Valley Report A – 01 Mar 14 05/14

This Report resurfaced from amongst the many documents in the joint MRS/MRA archive that was commercially scanned to PDF in 2021. It was then converted to MS word by Terry Tomlinson.

Mountain Rescue Service
RAF Valley

Report A Serial No:                     VAL/05/14
Date of Incident:                          1 March 14
Referring to Form R:  291             Incident No: 66716
Military Callouts:  1                      Total Military Persons Assisted this Year: 0
Civilian Callouts:  4                      Total Civilian Persons Assisted this Year: 2
Nature of Incident:                       Cragfast climbers
Incident Area:                            Tryfan
Times:                    Alerted:                   01 1840 Mar 14
                              Deployed:               01 1900 Mar 14 
                                On Scene:               01 1930 Mar 14
                                Off Task:                 01 2200 Mar 14 

Personnel on Task:  14             of Current Team Strength: 24

Total Manhours:       14

Total Vehicle Miles:  0                 C3:  0
                                                  Ops Vehicle:  120
                                                  Load Carrier:  0

Other SAR Forces Involved:  RAF Leeming MRT, Ogwen MRT.
Cross refer to IEC Report:  Nil


RAF Valley and Leeming MRT were tasked by the ARCC to assist Ogwen MRT with rescue of five cragfast climbers on the East face of Tryfan. Whilst preparing to deploy, it was reported that the party had safely abseiled to Heather Terrace. RAF Valley and Leeming MRT
were subsequently stood down

A Johnson

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