Valley Report A – 06 Oct 15 23/15

This document resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021. It was then converted to MS Word by Val Tenanty

Mountain Rescue Service

Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3LY
DFTS:      95581 7567
DFTS: Fax 95581 7529
RAF Mail:
Our Reference:                              MRTVAL/3/1/OPS
Date:                                       07 Oct 15
Report A Serial No:                         VAL/23/15
Date of Incident:                      06 Oct 15
Referring to Form R:                         2056
           Incident No.                     75675
Military Callouts:                          3
Total Military Persons Assisted this Year:    1
Civilian Callouts:                          22
Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:    26
Nature of incident:                          Disorientated Fell runner
Incident Area:                              Y’Garn, Snowdonia.
Alerted:                                    062200OCT15
Deployed:                                   062240OCT15
On Scene:                                   062330OCT15
Off Task:                                   070140OCT15
Personnel on Task:                          11 of Current Team Strength: 26
Total Man Hours:                       44
Total Vehicle Miles:                         290
           C3:                   58
           Ops Vehicles: 1       174
           Load Carrier:          58
Other SAR Forces involved:                   Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue                                             Organisation (OVMRO)
Cross refer to IEC Report:                   N/A
RAF Valley MRT (A21) was tasked by the ARCC to assist OVMRO with the search and rescue of two disorientated fell runners on Y’Garn, Snowdonia. A21 deployed from RAF Valley to RV at OVMRO base. Upon arrival, a OVMRO fast party was at the casualties position. It was reported that they were wearing light weight running clothing and were subsequently suffering from hypothermia. OVMRO troops used spare clothing to re-warm the casualties. Once the casualties were able to, they were walked down the NE ridge of Y’Garn. Concurrently, A2l troops prepared for deployment as a stretcher team if the casualties were unable to continue. Once it was confirmed that the casualties would be able to walk without further assistance, A21 stood down and RTB.
(Original signed)
A Johnson

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