cliff Rescue Techniques at Carol Crag, Kowloon Peak ‘
TROLL’ Stretcher lowering techniques
Application of ‘Allp’ Descender
Application of ‘TROLL’ Rescue Sling
RAF MR Instructors
 (2) First Aid Treatment to Common Mountain injuries (II)RAF MR Instructors
EveningTrek Camp at CAS Tai Tan Campsite. Sai KunMRO4
 Day 3 (Wed 11.11.92) 
a.m. (I)Morning ExerciseMRO3
a.m. (II) & p.m.(1) CLiff Rescue Techniques at Tai Tau Chau, Shek 0 Headland – ‘TROLL’ Stretch Lifting by Pul1ey System -‘TROLL’ Rescue Sling Lifting – – Gorge CrossingRAF MR Instructors
 (2) First Aid Treatment to Common Mountain Injuries (II)RAF MR Instructors
EveningTrek Camp at CAS Tai Tan Campsite. Sai KungMRO4
 Day 4 (Thu 12.11.92) 
a.m. (I)Morning ExerciseMRO1
a.m. (II) and p.m. (I)Helicopter Drill
– ‘Single Lift’ v Winching 
– Roping
p.m.  (II)Return Journey to CAS KTC Debriefing (part I)
Day 5 (Fri 13.11.92)
Mountain Navigation practice (Including R/T Communication Exercise) Study on Night Navigation Techniques (Including Equipment to be Used) and Navigation in Bad WeatherPTT, RAF,
Sek Kong   SMROs
EveningNight Navigation Exercise on Lantao Island  
Overnight Stay at the CAS MRU Mui Wo Sub-unit HQ
RAF MR Instructors
 Day 6 (Sat 14.11.92) 
a.m.Group Training (III) 
 (1) Senior Group Study on Organization, Co-ordination, Field Command and Control of Mountain SaR . Operations Study on Search TechniquesRAF MR Instructors
p.m.Return from Lantao Island Course Evaluation DismissalMRO1 MRUC



Supervising Officers


Mr S N CHENG, Principal Training Officer, CAS

Mr Edward Y S Au, Senior Training Officer (Tactical Force), CAS

Mr C K Fong, MRU Commander CAS

RAF MR Instructors, UK
Sgt Phil Bond, PTI, RAF Sek Kong

Ref. : CAS A3/05/16 (II)

Visit Programme for
RAF Mountain Rescue Instructors
4-16 November 1992

DateTimeEventTransport ProvisionCo-ordinating officer
4.11.92 (Wed)1800 hrs.Arrival of WO Alistair Haveron,
Chief Instructor, MRS at HK International Airport
Accommodation in Sek Konq, RAF
 STO(TF), PTI RAF and HRU Officers
5.11.92 (Thu) WO Alistair Haveron meets OC 28 (AC) Sqn and PTIRAFPTI, RAF
6.11.92 (Fri)1800 hrs.Arrival of Sqn Ldr BiIl Gault, 0C Rescue Co-ordination Centre, Edinburgh
Flt Sgt Tony Emsley, Team Ldr Valley MRT
C/T Peter Kay, Team Ldr, St. Athan MRT at HK International airport. Accommodation in HMS Tamar (together with W0 Alistair Haveron)
RAF and CASPTO(A), STO(TF), PTI RAF, MRUC and MRU 0fficers
7 .11 .92 (Sat)0830 hrs.Departure of lst Instructor Group from HMS Tamar for CAS Kowloon. Training CentreCASSTO (TF)
 0900 hrs.Visit MRU Base at CIS Kowloon Training CentreCASSTO (TF)
 1100 hrs.Meet Chief Staff Officer and Staff 0ffiicer, CAS at CAS HQCASSTO (TF)
 1230 hrs.Lunch with CAS Senior 0fficers   PM Free Time STO (TF)
8.11.92 (Sun) Free Time  
9.11.92 (Mon)0830 hrs.Depart HMS Tamar for CAS Kowloon Training CentreCASSTO (TF)
9 – 12. 11.9209 0900 – 12 1700 hrs.HRU Refresher Course Part I (Base at CAS Tai Tan Camp)CASMRUC
11 .11 .92 (Wed)1800 hrs.Arrival of, Flt Sgt Kim Ash, Team Ldr Kinloss MRT
 Sgt Brian Webster, Team Ldr Leeming MRT
Sgt Brian Carr, Team Ldr Leuchars MRT
Sgt Al Sylvester, Team Ldr Stafford MRT Accommodation HMS Tamar
13.11.92 Fri)0830 hrs.Departure of 2nd instructors Group from HHS Tamar for CAS Kowloon Training CentreCASSTO (TF)
13-14.11.92 (Fri-Sat )13 0900 – 14 1700 hrsMRU Refresher Course Part II at Plover Cove and Course DebriefCASSTO (TF), MRUC
15 11 92 (Sun) Free Time  
16 11 92 (Mon)
2203 hrs
AM – Free Time
PM – Departure for London
FAF and CASPTO(A), ST0 (TF), MRUC, PTI RAF and MRU 0fficers

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