Mountain Memories – On the TELLY – “Expert” indeed!

There was a series on BBCTV hosted by Cliff Mitchelmore and Magnus Magnusson, which involved a panel of “experts”, a panel of travel agents and a panel of “the public”. The episode I was delegated to go on was “So you think you can survive your holiday”.

It was deemed that a volunteer member of MRT would be better PR, so instead of the obvious candidate of John Hinde (or a good few others) to form part of the “expert” panel, I was delegated. On reflection, George Bruce was probably the ideal candidate for this stuff, but he hadn’t arrived at Kinloss yet.

Before recording the show, we had cheese‘n wine in the Broadcasting house boardroom with pictures of Lord Reith glowering “encouragement” at us which, I felt, was him saying “don’t balls it up  Gordon”!  Naturally I didn’t disappoint and got a question wrong, when we were shown a clip of none other, than Pete Myers, climbing in the lakes and “falling” off a rock climb. I was so surprised to see him on film that I forgot that we were supposed to be proposing actions for a tourist to take and just answered what I would’ve done. At least afterwards the director applauded my cover-up response when Cliff probed me about my wrong answer. Ah – my only brush with fame and I cocked it up again!