2BA:  “I like Fife”
Steve H: “Yeah, I like the trees.”
2BA:”If I come back l’d come back as a tree.”
Steve H: “ What, like a Bonsai?”

Kev Taylor: “I can’t understand why I always look so stupid, gormless and ugly in photos?”
“Oh really, Kev?.”

…. There’s more ….

It’s official, Stevie Nicks is now a full member of the Ugly Mountaineering Club. – President, Pang. Membership, five.

The Scene
A crowded pub, Stevie, Pang, and John Roe are chatting to a girly. Steve goes to the bog.
Girl: “Who’s that ugly bastard?”


John “SKID” Roe, membership sect, UMC has Joined us as PS driver. How can one face have had so much happen to it in so short a time?

Weebull left us to get married. We gave him and Rachel a set of His’n’Her’s boxing gloves as a wedding prezzie.

Stew McBain is in love again, he’s getting married soon.Yeah,Yeah, stew!

“HUUUGHIEEE” Joes latest chat up Iine.

Did you hear about the Big K party who found the missing person but he had to tell them where they were! Which was when they discovered that they were deep in a Leuchars search area.

Everybody had a great time on the Summer Course.
Now we know why Pete always wants to go down to Llanrwst!
The climbing was pretty good too!

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