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As the restrictions start to ease, a surge in activity will be noticed in the mountains. A great tool to use before heading out is Adventure Smart !
This website is full of information to help you on your return to the mountains and staying safe when doing so. This is not an advert for our gain, it is somthing we think would be very useful to all of our followers and help keep you that little bit safer after such a long wait to enjoy the mountains once again.

AdventureSmartUK | Be Adventure Smart: make your good day better.
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24 March 2021

2 of our personnel have been carrying out Emergency Response Driver Training at DST Leconfield this week.
Using our own vehicles for the training which ensures our personnel are confident driving the Isuzu D-max full of rescue equipment and troops while blue lights and sirens are activated. Learning about ‘Roadcraft’ techniques and how to drive safely when responding to a callout.

23 March 2021

RAF Valley MRT carrying out their 6 monthly Pyro training. A safety brief in the classroom followed by live firing on the airfield.
Also, 2 new permanent staff on the team firing their first Pyro 👍#pyro #flare #distresssignal #mountainrescue #helicopter #coastguard

20 March 2021

The RAF Mountain Rescue Service have teams located at 3 RAF Stations.
– RAF Leeming RAF Leeming
– RAF Lossiemouth RAF Lossiemouth
– RAF Valley RAF Valley
Our service is not a climbing club or mountaineering club and positions are only available to currently serving armed forces personnel or MOD Form 90 holders . We have full time positions available on all 3 teams and these are open to RAF personnel only (any trade). These positions are 3 year postings out of trade. No prior experience needed.
Not only are we made up of full time personnel, we also have part time personnel. These positions are filled by servicemen and servicewomen who are working on or near one of our teams stations. These positions are open to the RAF, Royal Navy, British Army and MOD Form 90 holders. No prior experience needed.
If you are interested, please get in contact with us. If you know a friend or family member who might be interested then please share this information with them. More information can be found via MODnet, AP3392 Vol2, Leaflet 1552.
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
British Army

13 March 2021

This weekend marks the 70th anniversary of the Lancaster TX264 crash that went down into the summit of Beinn Eighe in on the evening of 13th March 1951. RAF Lossiemouth’s Mountain Rescue Team marked the occasion by conducting training on base.The anniversary of the crash that killed eight members of the Lancaster crew serves as a reminder of the importance of the Mountain Rescue Team. The remote nature of the crash site meant it took three days to locate the wreck in 1951. The recovery operation took several weeks and required the help of a Royal Marine Mountain Leader who possessed the winter climbing skills needed to navigate the challenging terrain.As a result of this incident, the Royal Air Force revised the training provided to the Mountain Rescue Team. They now receive annual courses in winter and summer climbing techniques so they can deploy readily to any mountainous region or challenging situation they may face. This was seen over the winter months in Moray as the Mountain Rescue Team protected road users from dangerous drifting snow and freezing conditions.
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BBC article on the 70th anniversary of the Beinn Eighe disaster where the RAF Kinloss MRT were heavily involved in the rescue attempt and recovery of the aircrew who unfortunately lost their lives.

To view the BBC article click here

11 March 2021

After a long pause in training, our MRTs have finally resumed training on weekends again. Travel and social distancing rules still apply but that didn’t stop the RAF Valley MRT from carrying out some Technical Rescue training in the hangar. It is great to see our troops take a step closer towards normality, but we still wait patiently like everyone else to return to deployable training weekends. Until then we will continue to carry out as much training as possible, safely and efficiently.
Royal Air Force

01 March 2021

Happy Saint Davids Day ! In 1943, at RAF Llandwrog, the RAF Mountain Rescue Service was formed. Thanks to the efforts of Flt Lt George Graham and many personnel on the station volunteering to rescue downed aircrew in the mountains of Snowdonia. From this point, the RAF MRS has grown to what it is today, rescuing not only downed aircrew but working alongside the Emergency Services and civilian MRTs throughout the UK.
RAF Llandwrog 1941 – 1945
RAF Llanbedr 1945 – 1949
RAF St Athan 1946 – 2004
RAF Valley 1949 – Present Day
#stdavidsday #wales #snowdonia #dyddgwyldewisant #mountainrescue
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