One day when out climbing the steep cliffs of Cloggy,
Up the steep cliffs of Cloggy I wandered one day
I met a young climber all wrapped in white linen,
Wrapped up in white linen as cold as the clay.

He said you’re a climber, I see by your outfit
That you are a climber as so once was I,
So tarry a while and I’ll tell you a story,
How I fell from the Bow and I’m going to die.

Yes out on those grey slabs I used to go dancing
Out on those grey slabs I used to go gay
First on the Moelwyns and then on to Cloggy
And I fell from the Bow and I’m dying today

Bring me six stalwart climbers to carry my coffin
And six pretty maidens to sing me a song
Beat the drum slowly and play the pipes lowly
I’m just a poor climber who knows he’s done wrong

Bury me deep by the steep cliffs of Cloggy.
Bury me high where the wild ravens call,
And lay a large stone on my head as a tombstone
To tell all my friends, ‘Tis the place of my fall.