Valley Report A – 16 Feb 16 03/16

This document resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021. It was then converted to MS Word by Val Tenanty

Mountain Rescue Service
Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3LY
DFTS:      95581 7567
DFTS: Fax 95581 7529
RAF Mail:
Our Reference:                              MRTVAL/3/1/OPS
Date:                                       18 Feb 16
Report A Serial No:                          VAL/03/16
Date of incident:                      16 Feb 16
Referring to Form R:                         229
           Incident No.                     77264
Military Callouts:                          0
Total Military Persons Assisted this Year:    0
Civilian Callouts:                          3
Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:    5
Nature of incident:                          2 Lost Walkers
Area:                                       Glyder Fach
Alerted:                                    161600JAN16
Deployed:                                   161620JAN16
On Scene:                                   161710JAN16
Off Task:                                   162330JAN16
Personnel on Task:                          11 of Current Team Strength: 20
Total Man Hours:                       82.5
Total Vehicle Miles:                         320
           C3:                     60
           Ops Vehicles: 1       180
           Load Carrier:           60
Other SAR Forces involved:                   Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue                                             Organisation, Rescue, Coast Guard                                       R936.
Cross refer to IEC Report:                   N/A
RAF Valley MRT (A21) was tasked by the ARCC to assist Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation (OVMRO) with the search for two lost walkers in the Glyders, North Wales. A21 deployed from RAF Valley to OVMRO base by road, upon arrival all personnel from OVMRO were engaged on a concurrent operation to rescue an injured male walker in the area of Ffynnon Llugwy Reservoir, this left A21 solely responsible for the SAR of the missing walkers in the Glyders. Mobile phone communications were quickly established with the lost walkers, who explained that they had been using a mobile phone application as their sole navigational aid, and that the battery had since died. Once the cloud base had dropped, reducing visibility, they became lost. They reported that their location was somewhere near a cliff on the Summit of Glyder Fach. They were dressed appropriately for the conditions and were taking refuge in a group shelter but were very cold. R936 was already in the area searching for the missing walker near Ffynnon Llugwy Reservoir, and although low on fuel, offered to transport A21 troops as high as possible onto Glyder Fach. Due to extremely high winds (80 Mph +) R936 was forced to winch 6 A2l troops onto the South side of Glyder Fach, a renowned communications black-spot and further away from the casualties than the original start point, equipped with search lights and warm clothing. Once on the ground, making difficult progress in high winds and rain, the troops made their way to the summit of Glyder Fach. Once the troops were on the summit, communications were re-established with OVMRO base, who then contacted the casualties, telling them to start whistling as loud as they could. After approximately 30 minutes, the casualties were located some 400m East of the summit of Glyder Fach and only 10m away from the descent path. They were mildly hypothermic but safe and well. A21 troops subsequently escorted the casualties down Cwm Tryfan and into OVMRO base for a debriefing. Once a debriefing was complete, A21 stood-down and RTB
(Original signed)
A Johnson

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