Mountain Memories – Name dropping in Kirriemuir

After I left the RAF in Oct 1970, I moved to Littleton Farm cottage on the Lindertis estate just outside Kirriemuir. I soon realised that this was the estate of THE Sir Hugh T Munro.

My dog Glen got bored without the exercise he was used to on the hill and started to wander around. He was found up at the “big hoose” and I had to go up to collect him.

Sir Hugh’s nephew – Sir Torquill Munro, who now occupied a new house doon the brae from Sir Hugh’s old house (now derelict) – invited me in for tea and a chat – very civilised!

Eventually, I had to return to my humble abode with Glen.

Nonetheless, I felt I’d touched a bit of mountaineering history……….


Finally, I still carry a “Signal Distress Day and Night No1 Mk2 “in my hill bag. (it’ll be a miracle if it still works)

So, to any current team members, who’ve lowered themselves to read this, if you see some orange smoke on the hill…….…come and get me!