Kinloss Report A – 21 Apr 99 16/99

This document was copied from Al Sylvester’s files and converted for uploading to the website by Jim Morrison

Royal Air Force Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team

Forres, Moray, IV36 OUH
Tel•. 01309 672161 Ext 7671

Referring to Form R : 5324DTG: 221620Z Apr 99
Nature of incident: Missing ClimbersArea: Ben Nevis          Date: 21 Apr 99
Times:             Alerted: 10:00 hrsDeployed: 10:45 hrs
On Scene: N/ARTB/new task: 13:40 hrs
Team strength: 35
Total Personnel hours: 81 hoursTotal Vehicle miles: 800 miles

Mil or Civ:                     Total Personnel assisted this year: Mil: 5 Civ: 39

Other SAR Forces Involved: RAF Leuchars MRT, 202 Sqn Lossiemouth, Lochaber MFT.

Comments on Communications: Lack of vehicle fits made comms difficult between MRT vehicles

Comments on Equipment: Due to 2 L/rovers being unserviceable, the 2 seated landrovers in short replacement were inadequate. MT are thanked for the last minute request for a Renault Van provided to resolve this problem. The replacement vehicles are needed now, without further delay.

Comments on IEC: Nil

Weather: Scattered cloud 4000ft, 30 kts winds

Narrative:          FS Sylvester plus 21 were requested by the ARCCK to assist the Lochaber MRT with a search for 2 missing climbers, who had planned to climb Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis. They were overdue by 36 hours. Whilst en route the team was informed that the 2 climbers had been located by 202 Lossiemouth and were being evacuated to Belford Hospital. One of the climbers was suffering from hypothermia. The team RTB.


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