Valley Report A – 24 Oct 14 25/14

This Report resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to PDF in 2021. It was then converted to MS word by Terry Tomlinson.

Mountain Rescue Service
RAF Valley

Report A Serial No:                     VAL/25/14
Date of Incident:                          24 Oct 14
Referring to Form R:                    Incident No: 70626
Military Callouts:  6                      Total Military Persons Assisted this Year: 2
Civilian Callouts:  19                     Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year: 23
Nature of Incident:                       Rescue
Incident Area:                             Snowdon
Times:                    Alerted:                   02 0521 Nov 14
                              Deployed:               02 0500 Nov 14 
                                On Scene:               02 0515 Nov 14
                                Off Task:                 02 0943 Nov 14 

Personnel on Task:  16                of Current Team Strength: 26
Total Manhours:       68
Total Vehicle Miles:  16                C3:  NA
                                                  Ops Vehicle:   16
                                                  Load Carrier:  NA

Other SAR Forces Involved: Llanberis MRT, R122

Cross refer to IEC Report:  Nil
Cross refer to media report:
RAF Valley MRT was tasked by the ARCC to assist Llanberis MRT with the rescue of 4 cragfast climbers on Parson’s Nose on Crib Goch. Llanberis MRT team leader had established mobile phone comms and had SARLOC’d the position of the party. Due to dangerous weather conditions and given that the group was in a sheltered position with sufficient equipment to stay out overnight the decision was made to postpone deploying rescue troops until first light. RAF Valley MRT deployed to Peris base at 0500. Cpl Wood joined a team of 2 Llanberis MRT who climbed the route whilst the remainder of the team were split into parties to approach from above and below. Cpl Wood and the party reached the group’s ledge at the same time as a party of Llanberis MRT reached them from above. Concurrently R122 successfully winched the party on board. RAF Valley MRT stood down and returned to FOB in Llanberis to resume weekend training.

(Original signed)
A Johnson

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