Valley Report A – 05 Sep 15 20/15

This document resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to pdf in 2021. It was then converted to MS Word by Val Tenanty

Mountain Rescue Service

Team Leader
RAF Valley
LL65 3LY
DFTS:      95581 7567
DFTS: Fax 95581 7529
RAF Mail:
Our Reference:                              MRTVAL/3/1/OPS
Date:                                       06 Sept 15
Report A Serial No:                         VAL/20/15
Date of Incident:                      05 Sept 15
Referring to Form R:                         1823
           Incident No.                     75189
Military Callouts:                          3
Total Military Persons Assisted this Year:    1
Civilian Callouts:                          19
Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year:    24
Nature of incident:                          Crag-Fast Climber
Incident Area:                              Milestone Buttress, Tryfan.
Alerted:                                    051748SEPT15
Deployed:                                   051748SEPT15
On Scene:                                   051748SEPT15
Off Task:                                   052009SEPT15
Personnel on Task:                          3 of Current Team Strength: 25
Total Man Hours:                       7
Total Vehicle Miles:                         0
           C3:                   0
           Ops Vehicles: 1       0
           Load Carrier:         0
Other SAR Forces involved:                   Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue                                             Organisation (OVMRO)
Cross refer to IEC Report:                   N/A
Whilst carrying out a mountain training day in the Tryfan area, Cpl Obree + 3 were requested by a party of OVMRO to assist in the search and rescue of a crag-fast climber heard shouting for help on the Milestone Buttress area of Tryfan. The incident had been reported by a party of 4 USAF personnel that were also training in the area. Cpl Obree and his party moved towards the Water-pipe gully area where OVMRO troops were now on scene. Upon his arrival, the climber was lowered to safety and escorted back to OVMRO base for debriefing. Cpl Obree subsequently escorted the USAF personnel back to their vehicles and returned to routine training.
(Original signed)
A Johnson

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