Leuchars Team Diary – 2004

This diary has been ‘stitched’ together from a set of weekend deployment reports prepared by the team and shared with the MRA. ‘Stitched up’ by Brian Canfer 20-21 Jan 2023.

No attempt was made to spell check place names

DatesBase campRemarks
1-3 January 2003Kinlochleven 
9-11 JanKillin 
16-18 JanOn BaseIEC training
23-25 JanBallachulish 
30 Jan – 1 Feb rBraema 
6-8 FebAviemore 
13-15 FebCairndow 
20-22 FebTorridonJoint Ex KMRT
27-29 FebSpean Bridge 
5-7 MarBallachulish 
12-14 MarBallater Barracks 
19-21 MarKillinJoint ex 3 x civvy MRTs
26-28 MarBallinluigPre AFI
2-4 AprNewtonmore 
9-13 AprInchcree 
16-18 AprKingussie 
23-25 AprDundonnel 
30 Apr-3 MayArran 
7-9 MayCorpach 
14-16 MayNorwegian Lodge 
21-23 MayCairndow 
28-31 MaySkye 
4-6 JuneBallater 
11-13 JuneAviemore VH 
18-20 JuneKillin 
25-27 JuneGlencoe 
2-4 JulyMorvich by Kintail 
9-11 JulyNewtonmore 
16-18 JulyCrianlarichJoint Ex Leeming, Alps trg
23-25 JulyKinlochewe 
30 Jul-1 AugPitlochry 
6-8 AugCorpach 
13-15 AugBallachulish 
20-22 AugPottery Bunk House, Lagan 
27-30 AugPortnalong 
3-5 SeptNewtonmore 
17-19 SeptPlockton 
24-26 SeptSkye 
1-3 OctNewtonmor 
8-10 OctCairndow 
15-17 OctSpeanbridge 
29-31 OctPitlochry 
5-7 NovBadaguish 
12-14 NovBalmoral castleFirst Aid & Shell
19-21 NovBraemar 
26-28 NovGlencoe 
3-5 DecBallater 
10-12 DecAviemore 
17-19 DecCrainlarich 
22-27 DecNorwegian Lodge 
28-29 DecKinlochleven 
30-31 DecKinlochleven 


01 Jan – 03 Jan 2004

Attending: Carroll, Ab Crombie, Caulton, Swadel, Jones, Gallagher, Wales, Al Crombie, Cookson, Kelshaw, Kitt 

Date: 02 Jan 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieCrombieMamores – Sgor Eilde Beag, Binnein Mor, Na Guagaichean   8Km 915m
CarrollSwadelBen Nevis – Castle Ridge Grade III** 275m
JonesWalesKnoydart – Sgurr na Ciche, Garbh Choire Mor, Sgurr na Corachan.    21Km   1500m
CaultonCooksonIce factory, ice climbing wall. 

Cook: Kitt    Wx: Another fine clear day to start with becoming over cast later. 


Date: 03 Jan 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCrombie, Swadel, Kelshaw, Wales, Cookson, KittBallachulish quarry – Techniques day consisting of a gorge lift out using the Bell tangent, and the under development McInnes Mk 7 11Kg!!!  Stretcher.  
CaultonJonesWinter techniques, Ben Nevis – Coire na Ciste

Cook: Crombie        Wx: Overcast with sunny spells, the rain staying off for the day.    

Remarks: Not much done on the 1st day of the New Year, with troops and guests nursing hangovers and many people departing our company. A fond farewell to Nikki Hey (who is moving on to pastures new) who went out in style at the New Year bash. 


9-11 Jan 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Shafren, Jones, Booth, Ruggles, Rouchon, Al Crombie

Date:  10 Jan 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollRouchon, CrombieBuchaillle Etive Mor: North Buttress 200m Mod/Grade II. Multi-stage abseil techniques.
BoothShafrenAchallader – Beinn Achaladair – Beinn a Chreachain. 18km, 1200m.
JonesRuggles, BrillCreag Mhor. 15km, 900m.

Cook: Ruggles        

Wx: SW gales, FL 900m, heavy snow/sleet/rain showers, blizzard conditions, windchill.


Date: 11 Jan 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BrillShafren, JonesMeall Gheodidh

Cook: Rouchon (breakfast)

 Wx:  SW gales, FL 600m, heavy snow/sleet/rain showers, blizzard conditions, windchill.


Remarks: Post-Grant low numbers. The bad weather facilitated some good training conditions. On Sunday, several troops went to the ice factory at Kinlochleven only to be “pipped at the post” by KMRT! This resulted in early departure and all troops were back at Leuchars before 5pm.

Leuchars MRT

16 – 18 Jan 2004

Attending: Carroll, Ab Crombie, Swadel, Ruggles, McCord, Kelshaw, Blythe, Aram, Redgrove, Cookson, Clegg, Barker.     

 Remarks: Leuchars MRT IEC weekend, the first since October 2002.  A revised format from the instructors at Keogh. Friday wasn’t as intensive with the A&P as in previous years and the rest of the weekend was fairly relaxed with a mix of practical and instructional sessions.  A good refresher for some of the older troops and a good intro for the newer ones.


23-25 Jan 2004

Attending: Crombie, Caulton, Swadel, Ruggles, Blythe, Aram, Redgrove, Rouchon, Kitt, (guest) Groark

Date: 24 Jan 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

RugglesKitt, RouchonSgurr Thuilm, Sgurr nan Coireachan 14Km 1200m
CaultonBlythe, GroarkMamores, Sgurr an Lubhair, Am Bodach, Stob coire a Chairn, Na Gruagaichhean. 13Km 1260m
CrombieAram, SwadelMeal nan Eun 15Km 900m

Cook: Redgrove       Wx: Squally showers throughout the day, strong NW winds35-40 mph very cold  snow above 800meters


Date: 25 Jan 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CaultonRuggles, KittBallachulish horseshoe Sgorr Dhearg, Sgorr Dhonuill 16Km 1210m
CrombieRedgrove, AramStob coire nan Lochan Winter skills, ice axe arresting, emergency snow holes
GroarkSwadel, RouchonWinter techniques. As above plus pieps search

Cook: Aram breakfast only Wx: Scattered cloud, light winds with occasional snow flurries. Snow above 800m Cat 3 avalanche on N to SE aspects                                                                                                

Remarks: A better weekend than forecast with Sunday having the better weather, good practice and refresher of winter skills in Coire nan Lochan, some avalanche debris from collapsing cornices


30 Jan –01 Feb 2004

Attending: Crombie, Caulton, Brill, Jones, Baillie, Shafren, Kitt, Kelshaw, McCord, Barker, Clegg, Redgrove, Aram, (Guest) Sqd Ldr Mennie SO2 MRS 

Date: 31 Jan 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

BrillKittGlenshee Ski Mountaineering, The Cairnwell – Can nan Sac – Cairn A gheoidh –  Carn Bhinnien.
JonesShafren, RedgroveGlen Eye, Carn Bac 18Km 800m
CaultonAramCarn An Turic – Cairn of Claise – Glas Maol – Creag Leacach
BaillieKelshawGlenshee, Skiing
CrombieClegg, McCord, MennieWinter survival skills in a coire south of meall Odhar Emergency shelter construction and avalanche transceiver search.

Cook: Barker    Wx: Strong northerly winds with the visibility just below the tops, made for some good navigation skills. Loosely bonded snow in places with allot of wind scouring. Cat 3 avalanche risk on E to SW aspects.  


Date: 01 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

JonesShafren, Barker, KittAn Sochac
BrillCleggGlenshee, Meall Odhar – Glas Moal – Creag Leacach 10Km 655m
CaultonCrombie, AramGlenshee, The Cairnwell – Carn nan SacCarn Aosda 10Km  600m
MennieKelshawGlenshee, Skiing
Baillie Orienteering around Braemar

Cook: McCord Wx: Lighter winds than the previous day and from the SE, snow fall above 700m. FL rising from 1000 ft to 4000 ft still Cat 3 avalanche risk

Remarks: The team were joined by SO2 MRS for the weekend at midday on the Saturday, some useful training with the mountaineering skis on both days, and the snow shoes proved useful on some of the deeper unconsolidated snow. We were alerted to a job on the Saturday evening in Lochnagar but the two climbers turned up safe and well.

Aviemore VH

6 Feb – 8Feb 2004

Attending: Ab Crombie, Ruggles, Swadel, Al Crombie, Blythe, Barker, Inman, Aram, Cluderay, Cookson.

Date: 7 Feb 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

Ab CrombieBlythe, Barker, InmanCoire na Ciste – spot height 1028 – Marquis Well – Cairn Gorm – Coire na Ciste 12Km 790m
RugglesCookson, AramCGCP – Windy Ridge – Ptarmigan – Cairn Gorm – Northern corries – Spot height 1083 – CGCP 14Km 700m
SwadelAl CrombieWalk in to Coire an t Sneachda Winter skills and Techniques, counted 80 other people in the coire

Cook: Cluderay       Wx: Wind from the NW 60 Kts gusting to 90 Kts  –45wind chill at 3000ft Cat 4 Avalanche risk. 


Date: 8 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

Ab CrombieAram, CooksonGlen Feshie, Auclean – Carn Ban Mor – Sgor Gaoith Pre Winter Cse Nav-Ex
RugglesBlythe, Barker, Cluderay, Swadel, Al Crombie,Coire Cas Winter Techniques, Snow holes-Ice axe arresting, Peips searches for buried hill bags/Probing

Cook: Inman             Wx: NW wind again, not as strong as Saturday, only30-50Kts. –30 at 3000ft with wind chill.

Remarks: Low numbers and only 2 Party Leaders, the planed helo exercise didn’t take place due to A/C unserviceability. The most of the bad WX was put to use in navigation skills and winter survival and search techniques.  In my short time in the MRS, Saturdays cook was by far, the worst I have had to endure.


13 Feb – Feb 2004

Attending: Ab Crombie, Brill, Thorne, Jones, Inman, Clegg, F Moore

Date: 14 Feb 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

JonesF Moore, InmanBen More on the Isle of Mull
BrillCleggBen Cruachan 12Km 933m
CrombieThorneInveruglas power station – Ben Vane – Beinn Ime – Beinn Narnain – Inveruglas power station 21.5Km  1763m

Cook: Brill   Wx: Very mild, no wind, very little snow 


Date: 15 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

JonesBrillBeinn Bhuidhe 20Km   940m
ThorneInmanAs above
CrombieClegg, F MooreBeinn Chochuill – Beinn Eunaich from Castle farm

Cook: Jones Wx: As Saturday

Remarks:  Only 7 troops out for the weekend, but we managed to get guys on to the Isle of Mull. Very mild unseasonable WX for the time of year, only isolated patches of snow remaining.

Torridon YH

20-22 Feb 2004

Attending: Carroll, Cluderay, Ruggles, Thorne, Shafren, Rouchon, Al Crombie, Jones, O’Connor, Blythe. Joint-ex with 7 x KMRT.

Date: Fri 20 Feb 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneRouchonBen Nevis: attempt Hadrians’ Wall then Good Friday Climb III.

Wx: Clear, cold.

Date: 21 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

ThorneRouchonLiathach Traverse.
CarrollCluderayBeinn Eighe – Coire Mhic Fhearchair – Eastern Buttress IIIish 250m.
RugglesBlytheMoruisg, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean.
ShafrenCrombie, JonesBeinn Eighe – Coire Mhic Fhearchair – Lawson, Ling Glover Route II. Then traverse of mountain.

Cook: O’Connor     

Wx: Mild, calm, clear intervals with snow showers and hillfog. Ice on paths, fresh snow on buttress.

Date: 22 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

RugglesThorne, Shafren, Rouchon, Crombie (rtb sick).Ben Alligin traverse.
CarrollCluderayLiathach traverse.
JonesO’Connor, BlytheFionn Bheinn (10k, 950m)

Cook: KMRT           

Wx: Cold, strong NW wind, snow showers with clear intervals, more fresh snow.

  Remarks: Early depart on Fri pm (even earlier for Chris & Rouch who went climbing on the Ben). Food stop / break at Newtonmore. No pubs in the area meant a socially quiet time but Torridon provided some exceptional mountaineering as compensation. 7 KMRT and 10 Leu MRT  managed to keep apart on the hill (apart from overtaking the Northerners on the hill). Tea at 1600hrs on Sun night and a 3.5 hour journey home.

Spean Bridge Village Hall

27-29 Feb 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Jones, Baillie, Wales, Moore, Kitt, Aram, Barker, Clegg, Cluderay, Ackroyd (Tri1), Kirk (Guest – Lossie), Shipley & Newhouse (guest – Army), Hartree (Feranti guest).

Date: 28 Feb 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollBarker, Clegg, Cluderay.Tower Ridge IV,3****  600m. 8hrs of climbing.
JonesBrill, Kirk, Ackroyd, AramSgurr Mor, Sgurr Franich. Overnight at Kinbreac Bothy (33-002961). 25km 1500m.
BaillieHartreeObservatory Ridge IV,4 *** 420m.
WalesKittNo 3 Gully Buttress III *** 150m.

Cook: F Moore                    Wx: Dry, cold, calm, clear, blue sky.

Date: 29 Feb 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollKitt, Cluderay, BarkerSgurr Finisg Aig (Aonach Mor) Smoking the White Owl 250m  III,4 **.
WalesF MooreBen Nevis, No 2 Gully II **
JonesetcWalked out from bothy.

Cook: Clegg              Wx: Dry, cold, clear, calm, blue sky.


Remarks :  Excellent weather and good, hard snow made for an enjoyable weekend. Spean “fridge” lived up to its’ reputation as a hold hole! However, it was much warmer than Kinbreac bothy where the brave bothiers’ boots froze to the floor! Tarquin Shipley and an Army buddy planned to join us but he got injured before our arrival on Friday at Aonach Mor West face (60ft fall onto ice screw – damaged ankle). 2BA Hartree joined us on Saturday and passed on his knowledge to “the bairns on the Big, Bad, Ben” (put a sheet 41 on your bog door; turn your t-shirt inside out after the walk-in; don’t forget Cory Flan; don’t wear too much on the walk-in; always bet a bottle of whisky on the results of the race-in to the “ICI” hut). Tower was great with 4 on a rope and, although 6 people got overtaken on the ridge, Dans’ party got stuck behind 17 people at the gap (2 hours). The ridge took 8 hours in total. Lee Wales and Chris Kitt did the “delightfully exposed“ 3 Gully Buttress and left a climbing radio as an offering to the mountain gods! On Observatory ridge Neil and 2BA were held-up by slower parties and Neil kept 2BA on a tight rein to stop him running away! The Observatory 2 got back to Torlundy at 2300hrs – as a result, Fiona’s cook was rather more drawn-out than expected! Sunday was more subdued – Fiona had her first lead on 2 Gully, Dans’ rope of 4 went for a shorter walk-in for a bit of Smoking on excellent ice. The bothiers walked out with 600m of ascent. As we packed-up on Sunday we got tasked to assist in an ongoing callout at Beinn Fionnlaidh…   

Ballachulish Village Hall

5-7 March 2004

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, Ruggles, Kitt, Jones, Al Crombie, O Connor, Cluderay, Redgrove, Barker, Berry, Clegg, Inman, Aram (Sun), Wilson (guest), Willoughby (trial 1), Beverley (trial 1).

Date: Fri 5 Mar 2004. Night-ex at Buchaillle Etive Mor. Purpose was 3-fold:  to carry out an IEC OpEval on Kitt and O Connor; to do a Trained test on Al Crombie: and to allow newer troops to practice a stretcher evacuation at night. Jones, Carroll, Kitt, Crombie, O Connor, Berry, Inman, Cluderay, Clegg, Barker, Redgrove. Wx: a clear, dry, calm and moonlit night.

Date: 6 Mar 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollClegg, RedgroveBen Nevis, North East Buttress 300m IV,4 ****
ThorneCrombie, CluderayBen Nevis, Winter Chimney (abort after 30m poor condition); North Gully (left Fork) IV,5
JonesKitt BarkerBeinn na Lap, Leium Ollyay. 16km, 900m. Train-ex.
RugglesO Connor, WilloughbySgurr Coinnich Beag, Sgurr Coinnich Mor, Stob Coire Easain. 19.5km, 1177m.
WilsonInman, BeverleyEasains. 11km, 790m.

Cook:  Berry        Wx: Cloud base 700m, strong NW wind, heavy snow showers, FL 800m, soft snow.

Date: 7 Mar 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollBery, Inman, Aram, Barker, Clegg, Redgrove, Cluderay, Al Crombie.Ballachulish Quarry. Basic stretcher lowering techniques. Vertical and horizontal.
RugglesBeverley, O ConnorGulvain
ThorneJonesAopnach Mor. Lickety Split, 130m, IV,5**
WilsonWilloughbyStob Ban, Mullach nan Coirean

Cook: Kitt    Wx: Sunny, clear and calm.

 Remarks: On Friday night, an Elma stop for the majority of troops preceded a wee night-ex in Glencoe, which proved successful. Saturday provided good training weather and a variety of venues. The NE Buttress party encountered unconsolidated snow and the strong winds resulted in slow progress – the got back to base at midnight! The weather on Sunday was Spring-like and training continued apace with many troops chasing training record book “üs”. Another Elma stop – it was her birthday (and we ate the cake that KMRT got her) and we gave her a special Canadian teapot.

Ballater Barracks

12 – 14 Mar 2004

Attending: Carroll, Swadel, Ruggles, Shafren (Sat), G Moore, Wales, Cookson, Morrison, Berry, Baillie (Sun), Redgrove, Skinner (T1), Callender (T1).

Date: 13 Mar 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollSwadelLochnagar, Pinnacle Gully 1 (abort after 2 pitches) III 90m.
WalesMooreGlas Maol, Blatant Theft III 150m
ShafrenSkinnerCreag an Dubh Loch, SE Buttress II 2oom
RugglesRedgrove, Callander, Berry, MorrisonDerry Lodge > Carn a Mhaim > Ben Macdui.

Cook:   Cookson      Wx: Cloud base 400m, partial whiteout, snow showers, FL 600m, light wind.

Date: 14 Mar 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollBerry (abort at 600m), MorrisonCarn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise.
SwadelCallander (abort at 650m), CooksonCarn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise. Nav-ex.
RugglesSkinnerMount Keen
MooreWales, RedgrovePass of Ballater, anchors, belays, escaping, assisted and unassisted hoists, counter balance abseil, avalanche rx/tx search and awareness.

Cook: Baillie           Wx: Heavy rain at all levels, cloud base 400m, strong SE wind.

Remarks: A weekend of diversity: ice climbing, mixed climbing, navigating, walking, bagging, sweating, waiting, wondering, cussing, freezing, puffing, panting, singing, hanging about, hoisting, searching, abb-ing, torquing, swinging, powering, plodding, being scared, being bored, taking the piss, being on the piss,  learning, teaching, arriving late, leaving early, heating food, cooking, puking, checking, driving… Wow!There was a wide variety of snow conditions from hard ice, through neve, to powder. On Sunday it was mostly slush at all levels. Great accommodation.


19 -21 Mar 2004

Attending: Crombie, Thorne, Swadel, Ritchie, Kitt, Cookson, Inman, Cluderay, Berry, Aram, Clegg

Date: 20 Mar 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

Crombie, Thorne, Ritchie, SwadelAllPrior to the Joint Ex a range of techniques were carried out in the bothy, including; IEC, Comms, Improvised Strechers, SAR org
  See remarks

Cook: Thorne           Wx: Heavy rain, snow/sleet

Date: 21 Mar 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieClegg, InmanArdchullarie farm, Stuc  A Chroin
ThorneBerry, Aram, CooksonBen More, Stob Binnien.
RitchieCluderay, KittArdvorlich, Ben Vorlich, Stuc A Chroin, Ardchullarie farm.

Cook: Swadel           Wx: Scattered showers, cloud base 800m

 Remarks: Saturday was taken up with a Joint Ex with 3 of the local teams (Killin, Lomond & Ochills) based around the Tarmachan ridge area. This started at 1500 and ran until 2200, there were 3 large parties of about 17 troops each all mixed from the different Teams, and 3 search controllers. There were 6 casualties in all with various injuries ranging from stretcher cases to walking wounded. The Teams C3 was used as control point based at Killin. Radio and Mobile phone comms were good throughout, but from there on in it went downhill. Vehicle keys were lost on the hill, the radio chatter was excessive, with people cutting into other conversations, none of the casualties were given names or numbers and as a consequence when everyone was called off the hill they missed one (Jon Cookson) It was a good learning experience.

Ballinluig Pre AFI

26 – 28 Mar 04

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Caulton, Thorne, Swadel, Baillie, Shafren, Blythe, Berry, Aram, O’Connor, Barker, Kitt, Skinner (T2), Mcord, Mennie (SO2), Wilcox( MRSCI), Elliott (Asst MRSCI), Ellis (Asst MRSCI des).

Date: 27 Mar 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollSwadel, MennieCraig a Barns – Polney – Holly Tree Wall Vdiff 150ft,
– Recess Route Vdiff 150ft,
– Kestrel Crack Sev 150ft,
Ivy Crack Mild VS 4b 70ft.
Guay Crag – Severe Route Sev 50ft. All big boots.
CrombieAram, Berry, Blythe, ElliottBen Lawers. 19km, 1350m.
ThorneBarker, O Connor, Skinner, EllisBen Lawers, 18km, 1970m
ShafrenBaillie, Kitt, McCord, WilcoxCarn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Cairn Mairg, Meall nan Aighean. 18km, 1380m.

Cook:  Caulton                    Wx: Drizzle in the West, some sunny intervals, mild, soft snow.

Date: 28 Mar 2004

Pre AFI Crag day at New Tyle Quarry.

All troops took part in 4 activity areas – their involvement depended on previous experience levels and their training requirements.

Demonstration of Vertical stretcher Lower and Raise by PS.

2 Groups Led by Shafren and Baillie carried out 2 sets of activity then swapped over:

 Vertical Lower and Raise then Horizontal Lower. Supervised by Crombie and Caulton

Abseiling, Ascending, Crag Snatch. Supervised by Carroll and Thorne.

All troops then carried out a stretcher evacuation of a simulated casualty down a steep slope.

Cook: Blythe                  Wx: Rain at first then sunny and dry.

 Remarks: A successful pre-AFI. Good training for the troops and some enjoyable activity for the Pre-AFI team.


02 – 04 Apr 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Baillie, Ritchie,  Wales, Kitt, Aram, Barker, Clegg, Cluderay, Skinner (T3)

Date: 02 Apr 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollWales, Barker, Cluderay, SkinnerClimbing wall at Leuchars. Escaping the System, ascending ropes, hoists

Cook:           Wx:

Date: 03 Apr 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollClegg, Wales, Cluderay, Barker, AramRatho climbing wall Climbing/body belays Summer Cse prep
BrillKittSgairneach Mhor – Beinn Udlamain –  A Mharconaich Geal Carn  25Km   1182m
RitchieSkinnerBalsporran cottages – A Bhuidheanach Bheag – Carn na Caim – Quarry – Balsporran  19Km   810m 

Date: 04 Apr 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollClegg, Cluderay, Barker,Kingussie crags, Summer Cse prep
BrillWales, SkinnerBen Alder
RitchieKitt,Beinn Bheoil
BaillieAramMullach sron na h Uamhaidh – Beinn a Chrasgain – Mealan Dubh – Carn an Leth- Choin 15  865m

Cook:           Wx:

 Remarks: A mixed bag of a weekend, a last minute change of Bothies meant a change to the plans. With low numbers (11 in all) some troops did techniques on the climbing wall at Leuchars Friday evening and then the team deployed proper Saturday morning to Newtonmore.  SW winds snow above 750m a real wet and windy weekend.

Inchree (by Glencoe)

9-13 Apr 04

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, G Moore, F Moore, Swadel, Cookson, Cluderay, O’Connor, Berry

Date: Fri 9 Apr 04

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollCluderayCraig a Barns: Holly Tree Groove V Diff 120ft;
1st pitch of Kestrel Crack 70ft V Diff. Cluderay led all in boots.

Wx: Dry, overcast, mild.

Date: 10 Apr 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollBerry, F Moore, O ConnorAonach Eagach E>W, then up Dinnertime
Buttress and down Coire an Lochain.
ThorneCluderayCoire an Lochain: Crest Route V,6 110m
SwadelCooksonCoire an Lochain: Dorsal Arête II 150m

Cook: G Moore  Wx: Cloudy, FL above tops, sunny intervals. Soft wet snow avalanches in Lochain.


Date: 11 Apr 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

ThorneCookson, Berry, Cluderay, SwadelBen Starav, Glas Bheinn Mhor, Beinn nan Aigheanan
G MooreF MooreBuchaille Etive Beag

Cook:   O Connor   Wx: Cloudy, some drizzle, mild

Date: 12 Apr 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollBerryPoll Dubh: Gutter Diff 200ft, 1 x V diff 50ft. Abseils.
G MooreO ConnorPoll Dubh:
F MooreCooksonPol Dubh: Gutter Diff 200ft.
ThorneSwadelEtive: Spartan Slab 190m VS 5a****

All 9 troops went to the ice wall in The Ice Factor, Kinlochleven.

Cook:   Cluderay     Wx: Wet at first, cloudy, mild.

Date: 13 Apr 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCluderayRatho climbing wall

Remarks: Easter grant, low numbers, good accommodation. Elma cakes stops broke up the journey. Ben and Dan got some additional climbing in on the first and last days. Ginge brought his new potential SARDA pup out. Possible food poisoning reported by 5 troops.


16 -18 April 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Brill, Thorne, Wales, Shafren, Ritchie, Morrison, McCord, Kitt, Redgrove, Aram, Clegg, Cluderay, Skinner (T3)  

Date: 17 Apr 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

BrillKitt, Crombie, McCordCreag Pitridh, Geal Charn, beinn A Chlachair
26Km 1180m
RitchieAram, RedgroveBeinn a Chaoraan, Moy, lochan na Cailliche,
Beinn a Chaorann, Bealach a Bhanish,
Coire na h Uamha, Moy 15Km 900m
WalesSkinnerMonaliaths, Carn dearg, Carn Sgularn,
A’Chailleach 24Km 1445
ThorneCleggCairngorms, Coire an Lochain  Anromeda 120m IV 4*
CarrollCluderayCreagh Dubh 2 Pitches of King B then abandoned,
Cairngorms, Coire an Sneachda   

Cook: Morrison Wx: Dry at first then rain and snow above 700m strong SW winds

Date: 18 Apr 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BrillAram, Redgrove, CleggMonaliaths, A’Chailleach nav ex 10Km 600m
ThorneCluderayHuntleys cave, Techniques
ShafrenMcCord, Morrison, KittMeall Chuaich 14Km 540m
WalesSkinner, RitchieMonaliaths, Geal Charn

Cook: Crombie        Wx: Wet and windy

 Remarks: Good accommodation, a lack of hot running water was a bit of an inconvenience, but the warden deemed it not an emergency. Full on winter conditions on the hill with winds in excess of 40 mph creating blizzard and white out conditions.


23 – 25 April 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Caulton, Thorne, Brill, Swadel, Aram, Cluderay, Redgrove, Baillie, Kitt, Cookson, Barker, Wales, Skinner, Bradburn (T1), Whalley (Sat only)

Date: 24 Apr 04

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

WalesSkinnerWalked into Shenaval bothy on Fri pm. Did the Shenaval horseshoe (6 munros) and walked out .
ThorneSwadelLeft at 0530. Did An Teallach (2 munros) then the Shenaval horseshoe (6 munros) then walked out. RTB at 0000. 43km, 3900m.
CrombieBarkerSgurr nan Each, Sgurr nan Clach Geala, Meall a Chrasaidh, Sgurr Mor, Meall Gorm, An Coileachan. 28km, 1700m.
CaultonKittRecip of Crombie.
BaillieCluderayWalked in and did the Shenaval horseshoe (6 munros) and bivvyd on the walk out.
CarrollWhalley (crashsite only), Aram, BradburnAnson crashsite (Apr 41 – approx Ref: 15/294234). Ben Mor Assynt, Conival. Caving at Traligill.

Cook:  Redgrove      Wx: Overcast, drizzle, moderate SW wind, FL above tops.

Date: 25 Apr 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollAramJetty Crag: 2 x Vdiffs 20m. Climbing ropework and abseils.
CrombieBarkerJetty Crag: Route 3, 10m V Diff – Tick fever, 10m V Diff – Route 7, 25m V Diff Barker lead all, pre summer cse trg
ThorneCooksonJetty Crag: Munroron 30m V Diff, Route 6 20m S 4a, Eclipse 20m HS4b and Lilly the pink 30m HS 4a. Cookson lead 1st and 3rd routes.
CaultonRedgrove, SkinnerAn Teallach
BrillKitt, BradburnFannichs: Aborted due to Bradburn feet pain.

Cook:  Aram (breakfast)     Wx: Warmer, clearer and dryer.

 Remarks:  Carroll went early to the funeral of Jim Green (ex KMRT and Stafford MRT TL) in Inverness. Wales and Skinner also departed early to walk into Shenaval. Long days in the Northern hills – particularly for Thorne and Swadel. Baillie and Cluderay had an impromptu bivvy after wandering around the boggy Shenaval walk-out until 3am – at daybreak they found they were only 30mins from the road! Shorter days on Sunday before the long bothy hand-over and the slightly less time-consuming drive home (with a pizza stop in Inverness). Good accommodation.

Shiskine VH Arran

30th Apr – 3rd May 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Booth, Thorne, Caulton, Swadel, Shafren, Blythe, O ’Connor, Redgrove, Barker, Inman, Cookson, Cluderay, Bradburn (T2) Hey (Guest)

Date: 01 04 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneO’ConnorRosa slabs, Blankist110m HVS***
ShafrenSwadelCir Mhor  Sou Wester Slabs 110m V Diff*** Calibans Creep     110m V Diff***
CarrollInman, HeyCir Mhor  Sou Wester Slabs 110m V Diff*** Calibans Creep     110m V Diff***
CooksonBlytheCycle Ex around the island 86km
CaultonRedgroveChir Mhor – A Chir – Goat Fell 18km 1720m
BoothBradburnChir Mhor – A Chir – Goat Fell 18km 1720m
CrombieCluderayTorr Nead Aquil 90mV Diff Eilythia 65m Severe, Ben lead all

Cook: Barker           Wx: Warm and sunny

Date: 02 04 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieCookson, O’ConnorA’ Chir ridge 18km 1720m
ShafrenBlytheA’ Chir ridge 18km 1720m
ThorneBarkerSou Wester Slabs, Mat  lead first 2 pitches
+ escaping  system, hoisting
CaultonBradburn, Hey, InmanGlen Sanox, Cir Mhor, Casteal A bhail,
Ceuom na Caillich, Suidhe Fhearghas 12km  1309m
BoothRedgroveRun Ex , Cycle Ex
SwadelCluderayCir Mhor Calibans Creep 110m V Diff*** Escaping system, hoisting

Cook: Carroll                      Wx: Overcast, cooler than the previous day  

 Remarks: Early May grant on the Isle of Arran, the weather held out with some of the troops getting sunburnt on the Saturday, and a good mixture of climbing, scrambling, and cycling being done. A bit cooler on the Sunday with more of the same strenuous mountaineering skills being tested to the full in a potentially fatal training environment.  The Team returned to base on the Monday.      

Corpach Ft William

7 – 9 May 2004

Attending: Carroll, Caulton, Brill, Wales, McCord, Inman, Aram, Skinner

Date: 08 May 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollSkinner, AramTower ridge, Ben Nevis  20Km 1600m
CaultonMcCordStob Ban, Grey Corries, Aonachs   20Km 1800m
WalesBrillAonachs, Grey corries, Stob Ban   20Km 1800m

Cook: Skinner          Wx:

Date: 09 May 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CaultonMcCordGlen Nevis, Pine Wall crag- The Gutter 150’ Diff*** Climbing techniques, confidence roping
WalesAramGlen Nevis, Sheep Flank wall 50m Diff Sheep Flank Rib 20m Mod, Fence Edge 40m Mild Severe, Gambit Wall 35 Severe
BrillSkinnerGlen Nevis, Pine Wall crag- The Gutter 150’ Diff*** Climbing techniques.

Cook: Carroll          Wx:

Remarks: A weekend of low numbers (7 deployed) in a small bothy. Lots still done though, crampons still required on Tower ridge, the Grey Corries being visited and climbing techniques on the Sunday at Polldubh.

Norwegian Lodge

14 – 16 May 2004

Attending: Crombie, Ruggles, Jones, Shafren, Redgrove, O’Connor, Aram, Skinner

Date: 15 May 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieRedgroveCGCP, Ben Macdui, Ben Mheadhoin, Bynack More,
walk back to bothy 30Km 1450m
ShafrenSkinnerRothiemurchus, scramble up Angels peak, Cairn Toul,
Devils Point, Braeriach, Rothiemurchus  30Km  1200m
JonesAram, O’ConnorBynack stables, creag Mhor, Beinn a Chaorainn,
saddle, GCCP 25Km 1200m

Cook: Ruggles         Wx: Moderate Westerly winds, bright and sunny, very warm

Date: 16 May 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieAll of the aboveTechniques at Coire na Ciste Vertical stretcher lower and raise, abseiling, rope ascending, back roping, stretcher carry out.

Cook: Jones Wx: Sunny very warm

Remarks: A weekend of low numbers again, a good facility but a bit of a chore with the ”married quarter” style hand over and a forced early departure (1600 hrs). Fantastic WX on both days with the troops doing good hill days, and a techniques day to keep the troops entertained with only two party leaders. Very good cooks on both days.  


21 – 23 May 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Inman, Thorne, Cluderay, Blythe, Kitt, Ruggles, Wales, Jones.

Date: 22 May 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneCarrollThe Cobbler: Fold Direct VS 4c 85m; N’Gombi VS4c 90m (ish); Wether Wall and Whither Wether VS 4b, 4c 85m.
WalesCluderayThe Cobbler: Recess Route Vdiff 250ft; Punsters Crack S 160ft.
BrillBlytheBeinn Eunach, Ben a Chochuil, Stob Damh. 14km 1089m.
RugglesKittBen More, Mull.
JonesInmanBen Lui, Beinn a Chleibh. 12km, 1300m.

Cook:  Brill          Wx: Dry and Sunny.

Date: 23 May 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

JonesBrillBen Ime, Ben Narnain.
CarrollThorne, CluderayGlen Croe: Rita VS 4c 10m; Doris VS 4b 15m; Michelle HVS 4c 10m; Students Route S 4a 15m; Lady Madonna HVS 5a 15m. Various techniques.
RugglesBlytheStob Damh
WalesInmanBinein an Fhidhlier. Rock climbing.

Cook:  Kitt               Wx: Dry and sunny. Strong NW wind.

 Remarks: A nice, relaxed, sunny weekend. Lots of “bagging” and climbing. Steve R and Chris K got over the sea to Mull. The new CILOR system worked well and we enjoyed simple food that was easily cooked. Showers were non-existent but Steve Blythes’ “douche-bag” was used instead.

Carbost VH – Skye

28-31 May 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Thorne, Swadel, Ruggles, Moore, Squires, Ritchie, Kitt, McCord, Aram, Clegg, Cluderay, Skinner, Town (T1).

Date: 29 May 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

Carroll SwadelSquires, Town, Aram. Clegg.Inaccessible Pinnacle. Sgurr Mhic Coinnich, Sgurr Tearlaich, Sgurr Alasdair. Callout on An Stac screes.
ThorneCluderayCoir Lagan: Chioch Grooves 150m HVS 5a; Slab Corner 50m Diff; Integrity 80m mild VS.
CrombieKitt, SkinnerGlen Brittle, Bealach na Bannadich, Coruisk, Loch Slapin, Kilmarie.
RugglesMoore, MccordSgurr na Gillean, Am Bhastier, Bruach na Frithe.

Cook: Ritchie           Wx: Misty at first then sunny.

Date: 30 May 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

KittSquiresClach Glas – Blaven traverse.
RitchieMcCordInaccessible Pinnacle, Sgurr na Bannadich
MooreCluderayNeisdt Point and Waterstein head.
RugglesAram, TownSgurr na Bannadich, Sgurr a Ghreadaidh, Sgurr a Mhadaidh.

Cook: Crombie        Wx: Rain at first then sunny and fine.

 Date: 31 May 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollTown, AramWest Ridge of Sgurr na Gillean down SE ridge.
ThorneSkinnerInaccessible Pinnacle
RitchieKittThe Spur, Sgurr an Fheadhain.
SwadelCluderayKerrang around the Quirang

Cook: McCord (b/fast)        Wx: Sunny and fine.

Remarks: Ed Jones took a 4-man mini-exped to Rhum – see separate report. Generally fine weather made for an enjoyable grant. The bothy was unsuitable for self-catering but we made do. A callout for a badly injured mountaineer on Saturday was fairly straightforward due to the good weather and helicopter evac. Long journey – 7hrs to Skye and 6 return.

Ballater Barracks

4-6 Jun 2004

Attending: Crombie, Brill, Thorne, Jones, Town, Skinner, Rouchon (Fri/Sat only). 

Date:  5 Jun 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneRouchonCreag an Dubh Loch: Cyclops HVS*** 275m
BrillJones, SkinnerBikex – Beinn a Bhuird, Ben Avon. 40km; 1470m.
CrombieTownPass of Ballater: Abseiling, anchors. Razor Crack 8m VS 4c; Jumbled Blocks Crack 8m Vdiff; Ping Pong 8m Sev; Brut 8m VS 5a; Original Route 10m VS 5a.

Cook: Thorne           Wx: Dry, sunny, breezy.

Date: 6 Jun 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BrillTown, CrombieBikex – Mount Keen. 24km; 760m.
ThorneJonesBroad Cairn, Cairn Bannoch, Carn an Saigart Mor, Carn a Choire Bhodheach, Lochnagar. 27.7km; 1130m.
Skinner Ballater; Torphins; Kildammy; Balmoral; Ballater.

Cook: Jones            Wx: Dry and sunny.  

 Remarks: Chris Thorne and Rouch deployed early on Fri to open up the barracks. They climbed at Pass of Ballater. Few troops in a big bothy. Bikes made access to the remote hills/crags a doddle.

Aviemore VH

11 – 13 Jun 2004

Attending: Crombie, Thorne, Swadel, G Moore, F Moore, Wales, Ritchie, O’Connor, Blythe, Redgrove, Town, Pirrie (T1)

Date: 12 Jun 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

RitchieO’ConnorSugar bowl CP – Cairngorm, Ben Macdui, Devils Point, Cairn Toul, Braeriach      40Km 2800m
ThorneRedgroveRecip of above route
CrombieTownSugar bowl CP – Braeriach, Cairn Toul, Devils Point, Ben Macdui, Goat Track CGCP 33Km 2070m
G MooreBlytheAuchiean CP – Sgor Gaoith, Braeriach                                                              33Km  1600m
WalesSwadel, PirrieCGCP – Fiaciall ridge, Cairn Lochain, Hells Lum, Stag rocks, Afterthought Arete, Mod 150*** Cairngorm                                11Km  1000m   

Cook: F Moore        Wx: Overcast at first, then sunny, strong Westerly winds

 Date: 13 Jun 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieRedgrove, O’ConnorFarletter Crags – 2 Man abseils, improvised harnesses,
TRB knots, Belay construction using slings &rope,
bypassing a knot when abseiling. 
ThorneTownCreag Dubh – Gham 90m VS 4c                       
King Bee Crack 110m VS 4c
SwadelWalesKingussie crags
RitchieBlytheKingussie crags Opeval on Steve Blythe for his IEC Provider. Improvised rescue techniques, escaping the system, counter balance abseil, assisted/unassisted hoist             The Slabs diff*** 12m
G MoorePirrieKingussie crags – Little wall Direct 10m VDiff                            
Capped corner  12m Mild severe*                            
The Grove        15m hard severe**                             
The Edge         15m VDiff* All in big boots.

Cook: F Moore        Wx: Cooler than Saturday

 Remarks: Some big hill days done on the Saturday, with most of the troops going climbing on Sunday. Fiona Moore cooked both days much to the relief of those next on the cook list, and she made possibly the best soup I have ever had at a weekend.


18-20 June 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Thorne, Cookson, O’Connor, Morrison (Sun only), Aram, Wales, Inman.

Date: 19 Jun 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollWales, AramBuachaille Etive Mor (North Buttress Mod), Stob Dearg, Buachaille Etive Beag East top. (Wales did West top). 16km, 1450m.
ThorneInmanBen Lui, Beinn a Cleibh, Ben Oss, Beinn Dubhcraig. 20km, 1870m.
BrillO ConnorCreag Mhor, Ben Heasgarnich, Ben Challum. 23km, 1800m.

Cook:  Cookson       Wx: Overcast, N wind 40mph,  heavy, persistent showers (as snow on summits)

 Date: 20 Jun 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollWalesBen More, Stobbinien. 8km, 1500m.
BrillCookson, Inman.Beinn Chabhair. 14km, 1000m.
ThorneAram, O’ConnorPtarmigan Ridge. 16km, 90m.

Cook: Morrison       Wx: Scattered showers, otherwise clear and bright.

 Remarks: The few troops rattled around the big Killin village hall. Showers in the bowling pavilion. Some well burnt pans to clean on Sat night and an Elma visit on Sunday. Nice hill days were a bit cooler than recently with snow on the tops.


25-27 June 2004

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, Ruggles, Jones, Ritchie, Kitt, Cluderay, Redgrove, Inman, Morrison, Barker, Swadel, Shafren (Sun), Proudfoot (guest).

Date: 26 Jun 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneCluderayEarly start – Ben Nevis 1st pitch of Centurion then
Castle ridge (up) and Tower Ridge (down).
CarrollProudfootAonach Eagach
RugglesKittSgurr na Ciste
JonesRedgrove, InmanGlen Scaddle – Carn na Nathrach (30km, 900m).
RitchieMorrison, BarkerStob Ban (Mamores)

Cook: Swadel           Wx: Strong SW wind, heavy rain, cool. 

Date: 27 Jun 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

ThorneInman, Ritchie, BarkerPap of Glencoe and Aonach Eagach.
SwadelCluderay, MorrisonAonach Eagach and Pap of Glencoe.
JonesKitt, Ruggles, Proudfoot, RedgroveBen Resipol. 20km, 800m.

Cook: Shafren          Wx: Mainly sunny but some squally, heavy showers.

 Remarks: We had trouble accessing the bothy due to the door code being changed. Al Swadel volunteered to cook. An early start for the selfish climbers found the Ben rather moist so they did some pre-Alps ridges instead. The selfish walkers went far and wide in search of new terrain to tramp. The drying room got some use. Ray travelled out on Sat to cook Sun. The bothy was very noisy but the kitchen was adequate.

Morvich (by Kintail)

2 – 4 Jul 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Caulton, Swadel, Ruggles, Squires, Jones, Morrison, Cluderay, Skinner, Town.

Date: 3 Jul 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollSwadelSkye: Pinnacle Ridge of Sgurr na Gillean, Am Bhastier, Bhastier Tooth (down Kings’ Chimney).
BrillRuggles SquiresSouth Cluanie Ridge. 24 km, 2100m.
CaultonMorrison, CluderayNorth Cluanie Ridge and 5 Sisters. 19km, 1900m
JonesTownSgurr Coinnic etc from Craig Maol Luondi. 24.5km, 1300m.

Cook: Skinner          Wx: Heavy showers, cool, SW wind, some brief clear spells.

Date: 4 Jul 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCaulton, Swadel, Town, CluderayForcan Ridge & The saddle.
BrillJonesBen Fhada
RugglesSkinner, MorrisonSail Chaorainn, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, Carn Ghluasaid.

Cook: Squires          Wx: Mainly dry and overcast with some light showers and cool W wind.

 Remarks: A rare trip North of the Great Glen. It was a very good bothy but the drive to the pub and the late arrival resulted in no-one going out either night (very unusual). It took 5 hours to get there and 4 hours to get back. The weather wasn’t too bad and there was some frenzied Northern Munro bagging going on!

Newtonmore Pine Cottage

01 Jan – 03 Jan 2004

Attending: Carroll, Caulton, Swadel, Inman, O’Connor, Ruggles, Shafren, Ritchie, Town.

Date: 10 Jul 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CaultonSwadel, InmanFiachaille Ridge, Cairngorm.
RugglesO ConnorBen Alder, Beinn Bheoil, Gael Charn  diverted to callout.
RitchieShafren, TownGael Charn, Aonach Beag diverted to callout. 18km, 1040m.
CarrollCaulton, Swadel, InmanOn callout: Coire Lochain > Lochan Bhuidhe > Cairn Lochain > Sneachda.

Cook: Ritchie & Town breakfast. Aviemore Police curry after callout.    

Wx: wet, cold, misty in ‘gorms; dry on Ben alder.

Date: 11 Jul 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CaultonSwadel, Inman, O ConnorLoch Duncheltaig. Pinnacle Chimney V Diff 10m; Right Angle V Diff 10m. Abseil, belays, protection.
RugglesInmanAonach Beag, Gael Charn, Ben Eibhin.
RitchieShafrenBen Alder, Maell an t Slugain. 17km, 810m

Cook: Caulton breakfast. Carroll dinner.   Wx: Misty and moist.

 Remarks: A moist weekend. Ray had a top table in the Sgts’ mess on Fri night – he re-sprayed the Landrover red on the way to Newtonmore. Callout on Sat afternoon for Pete and Party – back up the Cairngorms to look for a 47yo man with his 14yo son lost without compass but with tent and phone. Vague descriptions led Cairngorm TL to send us into Corrie Lochain then onto the plateau. They were found cold but ok on summit of Cairn Lochain.


16  – 18 Jul 2004

Attending: Caulton, Jones, O’Connor, Morrison, Town, Barker, Inman, Clegg.

Date: 17 Jul 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CaultonInman, Town, Clegg, BarkerBeinn Chabhair – An Caisteal – Beinn a Chroin – Stob Glas – Cruarch Ardrain   19km  2026m
SummoMorrison, O’ConnorAn Caisteal – Beinn a Chroin – Beinn Tulachran – Cruarch Ardrain – Meall Damph  

Cook:Leeming Wx:

Date: 18 Jul 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

JonesO’Connor, Morrison, InmanBen More – Stob Binnien 15 Km 1500m
CaultonClegg, Barker, TownBeinn an Dothaidh

Cook: Barker Clegg Wx:

 Remarks: A joint ex with Leeming MRT to combine the low numbers due to the Alps 1st/2nd phase hand over period. The troops still managed to get good hill days done on the Saturday. Sunny with occasional showers.   

Kinlochewe Bunk House

23 – 25 July 2004

Attending: Crombie, Booth, Jones, Ritchie, Cookson, Blythe, Skinner

Date: 24 Jul 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieBooth, SkinnerBeinn Liatth Mor, Sgorr Ruadh 23km 1486m
JonesRitchie, Blythe, CooksonMaol Chean Dearg 20km 1000m

Cook: Blythe            Wx:

 Date: 25 Jul 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

RitchieBoothLancaster Gulley, traverse W-E of Bienn Eighe 17km 1400m
JonesBlytheBeinn Liath Mor 17km 900m
CrombieCooksonNav ex around Beinn Bhan

Cook :Crombie        Wx:

 Remarks: Low numbers again and a long drive up to Torridon, the bunkhouse was on the small side and only suitable for 10 troops or less. The WX on Saturday was just like winter, we must have had the whole countries worth of rain and wind, it was face numbing, gusting at times to 50mph on exposed ridges and summits, reducing hardened 15 Stone mountain men to crawling mortals, was relentless in its onslaught and almost mockingly only relented as we were coming off the hill. We had the last laugh though, equipped with our Slioch sponges we were able to absorb all of the rain thrown our way and carry it back to the bothy.   Sunday was the exact opposite, glorious sunshine and light winds ideal conditions for driving home in, a good weekend all in all.


30 July – 01August 2004

Attending :Crombie, Jones, Baillie, Blythe, Kitt, Squires, Town, Cluderay, (T1) Proudfoot,   (Guest) S James

Date: 31Jul 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

  See report A # Leu/08/04
JonesProudfoot, JamesCarn a Chlamain  30km 600m

Cook: Baillie           Wx:

 Date: 01 Aug 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BaillieBlythe, Squires, Proudfoot, TownPtarmigan ridge
CrombieKitt, JamesCraig a Barns Hoggs Hindquarters  30m Vdiff** Cuticle Crack 25m Severe** Bollard Buttress Direct 35m Severe*
JonesCluderayCraig a Barns Holly Tree Grove 30m Vdiff** Cuticle Crack 25m Severe** Bollard Buttress 35m Diff*

Cook: Cluderay       Wx:

Remarks: A mixed weekend of training, the callout on Saturday (report # Leu/08/04) took up most of the day, so on return to the bothy some guys went of cycling, hill walking, others slept, and some went shopping in the metropolis of Pitlochry.  Sunday saw a normal days training of Munro bagging and climbing at Craig a Barns. The Wx was kind to us with both days being warm but overcast.

Corpach VH

6 – 8 Aug 2004

Attending: Carroll, Shafren, Baillie, Thorne, Jones, Moore, Kitt, Aram, Barker, Town, Proudfoot (Tri2), Price (holding guest).

Date: 7 Aug 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollMoore, Proudfoot, TownTower Ridge, North-East Buttress. Ben Nevis. Helicopter lift.
JonesKitt, BarkerSgurr na Sgine, Creag na Damh.
ThorneShafrenCarn Dearg Buttress: Centurion HVS 5a.
BaillieAram, PriceRing of Steall.

Cook: Moore (B/fast)          Wx: Dry, sunny spells, SW wind 20mph.

 Date: 8 Aug 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollPrice, AramTower Ridge: Ben Nevis.
JonesMoore, ProudfootGhuibhsachain
ShafrenBarkerPoll Dubh:
ThorneTownPol Dubh: Pandora (S); Flying Dutchman (S); Staircase (S); Severe Crack (VS).

Cook: Aram (B/fast)        Wx: Dry, overcast with hot sunny spells, SW wind gust 60mph @ 3000ft.

 Remarks:   A nice dry weekend in the West. Lots of diversity in training (climbing, scrambling, remote hills for area knowledge, fitness, weather familiarisation, team building, SAR skills, cooking). Chris Kitts’ final weekend with Leu MRT (he is leaving the RAF next week) gave him an excuse to go to Fort William to experience the over-crowded pubs! The bothy kitchen was taken over by a fanatical religious faction on Sunday afternoon so we ate in Spean Bridge on the way home – this minor inconvenience highlighted the following advantages of eating in restaurants on the way home: no chance of destroying valuable rations (saving the RAF money); the bothy can be packed-up sooner (better operational reaction time); no dishes to do (less unpopular chores for the operational team); it breaks-up the journey home (improved road safety); more choice of food .


13 – 15 Aug 2004

Attending: Crombie, Jones, Wales, Blythe, Aram, Town, Proudfoot (T3) Price (holding guest)

Date: 14 Aug 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

JonesBlytheAonach Eagach traverse W > E Clachaig to Devils staircase         12Km  1240m
WalesAram, TownAonach Eagach traverse E > W  Devils staircase to Clachaig        12Km  1240m
CrombieProudfoot, PriceDinner time Buttress, stob Coire nan Lochain, Bidean nam Bian, Stob coire Sgreamhach, lost valley                                                       10Km  1520m

Cook: Wales Wx: Hot, bright, sunny

 Date: 15 Aug 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieAramSgor na h Ulaidh    12km 1042m
WalesProudfootLagangarbh buttress Grade 3**scramble Stob Dearg, coire na Tulaich, Lagangarbh  5Km 740m
JonesBlythe, TownCreach Bhiem, Morven area 15Km 1000m

Cook: Proudfoot Wx: Occasional showers, but on the whole warm.

 Remarks: Good wx Saturday saw most of the trade routes being done in one direction or another, a good mixture of munro bagging and scrambling, not massive days but good training. Sunday was a bit more standard fare for the west coast, suicidal midges making their presence felt or a refreshing shower from above.   The cooking both days was good, the flexibility of having cash to buy the rations you want when you want worked well. SO2 MRS is to be congratulated on the implementation of his new catering policy. Good VHF comms with KMRT who were on Skye.

Pottery Bunkhouse

01 Jan – 03 Jan 2004

Attending: Crombie, Ruggles, Blythe, McCord, Barker, Redgrove, Town, Skinner, (Guest, Huges) 

Date: 21 Aug 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieMcCord, Blythe, HugesTorlundy CP- Carn Beag Dearg – Carn Dearg Meadhonach – Carn Mor Dearg – Ben Nevis – half way Lochain – Torlundy        13Km  1223m
RugglesRedgrove, Skinner, Town, Barker.Creag  Meagaidh – Bien a Chaorainn                                                26Km 

Cook: Redgrove       Wx: Barker

 Date: 22 Aug 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieAllFarrletter crags, Stretcher techniques Verticle Lowers and raises

Cook: Ruggles         Wx: Town

 Remarks: A new bunkhouse for the Team to be based at, not to good for large numbers but on the plus side it did have a hot tub. Good WX for both days, Ben Nevis was very busy with the great unwashed from the UK and elsewhere.  We were joined for the weekend by an exchange Sgt from the New Zealand Air force on exercise Long look. Some good stretcher work on the Sunday at Farrletter crags.

Portnalong Skye

27 – 30 Aug 2004

Attending: Crombie, Booth, Wales, Town, Proudfoot, Skinner, Redgrove

Date: 28 Aug 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

WalesSkinnerBla Bheinn, Clach glas Traverse
CrombieBooth, Redgrove, Town, ProudfootRed Cuillins 14 Km 1572m

Cook: Skinner          Wx: Proudfoot

 Date: 29 Aug 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

WalesSkinnerFlodigarry Slab and Tickle – Vdiff 40m
Rock Island Line – Severe 40m***
CrombieProudfootNavigation trg for log Book
BoothTown, RedgroveStorr Quirang

Cook: Town Wx: Redgrove

Remarks: Low number yet again, a good bunkhouse but the weather for the weekend was very poor, any thoughts of dancing along the ridge were washed away and hung out to dry with the wind and rain, 40-45 mph wind and cloud base down to 1500ft. The Duty team still had a good time for Jon skinners last weekend and managed to put a small dent in the Talisker reserves of the Island.

Newtonmore Pine Cottage

3 – 6 Sep 2004

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, Swadel, Jones, Moore, Aram, Clegg, Cookson, Town, Cluderay, Proudfoot, Ruggles, Shafren.

Date: 4 Sep 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollCluderayHuntleys’ Cave: Cave Route VS 4b; Diagonal VS 4c. Cummingston: Centre VS 4b; Left VS 5a; Stegosaurus VS 4c.
ThorneCleggCreag Meagaidh
RugglesTown, AramBeinn a Ghlo; Carn a Chlaidhm. 26.5km, 1890m.
JonesMoore, Cookson, ProudfootGlen Tilt – An Sgarsoch. 40km cycle; 11km walk, 580m

Cook: Moore and party                   Wx: Overcast, moist and windy at first then brighter later.

Date: 5 Sep 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCleggFiachaille Ridge > Cairn Lochain. Moving together tech,
navigation, area knowledge, badge practical test.
ThorneTownHells’ Lum: Clean Sweep VS 4c.
ShafrenAram, Moore, RugglesBeinn Udlamain, Sgairnaich Mor, A’ Mharconnich, Gael Charn.
SwadelCluderayCoire an Lochain: Savage Slit Sev 70m.
JonesCookson, ProudfootFaichaille Ridge. Short roping techniques.

Cook: Carroll (breakfast)   Wx: Dry and bright.

 Remarks: Al Swadel went to a VHF radio seminar at ARCC Kinloss on Sat. Lossie cancelled the planned helo-ex for Sunday so we made the best of the good weather. Ate in the Newtonmore café on the way home.

No report 11-12 Sept BJC


17 –19 Sep 2004

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, Town, Ruggles, Shafren, Wales, Aram, Proudfoot, Morrison, Barker, Cluderay. Coull/Howes KMRT guests.

Date: 18 Sep 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollAramMoruisg, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean. Then nav-ex at Attadale.
ThorneProudfootBeinn Eighe
RugglesTown, WalesSgurr Coinnich, Sgurr a Chaorachan, Maoile Lunndaidh.
ShafrenBarker CluderayMoruisg, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean.

Cook: Morrison       Wx: SW wind gust 70mph, heavy showers, clear intervals. 

 Date: 19 Sep 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

RugglesBarkerA’ Chralaig, Mullach Fraoich Coire
ShafrenTownA Ghlas Bheinn
WalesMorrison, CluderayMaol Chean Dearg
ThorneProudfootMoruisg, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean

Cook: Aram Wx: SW gales, heavy persistent rain.

 Remarks: Early start with a food-stop in Inverness (6hr journey). Good bothy (pity its shower-less) with great acoustics (Ben and Hinai provided a great wind-instrument duet) that encouraged an evacuation of the hall. Wet n windy J with lots of new munros for the baggers.

Sligachan – Skye

24-26 Sep 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Brill, Caulton, Swadel, Baillie, Inman, Cluderay, Town, Blythe

Date: 25 Sep 04

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieSwadel, Inman, CarrollInnaccessible Pinnacle, Sgurr Mhic Coinnich. Helo ex (winch and high lines).
BaillieBlytheCoire Laggan: Collies Route, Eastern Gully. Helo winch.
BrillCaulton, Town, Cluderay.The Storr. Helo-ex: high-lines.

Cook: Brill + party  Wx: Strong NW wind, CB 2000ft.

 Date: 26 Sep 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCluderay, TownBruach Na Frithe – aborted at 720m.
CrombieBrill, BlytheSgurr na Bannachdich – aborted at 650m.
CaultonInman, BaillieBeinn Dearg Mheadhonach, Beinn Dearg Mhor

Cook: Swadel           Wx: Storm-force W wind; heavy rain.

  Remarks: Early departure and long drive. Good training in the weather and with the Lossie helicopter. Al Swadels’ birthday on Sat. Callout on Sunday – stood-by to assist Skye MRT with a rescue of an injured climber in Coruisk (we were not used).

Newtonmore Pine Cottage

1 – 3 Oct 2004

Attending: Carroll, Crombie, Jones, Shafren, Baillie, Berry, Morrison, Cookson, O’Connor, Potton, Capps.

Date: 2 Oct 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CrombieShafren, O’Connor, PottonMullach Clach a Blair
BaillieCookson, Morrison, CappsGael Charn – A’Mharconaich
JonesBerryBen Dearg

Cook: O Connor (B/fast)     Wx: Wet n windy, sleet on tops.

 Date: 3 Oct 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

Jones Ben a Chrualaiste

Cook: Berry              Wx: Wet n windy.

 Remarks:  Reunion weekend 50 people were at the dinner.


08-10 Oct 2004

Attending: Crombie, Thorne, McCord, Redgrove, Cluderay, Barker, Haigh (T1), Lawrence (guest)

Date: 09/10/ 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ThorneRedgrove, Cluderay, BarkerGlencoe, The Buachaille Agag’s Grove 105m V Diff****
CrombieMcCord, Haigh,LawrenceThe Cobbler grade 4 scramble on South peak, Ben Narnain            12Km 1200m

Cook: McCord         Wx: Redgrove

 Date: 10/10/ 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CrombieMcCord, Barker,Ben Vorlich 14Km 1043
ThorneRedgrove, Cluderay, HaighBen Cruachan 15Km 1500m

Cook: Thorne           Wx: Crombie

 Remarks: Routine training as per MRS orders and policy directives. The duty Team were joined by OC PSF, Flt Lt SJ Lawrence, she was amazed to see how much we eat, how fit she wasn’t, the fact we don’t receive extra money for this duty (her misconception), the amount of food we throw away, etc etc……  

Spean Bridge

15 -17 Oct 2004

Attending: Baillie, Brill, Caulton, Thorne, Jones, O’Connor, Berry, Inman, Town, Haigh (T2) Cain (T1) Capps (guest)

Date: 16/10/ 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

  Ref to Report A Leu/11/04

Cook: N/A    Wx:

 Date: 17/10/2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BrillCaulton, Thorne, HaighMayer and Dreish 12Km

Cook: N/A    Wx: Overcast cold on the tops

 Remarks: A callout early on Saturday morning (LEU/11/04 refers) gave Sgt Baillie the DTL elect something to make his heart beat faster and changed the whole weekend, the Team packed up the bothy and headed south for the Ochills.  With the callout ending Saturday evening the team returned to Leuchars rather than head back up the road for 1 days training.  Some of the troops deployed for training in the local area.

No report w/e 22-23 Oct BJC


20 to 31 Oct 2004

Attending: Baillie, Jones, Shafren, Aram, Cluderay, Haigh, Woolston (T), Cain (T), Grist (G)

Date: 30 Oct 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

Baillie Familiarisation with exercise area for joint Ex around Loch Derculich/Beinn Eagagach
JonesCluderay, Aram, CainBen Chonzie, Achnafree Hill
ShafrenWoolston, GristBen Chonzie

Cook: Haigh            Wx: Dry, Cloudy later

 Date: 31 Oct 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BaillieJones, Shafren, Aram, Cluderay, Haigh, Woolston, Cain, GristJoint Exercise with Tayside Civ MRT.  Skills workshops included:  Stretchers – preparation, carrying, prep for winching, back-roping; Cas Care – comparing equipment carried, IEC survey, cas wrap; Searching – SARDA demo and party search ex.
  Final Exercise to find, treat and evac three casualties using skills practiced throughout the day.

Cook: Cluderay       Wx: Dry, Cold



5 – 7 November 2004

Attending: Carroll, Thorne, Swadel, Booth, Shafren, Squires, O’Connor, McCord, Aram, Clegg, Haigh, Woolston (T), Cain (T), Capps (G), Potton (G)

Date: Sat 6th November 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

ShafrenBooth, McCordBen Macdui
ThorneWoolston, CainBen Macdui, Ryvoan Bothy, Glenmore Lodge
SwadelO’Connor, Capps, PottonBeinn Mheadhoin, Derry Cairngorm
SquiresAram, HaighBeinn Mheadhoin

Cook:  Clegg            Wx: Constant drizzle, soggy, wet day

 Date: Sun 7th November 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

ThornePottonSkiing training
McCordCainCairngorm, Bynack More, Glenmore Lodge
ShafrenCapps, WoolstonGlenmore Lodge, Bynack More
SwadelCleggKingussie Crag
AramHaighCraiggowrie, Meall A’Bhuachaille

Cook:  O’Connor     Wx: Sunny, dry, much better

Remarks:  KMRT 60th re-union weekend in Newtonmore.  Some members attended the evening function on Sat, Craig and Woolston both successfully completed their MRT Trial.

Leuchars First Aid Course

12-14 Nov 2004

Attending: Instructors: Ian Ellis; Shelley Beasley; Steve Muggleton.

Students: Dan Carroll (Sat); Al Swadel, Lee Wales, John Ritchie, Chuck Berry, Jon Aram, Ben Cluderay, James Redgrove, Hinai Proudfoot, Andy Woolston.

Annual first Aid course with RAF Medic instructors from Keogh Barracks. All students passed course.

 Shell Seminar – Annual training with Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland teams. Neil Baillie and Rob Town represented Leuchars. Based at Balmoral Castle

Braemar (Castleton)

19-21 Nov 2004

Attending: Carroll, Booth, Swadel, Berry, Redgrove, Town, Cain, Woolston, Whalley (guest).

Date: 20 Nov 2004

Party Leader       Companions                                                                           Details           

CarrollWoolston, WhalleyCentral Buttress II, Lochnagar. Intro to crampon use. Heavy > Black Spout, Crumbling Cranny.
SwadelTownFar-Right of Red Spout Ice gully II, Lochnagar. Intro to crampon use.
BoothRedgrove (descended after Broad Cairn), Berry, CainGlenshee > Glen Muick. Glas Maol, Cairn of Claise, Tolmount, Cairn Bannoch, Broad Cairn, Carn ant Sagairt Mor, Carn a Choire Bhoideach, Lochnagar. 33km

Cook: Cain (b/fast). Town (dinner).    

Wx: Crystal clear, FL = sea level, calm. Good ice and turf not much snow.

 Date: 21 Nov 2004

Party Leader         Companions                                     Details                                       

CarrollCain, WoolstonCairnwell, Carn Aosda. Navigation, crampon intro.
BoothTown, BerryCairnwell, Carn Aosda (not Berry), Meal Geodaidh. Navigation. (8km, 580m)
SwadelRedgroveCreag Leacach, Glas Maol.

Cook: Woolston (B/fast) Wx: Freezing rain, cloudbase 650m, wind NW>W>S>SE.  

 Remarks:  Good bothy but the kitchen is small and the cooker didn’t work. Rob Town improvised on Sat with a camping stove but we stopped at Spittal of Glenshee café on Sun night. We tried to rescue Aberdeen MRTs’ Landrover that had been involved in an RTA and blocked the Glen Muick road (they were too worried about causing further damage so we had a 30min detour to reach Glen Muick). Great day on Saturday – nice ice and frozen turf, with a dusting of powder under an azure sky. Very cold – apparently the coldest day this decade! Heavy joined the premier team and contributed vocally and enthusiastically. Sunday was different – a nice “armour” of ice built-up on the troops and useful navigational skills were practised.

Glencoe VH

26 – 28 Nov 2004

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Jones, Swadel, Cluderay, Woolston, Town, Haigh, Redgrove, Proudfoot.

Date: 27 Nov 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollCluderay, WoolstonNorth Buttress, Buachaille Etive Mor
BrillTownBuachaille Etive Mor, Buachaille Etive Beag 16km, 2000m.
JonesHaighBeinn a chroin, Beinn Tulaichean, Cruach Ardrain. 17km, 1500m.
SwadelRedgrove, ProudfootSron na Lairig, Stob Coire Sgreamhach, Bidean nam Bian, Stob Coire an Lochain. 12km, 1200m.

Cook:  Proudfoot     Wx: Heavy rain/sleet/snow; FL 800m, wind N 30mph.

 Date: 28 Nov 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollTown, Cluderay, Redgrove.Trained level tech rescue theory.
SwadelWoolston, Proudfoot, HaighBadge level comms.
All Ballachulish quarry: tech rescue practical (vertical lower and raise; horizontal lower; stretcher carry).

Cook: Brill    Wx: Clear, cold, calm.

 Remarks: We partook of Elma’s hospitality to break the short journey. The bothy was cold as per normal. Good mountaineering training day on Saturday and some useful tech rescue training on Sunday

Ballater Barracks

3-5th Dec 2004

Attending: Baillie, Swadel, Ruggles, Ritchie, Berry, Morrison, McCord, Cluderay, Redgrove, Town, Woolston, Cain, Sleightholme (G), Lander (G)

Date: Saturday, 4th Dec 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

BaillieMorrison, Berry, LanderLochnagar – GPS plotting winter climbs – The Black Spout, Cac Carn Beag, Cac Carn Mor, Glas-allt Shiel 20km, 1000m ascent
RugglesRedgrove, TownLinn of Dee, Carn an Fhidhleir, An Sgarsoch 40km, 800m ascent
SwadelCluderayLochnagar, Glas-allt Shiel Local area Knowledge
RitchieCain, Woolston, SleightholmeSpittal of Glenmuick, Black Hill of Mark, Easter Balloch, Round Hill of Mark Nav Training

Cook: Ritchie           Wx: High Winds – gusting 50mph, but mainly dry

 Date: Sunday, 5th Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BaillieMorrison, Berry, CluderyPass of Ballater – Techniques including, anchor systems, abseiling, double abseil. counter-balance abseil, passing the knot
RugglesWoolstonGlass Maol, Creag Leacach.  Trg including box search, spiral search, attack points, aiming-off
SwadelRedgrove, TownCarn Bhac
RitchieMcCord, Cain, SlightholmeLochnagar

Cook: Berry             Wx: High Winds, gusting 70mph on tops, dry, clear

Remarks: Wg Cdr Bob Lander joined the team for the weekend and PO Sleightholme joined as a guest with a view to starting a trial. Pyros training of Friday night prior to deployment, as well as recovery skills training to remove a Landrover from the off-road driving area on camp!

Aviemore Village Hall

10-12 Dec 2004

Attending: Carroll, Baillie, Brill, Booth, Shafren, Ritchie, Moore, O’Connor, Berry, Morrison, Aram, Barker, Cluderay, Redgrove, Town, Proudfoot, Haigh, Woolston, Cain.

Date: 11 Dec 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollBooth, Woolston, HaighBraeriach, Angels’ peak, Cairn Toul, Ben MacDui, Cairngorm. 28km, 2345m.
RitchieHaigh, Morrison, Aram. O’Connor, ProudfootBraeriach, Sgor Gaoith, Sgorran Dubh Mor. 26 km, 1200m.
MooreBarker, Town, CluderayCairngorm, Loch Avon (helo lift) Beinn Mheadhoin, Derry Cairngorm, Ben Macdui. 25km, 1775m.
BrillShafren, Berry, RedgroveFiachaille ridge, Ben MacDui, Shelter Stone, 1141m. 19km, 1360m.

Cook: Baillie           Wx: Clear and sunny, no snow, -10c windchill.

 Date: 12 Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollWoolston, Cain, HaighHuntlys’ Cave: badged abseil training. Vehicle contents.
BaillieTown, Redgrove, BarkerBynack More, Cairngorm
RitchieCluderayBynack Beag, A’Choinneach, Bynack More. 23km, 810m.
BrillMoore, O’Connor, Berry, Proudfoot, Morrison, Aram, BoothKingussie Crag: technical rescue training.

Cook:  Shafren         Wx: Clear, dry, windy.

 Remarks: It was good to see a return to healthy attendance. It was Dave Booths’ last weekend before he departs for Canada and the clear weather made it memorable. Overall a good weekend for both mountaineering and technical training.


17-19 Dec 2004

Attending: Carroll, Caulton, Swadel, Cluderay, Barker, O’Connor, Town

Date: 18 Dec 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollTown, BarkerBuachaille Etive Mor: Ridge II/III 240m
SwadelCluderayBuachaille Etive Mor: Ridge II/III 240m
CaultonO’ConnorCurved Ridge to 700m then descent due to unacceptable delays.

Cook: Barker (breakfast); Caulton (dinner)           Wx: Clear, calm, cold, soft-snow.

 Date: 19 Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CaultonBarker, TownStob a Choire Odhair
ShafrenO ConnorBen Vorlich (Lomond)

Cook: Caulton (breakfast)  Wx: Clearer, colder, calmer.

Remarks: Alpha had another puncture on Fri night! It snowed Fri night then the clear skies all day Saturday led to a hard frost, and cold weather for the rest of the weekend. Hospitable as ever, Elma provided cakes on Fri night then soup and Eves’ pudding on Saturday. We gave her a weather station and fleece jacket for Christmas. Elma’s 19 year old Grand-daughter (Kirsty) was staying with her and proved popular with the troops. Good winter training on the hill both days. Dan had a MRCoS meeting at Perth on Saturday and Al cleaned-up the bothy and fixed Alpha (starting snag) before returning home early on Sunday.

Norwegian Lodge

Christmas Grant

Attending: Carroll, Brill, Ritchie, Woolston, Cluderay, Cain, Proudfoot, Morrison (1 day), Baillie (1 day), McCord (1 day), Coull +1.

Date: 23 Dec 2004

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CarrollCluderay, ProudfootCoire an t Sneachda: M1; Grade I; 100m. Peg placements, deadman, ice axe arrest.
BrillWoolston, Cain, MorrisonCarn Ban Mor, Sgor Gaoith, Sgoran Dubh Mor, Meall Tionail. 17km, 850m.
BaillieMcCordFiachaille Ridge 130m Grade II.

Cook: Ritchie.    Wx: Strong W wind, FL 1000m, clear intervals and showers, snow later, no snow.

Date: 24 Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCluderayFiachaille Ridge, Grade I. Confidence roping & moving together.
RitchieProudfootMeall Cuaich 16km, 640m.

Cook: Woolston       Wx: More snow, showers with clear ints, FL 200m, W wind 30mph.

Date: 25 Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

Brill, CoullAll troopsCairngorm, 1141m.
BrillRitchie, CainCallout to rescue 4 people stuck in a vehicle in snow on a road near Trinafour just off the A9.

Cook: Carroll          Wx: Snow showers, FL 500m, W wind 40mph.

 Date: 26 Dec 2004

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollCluderay,Helo-ex then walk into Sneachda. Carroll/Woolston: Mess of Potage: night ascent of The Slant with direct start II/III 150m.
Ritchie, CoullBrillHelo-ex. Drop-off on Meall a Buchaille.
 CainHelo-ex then cooking.

Cook: Cain  Wx: Cloudbase 700m, FL 600m, W wind 20mph, soft snow.

 Remarks: Although the bothy was miles from Aviemore, the attraction of the bright lights proved too much to resist and some troops paid the price on Christmas morning (sick-boy and pee-pee pants know who they are!). Jim Groark provided wine and mince pies; Pete Winn provided Christmas cake and whisky, John Coull and Julie provided beer, whisky, cranberry sauce, after 8s etc etc! Jo Wheeler (KMRT) also graced the team with her company. Overall, an enjoyable grant with a superb Christmas dinner and a callout on Christmas Day!


28-03 Jan 2004

Attending: Carroll, Baillie, Caulton, Jones E, Swadel, Ritchie, Moore G, Berry, Barker, Redgrove, Town, Haigh, Atkins (Guest), Moore T (Guest), Moore S (Guest), Harding (Guest)

Date: 28 Dec 04

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CaultonTown, Swadel, Haigh, BerryMamores-Na Gruagaichean

Cook: Caulton         Wx: Blizzards on summits, precipitation at all levels.

Date: 29 Dec 04

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

CarrollSwadelStob Coire Nan Lochain- Dorsal Arete II *** 120m
RitchieBarker, BerryPoll dubh-Techniques inc Abseiling
CaultonHaigh, Jones E,Town, Moore S, HardingWhite Corries

Cook: Wales Wx: Wet, thawing at all levels, heavy rain, very strong SW winds (70 mph)

Date: 30 Dec 2005

Party Leader       Companions                          Details      

CaultonTown, BarkerMamores-Am Bodach, Stob Coire a Chairn.
Assent +Distance 9.5Km/1230m
Jones EBaillieKintail- A Chralaig, Mullach Froioch Choire
RitchieWalesGlen Etive- Meall nan Eun, Meall Tarsuinn,
Stob Coir an Algannaich
Moore SHardingBothy Ex at Larig Leacach, Stob Ban, Grey Corries.

Cook: Berry Wx: Rain at first, clear later, FL 1400m, W wind.

Date: 31 Dec 2005

Party Leader        Companions                           Details     

BaillieShipleySteb Coire Sgriordein, Chno Dearg
SwadelCaultonRun Ex- West Highland Way
CarrollTownNo 2 Gully II120m
Moore SMoore TRaeburns Easy Route II 300m

Cook: Moore G        Wx: FL 800m, clear at first then heavy rain, W winds. Good snow in gullies

 Remarks: New Year Grant