OtH 2021 – CHAIRMANIC RUMBLINGS – Brian Canfer

In last year’s OtH I ended by asking you all to stay safe in what’s going to be a challenging six months ahead, whilst the spirit of the message still stands the timescale has proven to be hopelessly optimistic, here we are thirteen months later and looking ahead at the winter with some trepidation – the pandemic is far from over.

From the MRA’s perspective the last twelve months have been a bonanza in historical material thanks to the initiative of the MRS in offering to pay to have the archive commercially scanned as described in the Archivist’s Report. More importantly, I’m not aware of any deaths of members due to the pandemic. As life gets slowly back to normal, it’s good to see social media updates of members out and about, golfing, climbing, walking, and generally enjoying life, and, thanks to Jim’s monthly e-mail updates, we’re all able to keep more or less up-to-date.

Once again, we have the MRA reunion, MR Scotland reunion and the annual Cenotaph parade to look forward to – so many thanks to all those troops who spend hours quietly working in the background, organising these and other events. And lastly, but by no means of least importance, a big thank you to all committee members for keeping the system going.

Stay safe,
17 Sept 2021